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Mar 8 2018, 07:43 AM
Hello again, I know I posted a post but there was a lot in there so this one will just focus on my games/shows that I would be interested in doing a role play with not necessarily in that setting but a possibility.

TV Shows
Burn Notice
Criminal Minds
Star Trek *all series, in fact I have a possible group rp or 2 person one I'm working on*

Video Games I've played
Dragon Age - never done one but a possibility

My own ideas/creative worlds/characters I've built
Medieval/Fantasy - I've got a detailed world/characters/kingdoms etc been working on it for years.
Science fiction *Star Trek*
Star Wars - I used to play SWTOR I have a in-depth biography of my character
Western - have a character which has a dozen of uses

What I am looking for would prefer 18 to 21 plus, there are certain things I'm not comfortable with but can be discussed individually. If anyone is interested I have Discord but I have a Skype account if most are comfortable with that just haven't used it in awhile. Email works as well.
Mar 7 2018, 12:17 AM
OK where to even begin, well first I've specifically only done role plays in western settings and medieval. But I have several ideas that I would love to try out if anyone has the same passions. I've always loved the wild west where strong men and women forged a new frontier which also applies to my love to Star Trek. I also over the last 3 no 5 years have created and expanded on a complete medieval world that sadly has gone to the wayside. I used to role play on Facebook but the quality there wasn't as good as I hoped and also I hate being told you have to do this your character can't do that.

To me the point of a role play is freedom of expression and creativity so I hope that if anyone is interested or has any types of questions please feel free to ask. I am working on some new characters for my medieval world and I have an idea for a Star Trek role play but that would require multiple role players which I will post in the group role play section. I do have other interests such as zombies and other post apocalypse events. I'll list some of my favorite TV shows which may help clearing that up. Anyways I think that's it but knowing me I'd probably come up with something at 2 AM and it will drive me nuts.

But here's the list.

Burn Notice
Star Trek *all shows, though if we were to do a role play I have a idea and will explain later*
Pretty much any western I grew up reading the best westerns ever made written by Zane Grey himself where the West was just that deadly, dangerous and wild.

I also am familiar with Dragon Age played and beat all the games plus read a few of the books. Modern day military conflicts especially since I served in the Marines and I'm sure I'll think of more later.

I have multiple established characters for my medieval world but only one for the western one and also one for Star Trek and now that I think about it vampires would be fun I have a few starters typed up from about a year ago when a few people seemed interested in them. Anyways I hope you all have a pleasant evening and I look forward to hearing from anyone who might be interested. Again any questions on anything I have please don't hesitate to ask.
Mar 6 2018, 08:42 AM
Howdy folks, well let me introduce myself name's Joe, I live in San Antonio and I've been role playing on and off since I was 16 have gotten back into it more heavily the last few years but have had a serious lack of good role players which in turn affected mine. I realized I wasn't playing up to my full potential so I got more specific flushed out my characters what few I have.

I normally depending on the character play multiple characters of the worlds I've created because well there mine and I know them best. I do multiple types of role plays, most of the ones I've stuck to are medieval fantasy/western/modern day and science fiction mostly Star Trek although I've never done one in Star Trek before. Though I do have a character that I've had for well since Star Trek Online came out.

I also like apocalypse and zombies but have yet to fully try my hand at those they do seem an interesting challenge. So if anyone is interested feel free to message me here and once I can post my characters biographies I will do so. And I'm also willing to try my hand at Star Wars I do have one or two characters I can dig up.
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