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May 4 2018, 07:29 PM
Ayyy! I'm Mal or Mallie. I'm a 27 year old graphic designer who likes to rp in her spare time and also to keep her sanity. I enjoy being sarcastic and having fun with my rp partners through writing in OOC. I cry over fictional characters and cats.

I would describe my writing style as, for now, being laid back. I can give you a few short paragraphs per character, to longer posts, to just about anything you give me. I don't believe in word limits or length so long as you give me something to work with. I also talk and plot a lot and would hope you do too! I prefer to roleplay over Discord nowadays but can be convinced to be on here or somewhere else if you're nice~.

>>>Canon/OC Pairings
>>>Doubling is a must
>>>Plotting and Talking OOC
>>>Laid back or fun personalities
>>>Complex characters, drama, fluff, romance, angst
>>>Main rps, side rps with stupid little side plots. Anything is great.
>>>18+ People

>>>Original settings
>>>"I only play this gender"
>>>plotting and leaving before a rp begins. Serious. Mention this to me when you message me or else you will be ignored.
>>>Newbie accounts messaging to rp. Sorry, but there are a lot of people who seem to create new accounts to plot a bunch of rps and then leave.
>>>Long periods of time with no OOC chat. I usually poke when I don't see someone around for a week with no communication whatsoever or if there was no warning they would be gone. Life happens. But OOC is an absolute must for me.
>>>Don't be a dick
>>>So serious all the time
>>>God moding.
>>>Pressuring me to post. I work a weird schedule so I write when I can. I usually will try and post once a day or at least talk to you otherwise.

I am very good at remembering things and I do know the people on here who typically drop RPs or have dropped RPs with me. I will try and work things out to the best of my ability, but I get wary of people who are known to drop rps a lot without giving them a chance. I've been around here and rping for a loooong time so I usually know who does what anymore.

But on a lighter note I'd love to have fun with someone who would want to connect and write in the long term!

Character i would like you to play

>>>Attack on Titan
.............I play just about any character
.............aus are my passion

>>>Fullmetal Alchemist
.............I play just about any character

>>>Hellsing (Ultimate)
.............Walter (Dark or before the series takes place)/OC
.............I do not play Dok, Schrodinger, The Major or Rip Van Winkle unless as villains.


>>>Fire Emblem 7/Fire Emblem (US)
.............I play just about any character

>>>RPG Maker Horror Games
.............Garry (Ib)/OC
.............Ib, The Witch's House, Misao, Mad Father, Pocket Mirror, ect., Just Ask


>>>Marvel Cinematic Universe
.............HAVE NOT SEEN INFINITY WAR YET. I will not play Bucky, Wanda, Vision or Quicksilver, Black Panther.


>>>Once Upon A Time
.............Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet)/Elsa (Frozen) Srsly crack pairing, will have to be plotted buuuuut I like this pairing.
.............I will play everyone but Grumpy (unless a side character) and Peter Pan

Happy hunting! Please PM if interested!
Mar 10 2018, 12:24 PM

Hi there! The name is Mal or Mallie. I'm craving a AOT rp like nobody's business right now. If it matters to know, I am 27 year old graphic design who works the night shift. I post whenever I can and usually try to get at least one post out per day as my partner replies. I will ignore those who come to me with vague details about what they want. Be ready to tell me what and who you want to play. I can also tell if anyone has not read my guidelines.

What I can Do
→ M//F Pairings
→ Doubling!
→ Canon/OC, Canon/Canon, OC/OC. Bring me your pairing ideas.
→ Sharing of minor characters to move plot along
→ A lot of OOC chat to plot and get to know each other

What I hope from You
→ Doubling. This is a must if you wish me to play a male character.
→ Willing to help things along
→ OOC chat. I usually assume interest is lost when the OOC chat stops.
→ Don't just plot and leave. I have had many instances of this and it's plenty discouraging.
→ Life gets busy as does mine. Just tell me if you are going to be busy or if you don't want to rp anymore. I can understand that it happens!
→ Don't blatantly ignore me if you lose interest. It's pretty rude. Be honest. We can either work something out or not!

* = The more of these, the more I crave it!
Arrow indicates number of plot ideas I have for a specific pairing

I ask for people to play Eren to my OC. I will play many characters for you in return. I like AUs and the original setting alike!

Feel free to contact me here, e-mail me at or hit me up on discord at fluxarmageddon#9238 Happy hunting!
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