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 Isn't It Romantic? [Modern] [Slice of Life] [M/F + F//], originals, 18+, literate, long-term
 Posted: Jul 22 2017, 08:00 PM

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There's highbrow literature, and there's highbrow roleplay writing, too. Admit it. I've spent a long time chasing after that ideal—historical fiction, Dickensian proportions, world-building. It takes quite a lot of effort, but the satisfaction is a slow-build, the kind you get when you step back after you've iced a cake or something. Don't get me wrong—I can't bake, and I'd rather have a slice with a glop of icing than one intricately decorated only to have it end up the same way.

Really, there's no shame in wanting the simpler things, and I'll shove aside the part of me that wants for sophistication and intricacies. So here it is, plainly. I'm looking for something picturesque and fluffy, the kind that transports you from our rather concerning world to a place without high global temperatures and world leaders who resemble oranges. Give me something romantic and beautiful, tantalizing but fulfilling, unadorned yet undeniably captivating.

I want night strolls to talk about nothing, little dates in front of a fireplace, silly pictures of our characters looking too tired and smitten to do anything but smile.

We don't have to sacrifice the joy of romance and fluff (and a healthy dash of smut). Join me?

So, admittedly, I've been trying to enchant you a bit. Has it worked? If you're still interested, I'd like to thank you for getting to this point, though I'll give you some concrete information now instead of waxing poetic.

I'm a full-time student who finds herself with some spare time before the semester kicks in again. I've been writing for at least six years now, and I can't wait to log in many more. I write via email, in third-person, past tense, and while I've never strayed from this in all my years, I'd be open to experimenting with first-person, though you'll have to try your hand at convincing me, which may not be too difficult a task at all. I usually write a minimum of two or three paragraphs if the situation calls for rapid-fire, though I've gone so far as 10+ if necessary. My timezone is EST, and while I tend to get busy once school kicks into high gear again, I always make time to write—especially if the stories and my partners are worth it. I'm around every day, and if there is an exception, I'll be sure to notify my partners. A little instant messaging and ooc-bantering never hurt anyone. And I'd love for my partners to have a few mutual hours if possible, but I can't have everything, can I?

I'm currently looking to write opposite female characters, and I can write both male and female characters as mains. (In simpler terms, m/f or f//.) The perk of my proposal is that it stems really from character development, and I'd love to see you trot out an old favorite or a new project. What the future holds can be told by how our characters jive down the path. In terms of age range for our characters, what I have in mind are two of working age, perhaps late-twenties, early thirties if you'd like. This is flexible, and I'm sure you could talk your way into making me explore quite a bit if you just try hard enough.

What I ask of a partner is literacy, good grammar, investment, communication, and development. My request doesn't mean fewer dynamic characters, less plot movement, less engagement. Just relish freely the pleasure to be found in a cuddle on the street corner, a kiss before work, or a little friskiness at the opera. Oh, and please be 18+. It would be troublesome if you weren't.

I'm feeling a bit lazy this evening, and it's put me in the perfect sort of mood to write back to some potential writing partners and possibly start up something wonderful. You'll drop a line if you're interested? I can be reached (with a rather good reply turnaround) at this email: Come by, even if it's just to say hello.
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