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Apr 6 2018, 07:47 PM
ETA: i am willing to write over discord, and maybe hangouts, in addition to email and google drive, folks! <:

howdy, howdy fine folks of barbermonger!

shock and surprise, i am looking for a couple of writing partners :> i am 24, and i work fulltime as well as study, so while i cannot promise rapidfire posts, i can promise a post about every two days to several times a week!
additionally, i adore ooc chatter, so even while i cannot post consistently – i will happily chatter about the characters or life in general :> just let me know if this isn’t your thing, that’s cool too!

so, limits/fun factoids about my style/"tl;dr are we compatible?" first:

+ when reaching out to me, please tell me your limits and any plot/character ideas!
+ addendum: i will not respond to emails that don't contain any information about you, your limits, and what you're looking to write or what characters you'd like to use! it doesn't even need to be completely fleshed out, but any starting point helps us both figure out if we have chemistry without extensive back and forth <: thanks!
+ i write over email or google drive, and i prefer to chat over google hangouts or discord. though optional, please consider giving me a heads-up before reaching out on the messengers <:
+ i'm adaptable and laidback! however, i do not write pedophilia, rape/sexual assault, incest, abusive relationships, romantic large age gaps (that's 10+ years if characters are under 30), nor master x slave. i will not write explicit content with minors either.
+ quality is far more valuable than quantity. i'd vastly prefer two paragraphs of sustenance than ten of filler.
+ third person only, please
+i do like long-term!
+ romance and platonic is welcome! as far as romance goes, all gender identities and sexual identities are a-okay. i do admittedly have a preference for m//
+ i prefer writing middle-aged to older farts!
+ i love ooc chatter! i love drawing art, sharing ideas and outlandish scenes about the characters, and i love to joke around and share pictures of my cat. i'd love it if you did too, but it's okay if you're just interested in writing!
+ i don't double, i prefer focusing on one character. however, i often have side and background characters
+ if you're not feeling it or if life happens, that's okay. you are free to either tell me you're not interested/too busy and want to drop/brainstorm something else, or even ghost me! i will do my best to communicate, but i am sorry in advance if i disappear without a word! i try to be pretty good at letting people know if i am not feeling it or if i am going on a break <:
+ i love humor, fluff, and lighthearted stories. i love writing about small moments of kindness and warmth, and i love writing the little awkward moments in life. i am not your person for consistent dark nor angsty material. this does not mean that our story can't have conflict, angst, nor sad moments, but that these are ingredients to an overall good-natured story.
+ yes, yes, i know i write like a goob - but i promise you that my posts will be crafted with love and care, but my ooc speak is genuinely me excitedly sneaking texts during my morning meetings on my cellphone, hahaha

what do i like to write?


+ i love modern! i am happy writing about cops and lawyers, scientists, military readjusting to civilian life, boring divorced dads who find lifelong love with other divorced dads, fluffy slice-of-life, etc.
+ politics and crime!
+ science, engineering, and medicine and the arts!
+ military and coming back home!
+ leaving the city for a life on a farm!
+ leaving the farm for a life in the city!
+ this is a terribly broad genre, i am really open to anything!

[fantasy & monsters]
+ i am also happy to write fantasy!
+ fantasy can genuinely be blended into anything, into modern, sci-fi, post apocalyptic, etc.
+ i am also happy with pure, vanilla, cheesy fantasy - with kings, queens, beautiful warhorses and kingdoms by the sea, and conventionally attractive people with healthy teeth and... far less dysentery.
+ i am happy to write sci-fi into fantasy - hunters/mercenaries with eyes that can hologram maps and prey, platinum horses made of gaskets and titanium joints who breathe steam, a kingdom in the sky, anything!
+ something all 'bout dat circus life! star crossed lovers tropes abound!
+ very, very old monsters who pester that one Highly Top Secret Government Agent ™ to let them see the spectral ghost of their mortal loved one from centuries ago. the ghosts of their in-laws also tag along.
+ good-natured, summoned demon spouses who just wish you'd get along with your in-laws who reside in a lovely three-bedroom villa style family home in hell.
+ i have a love for monsters trying to figure out this whole. human. thing. attempting to fit polo shirts for their office job over their curled horns, old werewolves trimming their nosehairs and their primary physician chiding at them for eating too much red meat, etc. there are so, so many possibilities.

+ i've got spurs that jingle jangle jingle! post-apocalyptic in the wild, wild west sounds incredibly fun!
+ one innocent or guilty chump gets kicked out of a survivors organization, and their closest friend follows. then they both adventure into the great unknown of a hollow world.
+ zombie survival, maybe?

+ space pilots, space pirates, space colonies, space travel, spaaaaace!
+ i don't have anything specific! typically, my sci-fi is blended in with other themes :> if you have anything, i'd love to hear it!

[... guilty pleasures]
+ i love the cheesy, humorous, and cute things! love, love, love writing that domestic, usually peaceful, sweet life of two happy people who have been together for ages or just met in their golden years after heartbreaks.
+ though i am not usually interested in cheesy, obnoxious tropes... i have a soft spot for gruff, grumpy, hypermasculine men being intimidated by darling, soft yet commanding, and pretty men.

+ this is hardly an exhaustive list of ideas or themes that interest me! if you have something in mind that you do not see, or anything at all, please do let me know! i love brainstorming and hearing ideas :>

what characters do i have in mind?

i have two in mind! they are pretty decent foils to each other:

+ one is svelte, aloof, posh, thoughtful. the very characterization of something like... a sleek, abyssinian cat playing the cello. intriguing, a little odd, and a goof at the core.
+ the other is beefy, grumpy, and also... a goof at the core. the archetype of an ornery grandpa with the warmest heart and a distinguished grey streak in his hair.

both are middle-aged men and adaptable to anything from old-fashioned fantasy, to modern, to sci-fi, to fantasy-modern hybrids, to post apocalyptic. they can be rogues, kings, survivors, lawyers, detectives, chefs, scientists, neighbors, loyal right-hands, anything from protectors and anchors to the village/office boob.
i am preferring to write the former gentleman, but i am up to write either, or someone completely different!

i am also happy to elaborate upon contact if you are interested! fortunately, each one is more complex than several adjectives and a stereotypical archetype. i'd also love to hear the characters you have in mind!

are you interested?

well, neat-o! i can be reached at, i look forward to hearing from you!

also, i have a discord now! i don't... entirely understand how it works and how to add people, but here it is! howdy^3#6518
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