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Nov 29 2017, 11:20 AM
(like styrofoam) (CEO x Intern) (Eventual Intern x AI)

growing up poor and smart isn't easy - especially in the heart of the midwest, where everyone's been drunk or high since sixth grade except the real fucking losers. so imagine (your character)’s surprise when at twenty-five years old, hungover and sleeping on someone's couch after another weekend bender, (your character) is invited by (my character) to a remote mansion in northern California to apprentice at one of the leading tech companies worldwide all because of some stupid essay he forgot he wrote two years ago - and after a whirlwind of NDAs and FBI background checks finds himself working in uncomfortably close quarters on a secret project of the mysterious yet renowned CEO, a man in his mid 40s who's both everything and nothing like (your character) pictured: in turns serious and eccentric, charismatic and gloomy, fun-loving and temperamental, genius and immature, on the brink of possibly the biggest breakthrough in AI technology ever conceived.

(your character) isn't exactly sure what his purpose is there - he's an english major, after all, and so far just seems to have meaningless conversations with this AI - but as he grows closer to both (my character) and the strangely intuitive, eerily human program called felix (who i will also play), things get more and more complicated - and only moreso once felix receives his body, an incomparable biotechnological wonder whose interest in (your character) only grows stronger.

(textbook narcissism) (Absent Father x Son)

he wasn't always the guy he is today - (my character) may have grown to be one of the most successful financial advisors in NYC, but he used to just be a weekend alcoholic from Detroit struggling with average grades and a serious gambling problem accompanied by a line of meaningless hook-ups, men and women, about a mile long and soaked in whiskey.

he still hasn't figured out the emotional intimacy thing, really, and at 43 isn't exactly sure how to go about meeting people, having settled mostly for internet dates and the occasional office fling with the twenty-something interns easily impressed by high end watches and maybe a couple fancy dinners.

that is, until he meets (your character) - a promising but nihilistic, self-destructive young man seemingly on the brink of huge success or a downward spiral depending on the day, with mood swings (my character) remembers well. they grow closer than (my character) has been to anyone in decades or possibly ever, only for my character to realize the eerie similarities might be there for a reason after learning more about where (your character) came from…

(from the cat's cradle) (Father x Son's Boyfriend)

(my character) thought he had his life figured out - two children in college, a beautiful and talented wife, a great career in music production, a house just outside of Nashville on the rolling acres of property he always dreamed of as a child from the concrete jungle - that is, until the missus catches him jacking off to gay porn and starts to wonder about a few “close friendships” he's had over years.

divorced, forced to move, and not acclimating well to being alone, (my character) is almost relieved when his son calls asking if he can stay for awhile while him and (your character), his boyfriend, save up some money to move out of state for a job opportunity coming up for (my character)’s son in several months.

it seems like a good idea, that is, until (my character) meets (your character) - and an instant intellectual, artistic connection starts to border on flirtation and much more behind the son's back.

if any of this floats your boat, e-mail me ( ) with the title of the plot you're interested in as your subject line.
Nov 13 2017, 05:58 PM
okay so here are the pairings i'm interested in (characters i would play are in the slashes). if we could somehow wrap all these into one wild RP i will actually marry you and pay for the wedding. any characters who are underage in the show would obviously be aged up for any ~romantic encounters that aren't PG af. anyway, proceeding:

/pearl/×mystery girl
/peridot/×lapis lazuli
/jasper/×lapis lazuli

plus i'm willing to indulge literally any of your pairings/cravings. the only thing i won't do are human AUs. i'm krea michal on skype or you can e-mail me:
Nov 6 2017, 11:07 PM
my name is krea. i am 23 and live in the heart of the midwest aka the armpit of the usa. i am accustomed to such exciting things as corn, shitty tattoos, and dive bars. as such, and with a little more free time on my hands than usual, i am seeking a new roleplay. in list form, this is what would be ideal:

--modern setting. can include fantasy elements if your idea impresses me but i would prefer the rp to be about character interaction & development first and foremost.

--a cast of interrelated and interesting characters with numerous plots and subplots (this can be developed naturally over time but i get reallyyyyy bored playing one character over long periods of time & like to jump around - sort of like a television drama)

--lgbtq+ themes. i started as a wee lil male slash roleplayer once upon a 2007 and still prefer it if only because i've found all my best partners that way, but i will start with any sort of pairing besides m/f - also due to past (awful) experiences.

--no hard limits when it comes drug use/gore/sexuality that aren't reasonable. (i.e. we're both adults so no characters under 18 just makes sense & who tf is really out here rping scat???)

--e-mail: message me and we'll go from there.

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