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Posted by: Zay Jan 6 2018, 08:43 PM

Hello, thank you for clicking (:

First of all, ignore how old this thread is - I'll always be happy to talk rp!
A little about myself: I am a woman, 23 years old, in the UK, currently have a lot of commitments (though roleplay is my passion) and I'm shooting for a long-term roleplay of a specific nature.

What I want

I’m looking to create a world with someone that would be 'mesolithic' (think 12000 BC or earlier) with fantasy and supernatural elements preferably thrown in just for flavour in places. Good news: As this is a roleplaying website, I’m looking for a roleplayer, which means you don’t have to be an expert of any kind. I’m definitely not.
I have quite a few ideas already built up for this, but we don't have to use them at all if we find something else more appealing.

I’d hope for it to be a roleplay to explore survival and the many ways people might try to understand the world around them. An opportunity for us to world build to our hearts content, conjuring up the unique clans of people that populate our landscape, the things that bring them together or tear them apart, the host of characters within them, or even without them, that breathe life into the story. A chance to see where their beliefs, desires and the power of the natural world takes them for better or worse.
Being a fantasy world, while we could borrow heavily from our world there’s no reason we couldn’t also fill it with whatever more we want, so long as the general feel of the era is preserved.

How I roleplay

Here are some things you should know about me as a roleplayer. Ideally we'd match on all these, but if you want any clarification, or for any doubts to be put to rest, feel free to ask as I am an open book. If you decide to contact me (yay!) please tell me a bit about how you like to rp and where you stand on limits/post lengths and so on.

1. I typically post around 3 paragraphs, though frequently move north/south of that.
I tend to match my partners, but I always write 3rd person and past tense.

2. I am a low maintenance roleplayer and often busy. If you want multiple posts a day consistently, I’m not the one for you. If I’m anticipating being very busy for any reason, I’ll let you know.

3. For limits, I don’t have any interest in roleplaying children in sexual situations, scat or bestiality.
I feel I should make it clear (as these are common limits) that I have no problem with roleplaying gruesome violence, torture, rape, character maiming, suicide and others, but it must fit the flow of the story.

4. I love weaving in side characters of varying levels of significance and I would hope you can do the same, for me this is the really fun part of roleplaying. If this isn’t something you like to do I’m afraid we’re not going to roleplay well together.
We both need to be able to rp 'NPCs' as and when needed.
I rarely like to constrain myself to developing one character.

5. I roleplay men and women. I won't rp with anyone that insists on only playing one of these, or claims to rp both but in reality only does so nominally.

6. If a romantic and/or sexual storyline happens to come up, I strongly prefer m/f.
I also prefer not to fade to black, though it really depends on how relevant the situation is.
Important: As great as smut can be, I don't consider myself smut focused, and I don't like forcing chemistry between characters.

7. You must be 18+.

Contact me

My main way of roleplaying is over email: I’m happy to do hangouts.

I love using instant messengers for OOC purposes (it's very convenient) so if you can do that it's a big plus. Let me know what your preferred medium is in that case.

Posted by: Zay Jan 12 2018, 11:20 AM
A little bump :3
I'm very open to any questions or event just to chat, here or wherever.

Posted by: Zay Jan 17 2018, 01:53 PM
Have rewritten different bits of my post for further clarification.

Posted by: Zay Jan 19 2018, 01:54 PM

Posted by: Lar Jan 19 2018, 03:40 PM
I sent you an email a couple days ago, haven't heard back! No worries if you're not interested, just want to make sure it got to you. smile.gif

Posted by: Zay Jan 20 2018, 11:19 AM
Hi Lar smile.gif
Thanks, I got your email and apologies that I didn't reply sooner; I've been getting a few responses and seeing where some conversations take me.

I noticed that you strongly prefer present tense? I probably should add this to my advert, but I only do past tense (and 3rd person if that matters).

Posted by: Zay Jan 22 2018, 02:18 PM
Okay added that and cleaned things up. Hopefully I can stop tinkering with this thing now...

Posted by: Zay Jan 30 2018, 02:09 PM
The variety on reddit is quite amazing! Anyway, bump. Always love to hear from you folks.

Posted by: Zay Feb 3 2018, 02:46 PM
This bump is a tribute to corvids. So clever.

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