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Posted by: toxicmoldylimes Feb 8 2018, 06:57 PM
Reposting so I can keep track of the thread easier, when I first posted I wasn't registered

As the title says, I am looking for partners to roleplay Star Trek with, specifically, the reboots. (I can try TOS, but I haven't roleplayed TOS before, it's always been AOS, so keep that in mind. The only TOS character I can probably do a decent job writing is Spock.) I am looking for both slash pairings and OC doubling. I am comfortable with all genders and orientations, so your OC does not have to be a straight cis female.

For my OC: Spock > Kirk > Bones. I can play anybody for you in return.

For the slash (bold denotes who I desire to play):

I'm not very interested in AUs at the moment, so keep that in mind. However, we don't have to strictly follow the timeline or plots of the movies.

On average, I type a few paragraphs totaling around 300 to 400 words per character. I do not have a hard length requirement, I just ask that it's not constant one or two liners. It's not fun to roleplay with someone that doesn't actually write, ya feel? I also don't expect flawless grammar, just that it's not text or l33tspeak. My non-negotiable is third-person, past tense.

For frequency, I am fine with as few as once a week to multiple times a day. I work five days a week, so I will usually reply in the evening, EST. I try to send out replies every day in the evening, but I may skip a day (rarely two) if I'm tired (I have depression and a wonky thyroid so I'm constantly tired). I understand that irl comes first, so I'm not expecting you to be as quick and frequent with replies as I am. And for ditching, if I feel it's not working out, I try to speak up before I ditch, and I ask that you do the same (or at least tell me it's not working out and won't be replying). I've already had a lot of people just disappear after me putting in my time and effort in roleplays.

I have few limits. The non-negotiables are rape/dubcon/noncon/underage stuff, vomit/scat stuff, and beastiality. Potential triggering things I may write about is mental illness, drug/alcohol abuse, and self-harm, so please keep those in mind. Let me know in advance of ANY and ALL triggers that you have, I don't like to trigger people, yeah? I am smut friendly, but I don't want the whole roleplay to be about our characters having sex. It is also fine if you are not comfortable with smut, so make sure to let me know your preferences on smut before it's too late.

I ask that you be over 18, due to the fact that I'm 21 and would feel weird and afraid of getting in trouble if I roleplay with a minor.

I am OOC friendly, if you want to talk on Skype or Discord, feel free to ask for them!

If you are interested, send me an email. My email is Feel free to mention any plots you have.

I will always be looking most likely. So, even if this post is very far down and super old and you were also searching for a Star Trek RP partner holla at me smile.gif

Posted by: toxicmoldylimes Feb 18 2018, 10:36 PM
Is bumping a thing

Posted by: toxicmoldylimes Mar 8 2018, 07:42 PM

Posted by: Jonathon_Wolf79 Mar 9 2018, 12:01 AM
Hello you know I've been wanting to do a Star Trek role play but mine differs greatly from yours, but if your interested in at least hearing it please let me know.

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