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Mar 29 2018, 06:51 PM

✗ i go by fawn or ghost
✗ 21+
✗ college student
✗ self-proclaimed goth kid
✗ writer, composer, & editor
✗ primarily writes male characters in m// pairings (excluding a plot listed below where i really want to write a murderous female android)
✗ interested in true crime
✗ relatively active with replying
✗ no limits (other than toilet play)
✗ likes roleplays which don't hesitate to delve into dark and disturbing material

✗ 21+
✗ proficient in writing
✗ capable of crafting complex male characters
✗ good at communicating your limits
✗ replies at least twice a week
✗ creative
✗ hoping to have fun!!

    the roleplay
i have four ideas at the moment, if none of these appeal to you then i urge you to contact me with ideas of your own.

✗ my male celebrity character finds himself hostage to a dangerous drug lord who decides against killing him over a massive debt in favor of keeping him around as a pet of sorts instead.

✗ my male immigrant prostitute character unintentionally finds himself spiraling into a bloodlust alongside a client who opens his eyes to the joys of creating chaos when he should be horrified.

✗ my male religious zealot hunts down demons and malicious spirits alongside his coworker. during one of their exorcisms they become afflicted with a curse which requires them to feed on human flesh in order to refrain from turning into demons themselves.

✗ [craving!] my female android slips free from the factory she was produced in within a grimy little city on a particularly scummy planet. she wants to be human, and your character (of any gender identity) comes across her and hopes to help her become her guide. but there's one problem, all the media she's been consuming tells her that humans like to kill, so she's contemplating giving that a try.

some vague things i enjoy in roleplay include:
    gun play / blood / guts / trauma / hurt + comfort / addictions / passion / serial killers / ghosts / demons / toxic relationships / love / affection / abuse

i prefer discord for plotting and communication and email for the roleplay itself, but i'm entirely capable of relying fully on one or the other depending on your preferences!

discord ghost#2811

Jan 17 2018, 12:01 AM
hello! i go by fawn and i'm looking for some new roleplays now that i'm back from a lengthy trip out of the country! i'm a 22 year old college student who's into film, literature, and spooky crime stories. i don't really have any limits aside from bestiality, toilet play, and other typical smut-related taboos. when you contact me, please tell me a little bit about yourself and your own limits, so i don't make you uncomfortable! after all, i want to get to know you, since this is a hobby shared between friends.

so, i'm interested in writing about a couple with a toxic relationship which is spiraling out of control because of drug abuse, but i don't want that to be the center of the roleplay since i'm sure we can come up with other grim aspects of life that can keep things moving forward in the plot.

my character is the wealthy son of a deceased actress, and i adore the concept of two rich men who are borderline sociopaths because of living in luxury since birth just totally abusing themselves in an effort to feel something, but if you want your character to be impoverished or middle class that's totally acceptable as well. heck, your character could be completely sober, he could even be involved in law enforcement to some degree and pretty stressed that his partner refuses to stop abusing drugs since he sure as hell doesn't want to see him wind up in prison.

i'm not against incorporating aspects of magical realism and supernatural elements into this, especially since my character's estate is totally capable of being haunted (honestly, it's stranger for it not to be haunted at this point). also, c'mon, horror and ghosts are cool.

if you're interested, you can send me an email at
Dec 15 2017, 11:13 PM
Hello! I go by fawn around here and I'm in search of a new roleplay now that winter break is finally upon us! First, I'll give a little bit of info about myself~ I'm a 22-year-old college student with aspirations of being a novelist, I compose music and play video games in my free time, listen to waaaay too many crime podcasts while I'm at work, and am pretty stoked to finally have enough free time to write again. c: My only real limit is that I don't like when adultery/cheating is romanticized (and the usual stranger fetishes like toilet play, bestiality, pedophilia), but please warn me of your limits in advance so I don't end up upsetting you! I'm currently only interested in m// roleplays. c:

i have a really vague idea right now of two detectives who end up paired together, traveling around solving super gruesome murder mysteries together. i have this character I've been wanting to try writing who's a sketchy weird detective who doesn't necessarily always use legal methods of solving cases, and it would be fun to pair him up with either a rookie cop or someone who plays by the rules as they find themselves traveling the country (maybe the world!) solving horrifying murder cases together and accidentally falling in love.

You can contact me via email at
Sep 24 2017, 12:02 AM
Hey there, I go by Fawn around here and I'm looking for a dark twisted dramatic (possibly even romantic, in a terrible way) roleplay after a lengthy hiatus from Barbermonger! I'm a college student with a job and despite having a busy schedule I've found myself with hours of free time that I'd love to devote to roleplay. I have a plot in mind, which will be described below (and updated as I get new ideas), but feel free to contact me with other ideas you have!!

I don't like plots that involve scat, bestiality, or romanticized pedophilia (outside of memories of abuse) - I don't have any other limits, and my character tends to be super profane and typically kind of violent and prone to triggering activities (alcoholism, self harm, suicidal ideation, drug usage) so please be aware of this and let me know what your limits are!

I also really love making friends through roleplay, we could exchange discords and discuss plot ideas (or just have a separate email going) and just get really into this plot and our characters and chat - after all, roleplaying is a game, we're two friends creating a cool story together! Bearing that in mind, when you contact me please provide a bit of information about yourself so we can get to know each other.

If you don't like the plot, let me know and we'll come up with something new and exciting together!



My character's mother commits suicide when he's in his early twenties. She was terrible in life, a drug addict who sexually abused her only child and kept him quiet with lines of cocaine, but to the public she was a Hollywood darling who starred in their favorite classic films. In secret, she owed many people a great deal of money, and when a pair of debt collectors arrive to gather her possessions so they can distribute her belongings to those she never paid back, they find her grown son sound asleep. Deciding to take him as well, they present the dead actress's grown son to a man who she was in debt to as an early birthday gift - the young man is now going to be his, and he's free to do what he wishes with him, or discard him if he continues being too unruly. Somehow, either through Stockholm syndrome or the one owed this debt turning out to be a kind and decent human being (perhaps someone who didn't want this sort of reimbursement in the first place), love blossoms between the two of them.
May 27 2017, 09:45 PM
Hello Barbermonger!

I'm Fawn and I've been dead in the world of roleplay for a while, but now I'm back and looking to get some roleplays going on Google Docs. After watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 I realized I really love science fiction and it's such a shame that I've never made an attempt at writing it before, so this is me looking for a friend who's into writing some badass gay sci-fi stuff with tons of world building, romance, drama, action, gore, torture, sadness, adventure, and all of the stuff that makes roleplaying fun!

I don't have any limits, I'm not too into writing pages and pages of smut, but there isn't anything that doesn't upset me too badly or anything like that. If you do have limits please let me know beforehand!

I have a really vague idea right now where the roleplay picks up with a sort of end of the world scenario - our characters bumping into each other in a post apocalyptic sort of zombie setting where they slowly try to survive together. Once they're the last two people on earth they get picked up by an alien race who thought that the planet was finally vacant for them to live on, and end up as slaves to the alien space pirates before they steal a cargo ship (maybe it's carrying some treasure too!) and escape, exploring the vast universe and getting into all sorts of adventures with the fear of being captured once more always in the back of their minds.

It's a little campy and wild but I'd love to see where it goes and make it really dark and gritty and gory at some points but lighthearted and sweet and fun in others. If you're interested you can contact me on Skype at firstfelltofawn and we can sort out a gdoc together and get to writing and plotting, or if you prefer email you can contact me at and we can jump into things that way instead!
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