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 you're the next lara croft, 18+ au potterverse {jcink}
 Posted: Dec 3 2017, 11:19 PM

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Name: Oli

Site: XXXX

Site Description: We are an open plot 18+ Harry Potter AU based in London. The idea is that things are chill and the magical folk are just doing their thing.

Character Description: Have you ever wanted to be Indiana Jones, or maybe Lara Croft? Well here's your chance! While in the muggle world archaeologists have to make very accurate and detailed notes, perform back breaking labor, stand in the hot sun all day just to find one pot sherd, Wizard Archaeologists are out there living it up like they're in a movie. Of course, they are looking for magical artifacts, which are much more likely to be hidden away in a locked maze rather than digging up the burnt remains of a city block by the river, so they really get to have all the fun - and life threatening adventures! I'm sure there are a few lost wizarding communities out there, waiting to be dug up, but just like muggle archaeology, those will have to wait until all the fun stuff is done!

Imaan and MYGIRLS name went to Uagadou, and were in the same year. Information about Uagadou can be found here! TL;DR for the purposes of this ad, Uagadou is the largest wizarding school in africa and it probably older than Hogwarts. It doesn't say how many years students go to school there, but let's say 7, just to keep it easy. They have a large focus on wandless magic and self-transfiguration (though I suppose that it's also transfig in general, so they should be good at that all over). Most if not all students will be able to transform into their Animagus before graduation. They generally will turn into African animals (I'm assuming from the quote, "Many older and more experienced witches and wizards felt threatened by teenagers who could transform at will into elephants and cheetahs, and Adrian Tutley (who's animagus form was a gerbil) lodged a formal complaint with the International Confederation of Wizards." So I would suggest when picking your animagus animal to look first at animals from wherever your character hails from, MYGIRLSNAME is from Egypt and she is a Black-Winged Kite. And also, though Uagadou students practice wandless magic, they do still have wands, but in general they find them bulky and annoying - but for "harder" spells, it would be helpful to have a wand to help facilitate that magic.

Desired PBs: (optional) Suggested face is Imaan Hammam, but it's open, and so is the gender! I'm going to refer to him as she/her and Imaan, though. (Adonis Bosso would be a great choice for a dude!)

Other Information: Link to ad here

Contact Information: Pop into the shoutbox or post in the ad on site!
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