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 Roleplay & Writing Partner Search, F/F, One x One
 Posted: Jul 27 2017, 10:33 AM

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Name: The Sandwoman

Availability: Currently seeking new roleplay & writing partners!

Gender: I typically roleplay females mostly as major characters, I've been known to roleplay males (and all those in between) for both major and minor characters. I tend to prefer F/F but if you catch me on a good day and you write well, I might be swayed. Genderwise, I don't mind what or who you are, all I care about is your delicious writing brain.

Age: I’m in my mid-twenties and will only write with someone 18+. My ideal partners tend to be around my age or older. My characters vary from all ages and definitely tend to be 21+.

Seeking: Someone who I can have fun with as well as a killer story. I want them to be as invested in the story as I am and certainly as keen to push the story forward. A mutual interest in the writing is so important. Someone who isn't so damn precious about their characters, lets put them through the mill! Lets acknowledge that they aren't perfect and that people can actually make bad, awful decisions! That's what makes life interesting, is it not?

Enthusiasm and compassion is great, as is creativity. I want a writing partner that isn't afraid to say if they don't like something we're doing, someone who isn't scared to throw a huge spanner in the works. What's the worst that could happen?

Frequency: Hmm. I try to respond at least once a day, at the very least every two days. If I'm crazy about the story though I'll often respond a few times a day.

Preferred Comms: Discord, Google Docs and Email, Hangouts. Skype at a push. Writing Style/Length: Pretty advanced, I like a couple of paragraphs and a good meaty post. I understand intro's tend to be a little longer. I much prefer quality and effort over quantity.

Roleplay Experience: A lot.

Universes: I prefer original content, but I'm not adversed to dropping two OC's in a prebuilt environment i.e. ASOIAF or Skyrim, etc. I'm not keen on roleplaying premade characters. Let's make something beautiful!

Cravings: Historical fantasy! i.e. Vikings, Tribal, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Medieval. Slavery themes. I absolutely adore horror but its gotta be tasteful and done right, I love Anne Rice and Neil Gaiman. Give me a proper vampire (Bram Stoker, Camilla!) and I'll swoon. Betrayal... Rivalry... Modern or historic Murder mysteries... Send me some ideas, I'm very open minded. Paranormal/supernatural. I adore flawed characters, people that are humane and make awful mistakes and choices really strike a note with me. There's nothing worse than roleplaying opposite a perfect yes-man.

If you've got something you're dying to write, lets hear about it!

Limits: Can be talked about. One thing I'm not after is something that's purely centred around romance. Yeah, I love romantic aspects as much as the next person if they move the plot along and are relevant just not full on, constant, all the time. I really don't mind NSFW themes, gore, sex, guts, swearing, drugs, etc but let us conflab about it first.

Samples: I've got samples if you want them, toss me an email or message if you're interested. Lastly, I look forward to hearing your ideas, lets see what we can create!

Discord: thesandwoman#2720
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