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Posted by: Tar Miriel Apr 3 2018, 07:28 PM
Hey, B-Boarders! I'm looking for some 1x1 RP to fill the yawning void in my life. I' m interested in both platonic RP or basically any permutation of pairings, although I have the most experience with M/M. If we do M/F I prefer to play the man, and I'm fine with non-monogamy in various forms. We have to talk about the boundaries on that ahead of time, though, because that's obviously very character dependent.

I'm more interested in dynamics than the particulars of sex, and so I prefer to fade to black although that can maybe be negotiated if we end up playing together for a long enough time. Even without sex scenes I'm happy to discuss our characters' preferences *unless we're writing under age characters* or negotiate on D/s and top/bottom and passive/active. However, I have no time for using those roles as short hand for personality. I'm not interested in age gaps or uneven power balances unless consensual.

I reiterate that platonic plots are also delightful: I love mentor/student and I love buddy comedies and I love superhero style team ups or fantasy style fellowships.

I don't mind a bit of grit and violence, but I don't like that to be the primary flavor. Instead I favor swashbuckling and domesticity, with the occasional darker scene.

My favorite character type is aggressively unreliable narrator, and I have a weakness for RP that includes political themes. If playing human aged characters I'll play anywhere from teenagers through geriatric.

Paragraph RP but with posts that are mostly under 300 words
Posts at least once a week, but maybe more if we're not too busy/tired
RP over email or possibly private forum or slack if you prefer one of those.

Settings I'm happy to write in:
Urban fantasy
Steampunk/Weird West
Basically any historical period, tell me what you like and I'll do the research
Fantasy of p much any flavor
Magical Girls

Harry Potter (Maurader's Era if you let me play Barty Jr., Golden Trio era if we mostly focus on the ladies)
Sailor Moon (especially AU)
Lord of the Rings/The Silmarillion/The Hobbit (preferably with OCs and lore heavy)

Hit me up at and let's write!

Posted by: Tar Miriel Apr 4 2018, 07:40 PM
Do you like:
  • shy werewolves grappling with their place in the world and familial rejection?
  • confident vampires dealing with the colonial invasion of their homeland?
  • ex-slave sky pirates in the weird west helping out other PoC in trouble due to racist American laws?
  • reincarnated people who only have half memories and think that their memories mean they're in love, when in reality in a former life they were enemies?
  • warriors striking off on a search to find fiances who mysteriously vanished after a plague?
  • rivalries between pirate and naval captains who were once on the same side/possibly former lovers?

all this and more could be yours! email today!

Posted by: Tar Miriel Apr 5 2018, 02:08 PM
Would you be entertained by:

  • A clueless sub missing all the signs his dom is in the mafia because he assumes every clue is actually BDSM related?
  • A teen vampire with a Pokemon obsession who is your best friend up until he's hungry?
  • A scientist who believes in tarot readings and who falls for every pretty girl who smiles at her?
  • A tactless ghost hunter who collects salt packets from fast food restaurants just in case?

If so we could be great together!

Posted by: Tar Miriel Apr 6 2018, 06:50 PM
Do you want to write:
  • nature spirits dealing with an environmental crisis that leads to civilization being contained in a small tech centered bubble?
  • Young men returning from war and trying to reintegrate with other youth while coping with PTSD?
  • College students with abilities going on a road trip across America (maybe historical instead of modern, even?)
  • The banality of life in a dystopia?
  • Emergent civilizations after society as we know it has collapsed and begun to rebuild?
The possibilities are endless!

Posted by: Tar Miriel Apr 7 2018, 12:14 PM
Are you interested in:
  • Control freaks who really just need to be needed?
  • Vampires wrestling with how tenets of their mortal faith apply to their vampiric nature?
  • Families fracturing due to financial or health difficulties?
  • Witches who despite their own affinity for magic distrust other types of magical people/creatures?
  • Families and friends torn apart by their different approaches to handling the oppressive governments they live under?

Shoot me an email and we can get started plotting today!

Posted by: Tar Miriel Apr 8 2018, 09:38 PM
Hey hey hey! You wanna eh? Eh eh eh?

I'm totally cool, you should write with me.

Posted by: Tar Miriel Apr 9 2018, 09:38 PM
Do you want to write about:
  • Cursed treasures?
  • Enchanted furniture familiars?
  • Half-orcs who worship the goddess of beauty?
  • Werewolves worrying about job security?

Then great news! You should email me and we can set something up!

Posted by: Tar Miriel Apr 11 2018, 06:58 AM
I dreamt I created an OC who was the personfication of Mt. Kilimanjaro and his nickname was Jar Jar and so that is my next RP idea.

Posted by: Tar Miriel Apr 12 2018, 02:16 PM
I have a few lovely people but I have room for more~

If you like history I can do, among other things:
  • Fairies during the Troubles
  • Al-Andalus, especially during the reign of Al-Hakam II
  • Aztec flower wars
  • Affrerement + The Portuguese Inquisition
  • Pagan Britain during the invasion of the Jutes (maybe with DRUIDS??? with actual magic?)
  • Basically anything involving Roman colonization of other peoples
  • The English Civil War anytime between 1139-1154
  • Any of the various clashes between the Ottomans and the Byzantines (bonus points if there are vampires)
  • The theoretical peasant uprising in Teotihuacan in the 7th century

Or SO MANY MORE. Think of all the fun we could have making history teachers cry together

Posted by: Tar Miriel Apr 13 2018, 08:35 AM
What about chosen ones and prophecies and reincarnations of legendary heroes? I am entirely happy for you to play The Chosen One as long as my character isn’t relegated to a prop.

Do the thing, email me!

Posted by: Tar Miriel Apr 14 2018, 11:12 PM
Pourquoi tu gâches ta vie
Pourquoi tu gâches ta vie
Pourquoi tu gâches ta vie
write write write write

Posted by: Tar Miriel Apr 18 2018, 08:45 PM
Still answering inquiries, friends! And if we fizzled out somewhere in the past and you want to reconnect I'd be thrilled, I will never shame you for ghosting! c:

Posted by: Tar Miriel May 16 2018, 11:28 AM
Now that summer is on the way I guess here is a bump just in case someone else out there is looking for a player like me. c:

Posted by: Tar Miriel May 28 2018, 10:36 PM
Bring me your OCs, friends, tell me all about them from their favorite sandwich to what scent reminds them of their late grandmother.

Posted by: Tar Miriel Jun 1 2018, 12:02 PM
Magic carpets sweep you away to minarets that glow blue in the moonlight where a beautiful scholar pours over maps whose features seem ever changing.

Lying at the bottom of the loch you can see the crumbling ruins of a monastery and do you hear the faint echoes of Latin chanting or is that only the lapping of the waves?

The apocalypse is over and it's time to pillage the skyscrapers, but it's a dangerous job!

Maid or gentleman, other or neither, come join me for adventure and suspense, for laughter and tears, for friendships forged in the fires of tension and joy, and possibly for romance if that's what your writer heart desires.

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