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Jul 12 2018, 12:56 AM

i haven't.

i'm also fully aware i may never find a soul that shares my exceedingly niche interests, least of all on barbermonger, as it's become home to the same 10 roleplayers and a handful of transient souls. sometimes you just gotta cast your line out to sea in the vast expanse of blue to see what turns up. even if this search only manages to serve as some long forgotten relic of a distant era, like a tech support ticket from 2007 with 3 equally confused people and no resolution. i'm willing to take that chance.

so here's the deal.

me, mostly
• crusty but cute
• doubles or nothin'
• fluff enabler
• prefers email & discord
• parched

you, hopefully
• a grown up sophisticate
• interested in character driven plot
• espouse the virtues of both business and party
• y'know, like a mullet
• not a great big creep

i would adore a roleplay in the gbs universe because i'm a big slut for it's lore. i am looking to do oc/canon above all else, but if you can hit me with an oc that mine can vibe with or construct one with a faceclaim i'm interested in, i may be malleable to your whims. i'd like someone to write locke which i know is both a tall order and conceited request but please consider this: he is a useless dumb prick and i love him very much? i rest my case. i'll play near about anyone you'd like, and i'm willing to work with you to construct an oc to fit faceclaim requests. honestly i've been looking off and on for so long i'm willing to exchange a niche fandom for a niche fandom on request, just fuck me directly up, fam.

send all inquiries, hatemail, and creative swears to!
Jun 29 2018, 02:48 PM
hi it's me ur qtbotte from cyberlife

i feel like before any of u contact me, you need to know where i stand on this particular glittering trashfire. i hate david cage and everything he has ever touched with intense passion, and this game was an unmitigated disaster of nonsensical aesthetics and subpar storytelling but fuck if i didn't love every minute of it. even if it was the biggest hamfisted tone deaf commentary on civil rights and equality, it had heart and some good characters, and that's enough for me to take the parts i really liked and use it as a jumping off point for some writing about robits. also, i cried like a little bitch in 2012 when the tech demo kara was released, and even though i knew what to expect going into another quantic fuckfest, i had to see it for my baby.

right. so about the roleplay advertisement.

♢ big into doubling and oc/canon.
♦ email or discord only with a preference for discord.
♢ word count is largely unimportant to me.
♦ i'll probs play just about anyone? connor is my son. love him tender.
♢ pls let me love hank anderson. i know he crusty. still.
♦ im beg u hank is my icky husband
♢ cis het dudes need to not contact me
♢ i refuse to write m// with (primarily straight) women lol
♦ while i typically hate "let's roleplay the game but this time with ocs" i feel that if it varies enough with the inclusion of ocs maybe i'll swing it for dbh. there are enough portions of the game i have confidence it could be fine. in fact there is a pretty hefty chunk that should be rewritten anyways so it doesn't read as much like a gaggle of douchebags sitting in a room going "what if we wrote about segregation... but this time... the WHITES were discriminated against..." which is about how i think david cage probs conceived the idea in the first place.
♢ i am a salty gay sjw and you're either on board with that or you keep walkin'

i am liable to come back and edit this later but that's all that comes to mind right this minute.

if ya interested shoot me an email at and if we vibe we can exchange discord information. ♥
May 3 2018, 07:44 AM

♥ i am a dumb bitch with terrible taste
♥ i will never change
♥ i will never improve
♥ that is a promise

that said i'm looking for some witcher related roleplays, though
you'll have to keep in mind i've only played wild hunt bc im bougie.
i've also played blood & wine, but i've been putting off hearts of stone.

♥ oc / canon and maybe some oc / oc
♥ doubling almost exclusively
♥ word counts are for squares
♥ lgbt+ friendly
♥ cis men need not apply bc ya'll nasty
♥ email, discord, potentially gdocs
♥ i'm 26, so please be an adult

i would like for u to write geralt, cerys, or eskel for my oc, please!
in return i'll play just about anyone for you. if i don't feel confident
or comfortable i'll let you know and you can pick someone else,
but we should be fine. i'm okay with content being mature and all,
but don't be gross or a super elitist prick lmao.

if ya down hit me up at
Feb 17 2018, 07:51 PM
i think we all know by now if you have seen my ads before you know where this is going.

here it is.
the stuff.
the goods.
the gdoc.

"i am a revolving door of interests and occasionally in the wee hours of the night i get wistful for things. as of right now it’s just obscenely cozy soft things. it isn’t to say there isn’t any possibility for #drama, mind, i just really want fluffy trash."

that first paragraph says almost all you need to know, but there are some extra odds and ends within the document. those things being my contact information and some specifics about what i want (though not much).

happy farming, barbermonger! ♥
Feb 9 2018, 08:12 AM
it's that time again where i arise from my ancient tomb with a singular interest which generally involves some slightly niche roleplay advertisements. the current flavor is the wolf among us. 👌 👌 👌

i made a gdoc for you to read because i'm gay and dramatic and i like good presentation. or at the very least the best presentation i can muster at 5am on a saturday after pulling an all-nighter.

all relevant information, including how and where to locate the hollow stump i live in such that you may contact me, shall be transcribed therein. 💖

good luck & thanks for your time!
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