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Jul 23 2018, 01:18 PM
Hello everyone, my name is Snowy. I'm currently looking for a few one on one roleplays to fill my spare time. I'm looking for literate/advanced partners who play both genders, are willing to double if needed and use side characters. PLEASE BE 18+. I WILL NOT ROLEPLAY WITH YOU IF YOU ARE A MINOR.
I am also willing to do all pairings: m//, f//, and mxf in no order of preference. And tell me your limits before we start roleplaying.

Onto what I am looking for:
Modern, odd pairings, slice of life, angst. My characters range from 15-25. The rest can be found here:

Some fandoms I'm looking for are:
- Dance Academy
- The Fosters
- Criminal Minds
- Switched at Birth (Not caught up, no spoilers)
- Game of Thrones (I am not caught up so no spoilers)

Please email me at if you are interested. Tell me your name, limits and what you are interested in/any ideas you have. I love to brainstorm.

Hope to hear from you!

~ Snowy x
May 7 2018, 08:27 PM
Hello, my name is Snowy (at least on the Internet). I'm looking specifically for a Degrassi: TNG or Degrassi: Next Class (the one on Netflix) roleplay, as well as Dance Academy - the Australian show.

Please be literate, able to double (these role-plays won't survive without doubling), and play either gender. I'm good with all pairings: m//, f// and mxf, in no order of preference.

Contact me about pairings, and be willing to play canons and throw in OCs as well if you want.
Tell me your limits when you contact me and be over 18.

** I am also willing to do modern/odd pairings, bring me your suggestions **

Contact me:

Hope to hear from you!
Apr 15 2018, 10:26 AM
Hello! My name is Snowy and I'm looking for some role-plays.

All my info can be found here:

A couple of things:
Please be literate/advanced
Don't come to me with just kinks. it's creepy.
Don't base your characters on yourself. also creepy.

Email me with your name and what you are interested in:

If we had a roleplay going and it stopped for whatever reason, and you want to start another, I'm always up for it!

EDIT: Looking for Degrassi: Next Class as well! (OC x Canon and Canon x Canon)
Jan 14 2018, 08:58 AM
Hello all! My name is Snowy, and since it's a new year I thought I'd make a new search. First of all, I'm looking for a literate/advanced roleplay - my intros can range from half a page to three pages in Word, it all depends on the genre. My replies are anywhere between a paragraph to five. Again, it all depends. Absolutely no one liners.

Limits - I don't really have any. Sex, violence and language is all fine with me. Some of my characters dabble in drugs and alcohol. That being said, I don't want the roleplay just to be smut.

Genres - I do originals and fandoms. First, originals. Here are a few settings/concepts:

~ Coffee shop
~ Ballet School/Company
~ Boarding School for the Arts
~ Inner city
~ Countryside
~ Apartment Complex
~ College (convince me)
~ High School
~ Group Home
~ Reuniting Best Friends
~ Catfishing/Online Dating
~ Blind Dates (!)

And odd pairings:

~ Rich x Poor
~ Country x City (Or Country x Country)
~ Rival x Rival
~ Rich x Runaway
~ Runaway x Runaway
~ Doctor/Nurse x Patient
~ Patient x Patient
~ Popular x Unpopular
~ Jock x Nerd
~ Veteran/Returning Soldier x Significant Other or best friend

And fandoms (I do Canon x Canon, OC x Canon and sometimes OC x OC)

~ Dance Academy (season 1-2) - Tara x OC, Christian x OC, Christian x Tara, Sammy x OC, Grace x OC
~ Skins (volume 1) - Cassie x OC, Tony x Michelle, Jal x OC
~ Harry Potter
~ How to Get Away with Murder - Michaela x OC, Connor x OC, Connor x Oliver, Rebecca x Wes, Wes x OC
~ Criminal Minds - Reid x OC, Morgan x OC, Reid x Morgan,Prentiss x OC

EDIT: I've been watching "Heroes" and I'm really craving something like that, or a Gifted x government agent. We can talk.

EDIT #2: Also looking to roleplay "The Fosters". BE ABLE TO DOUBLE/PLAY BOTH GENDERS.

You've made it this far? Great! I roleplay over email or Google Docs. My email is
Contact me through email if you want to talk over Discord or AIM.
Hope to hear from you!

~ Snowy x
Oct 18 2017, 04:03 PM
Hi everyone, it's Snowy. I'm looking for new and fresh role-plays - some of my partners disappeared on me and I'm itching to write. I play both male and female and do all pairings (m//, f// and mxf).

I'm looking for a literate-advanced roleplay, my intros tend to range from half a page to three pages in Word and my responses can be a good paragraph to five. It all depends on the characters, roleplay and what I'm getting back.

As for limits - I have none. Please tell me yours. That said, I'm not looking for a PG-13 roleplay. More like R rated.

For those of you who made it this far - congratulations. Here's what I'm looking for. SUGGESTIONS WELCOME.

Originals/Odd pairings:
Country x City
Teacher x student
Foster system/adoption/group home
Rich x Poor
Coffee Shop/Cafe
Ballet School (boarding school, rival x rival, new student x elite dancer)
Single Parent x Party person
Apartment Complex
New kid x Popular
Jock x Dancer
Deaf x Hearing
Returning Soldier x Significant other (or best friend)

DANCE ACADEMY (early seasons, no Abigail)
Orange is the New Black
The Fosters (early seasons)
Greys Anatomy (early seasons)
How to Get Away with Murder

I can be reached on Discord or through email:
I prefer to roleplay through email or Google Docs.

Hope to hear from some of you!
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