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 show me your apps, watchu do on ya phone
 Posted: Aug 3 2016, 12:23 PM

tiefling bard
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screenshots of your phone apps, with explanations

user posted image

user posted image
  1. love live: there's no justification for this i'm just a weeb and i love rhythm games

    user posted image

  2. lumosity: i used to play this a lot for BRAIN TRAINING... and then i downloaded love live

  3. puzzles and dragons: the addictive game i used to play before love live

  4. duolingo: language training every day! i do spanish.

  5. habitica: for tracking my habits and daily to-dos, like going to bed on time, flossing, working out, picking shit up off my floor, etc.

  6. ok cupid: self-esteem booster

  7. candy crush: what i play as i make 50+ phone calls a day
your turn!

user posted image

 Posted: Aug 4 2016, 01:14 AM

number one dad
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to be honest i don't really use my phone that much so this is going to be pretty lame, especially since it's an old-ass 4s and thus doesn't run anything cool. after i gave up my 5s, i became the kind of person that puts apps into folders but also has 1,266 emails in her inbox. before that i had a flip phone for over a year. yeah, i'm that friend.

user posted image

photo flying over alaska because fuck googling iphone backgrounds.

user posted image

my apps

1. 'extras' is all the shit i can't delete and old apps that i don't use often or at all, at the moment. e.g. 8tracks (useful when drawing at home and bored of shit on my ipod; see also, spotify). i also have the fitbit app in there because i had one and it broke, so i'm vainly hanging on in the hopes of finding a soldering gun and teaching myself how to fix it. compass should belong in navigation. BORING.

there's also an interval workout timer in there somewhere but who cares about that.

2. internet features your usual suspects; reddit client is alienblue.

3. brain shit: i hate reading on my phone, but i do like podcasts and audiobooks. turns out that you can download cellular biology lectures for free. it also turns out that, as interested as i actually am in the field, this is an incredible sleep aid. i also listen to a bunch of russian audiobooks because, like most heritage speakers, my mother tongue needs WORK. game of thrones in russian is a trip, let me tell you that much. edit: now i have duolingo, i'm doing 20 minutes of russian a day.

4. apple maps is useless. google translate's new photo feature is still kinda rocky but was moderately helpful in japan and is fun to play with. i'm a little creeped out by it, though.

5. the iphone autonames your folders at first and i guess "productivity" works. like xander, i am on habitica, which rewards me for everything between "put out 25 job applications" and "read for at least an hour" and "do important shit" to basic stuff, like cleaning or basic self-care shit or taking vitamin d. the pomodoro timer thing was marginally useful for my adhd brain but ultimately became kind of annoying. simplenote i just downloaded but it seems handy enough.

apps i used to have: mint! mint is great for tracking your money shit, but i'm creeped out about putting any banking information or overly personal information on my phone. i try not to game too much on my phone either because i'm the kind of person who will play scrabble or some other puzzle game until i croak.

 Posted: Aug 4 2016, 10:54 AM

animal impulses
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i am the least organized person on my phone. i just have crap scattered everywhere with no real rhyme or reason so we'll do highlights i suppose.

user posted image


user posted image

1. white noise because i'm the lightest sleeper in the world. i have boring tastes though- i listen to brown noise.

2. alphabear is just fun.

3. lots of messengers because i talk a lot, and i have no idea why i keep facebook on the main page because i use it never.

4. reddit- addicted to reddit relationships sub, it's fascinating!

5. exercise junk

6. ALMOST FORGOT (despite it being my most used crap on my phone)- my 'yee' folder aka writing junk. a note pad, docs, and dictionary!


user posted image

1. adulting apps

2. i'm practicing german in my duolingo

3. temple run is pretty fun and mindless, endless runner. also can you escape. my two favorite time wasters.

4. all recipes because sometimes i pretend i can cook.

5. POKEMON GO. mostly i just play with my dad. it's fun because he gets flustered when i get 'the pokemans' and he doesn't. he's adorable and i love teasing him.

And I watered it in fears,
Night and morning with my tears;
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles.
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