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 Searching Fantasy Longterm, MxF, Original, Daily, Fantasy, Romance
 Posted: Jul 16 2017, 01:58 PM

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!!!Do NOT just VANISH!!!

Don't contact me if you're going to just vanish as SOON AS WE START the actual roleplay, ffs.

I only do High Fantasy. (Modern rarely – only if the idea is quite unique).

Do not contact me if you absolutely refuse to work together on a plot. I’ve had a couple of people contact me that had great ideas they wanted to roleplay with me, but when I tried to offer my own ideas into their own, they left. This is a two way thing people. Don’t expect me to bend over backwards for the sake of your story and characters. We work together.

When you contact me don’t just say ‘do you want to roleplay? I saw your post online.’ Make sure that you outline any idea you might have/have done in the past. Maybe include a sample of your writing? How long have you been roleplaying for? Etc.

DO NOT just contact me to talk plot and then totally vanish! Seriously, what is the point?

DO NOT just contact me for a roleplay ‘chat.’ I actually want to roleplay you know. Not just talk about it and never do it. This has happened a lot to me in the past. This is a MAJOR peeve.

I do not accept anyone that doesn’t reply to the roleplay at least twice or three times a day, unless something unexpected comes up obviously. (I said this down below.. but people don’t seem to read). This is important if we're in different time zones too. Typically I reply whenever I can in the day. I don't wait for the person to come online. Would be nice if I could find someone who feels the same way. Roleplay whenever and wherever! /(*n*)/

/salt rant over.

Name; Rebecca. (23)
Time zone: GMT (I’ve never role played with anyone in my time zone so no worries if you’re 5-6 hours behind me. Used to it so read on!)

I’m pretty tired looking for, what it seems like, the ideal partner that doesn’t seem to exist. I’ll keep this short and sweet. If you don’t agree with what I’m about to outline then we probably won’t work out. Don’t get the wrong impression, I’ve just sent too many emails with no responses or have had partners that simply give up on me and stop replying.

- Be over 18. I’m 23 and female.

- Love original fantasy and romance. Dragons, elves, fae, vampires, royal kings and queens, witches, demons, angels. Love to plot and world build. Love to chat OOC about our characters and families (but not ONLY do that geez)

- Not interested in fandom roleplays, sorry.

- Play females and males equally. I love playing both. You have to as well. Do NOT message me if you only play females or only males.

- MxF only. It’s just I’m not good at anything else.

- Skype. Yes, my preferred medium. Because I roleplay predominantly from my phone as I’m on the move in the day and even at night. I can be convinced to email… but it’s irksome with how slow it is for plotting. Skype enables you to have one chat for roleplay (or many!) and another chat for plotting and talk.

- Email: yes I'll do it but only if we can use hangouts or Skype as a form of plotting and chatting.

- Style: Third person, past tense, paragraphs. My intro would be about five paragraphs. Typical responses are two-three paragraphs but strongly depends on how much action in the scene and how many characters too.


Reply multiple times in a day. Now, I understand life gets in the way. A lot of people say ‘hey, if life gets in the way it’s fine.’ I’m moreso one of those people that makes time in my life for roleplay. Roleplay is part of my life. I’m a creative person by nature. I need an outlet. I love an outlet.

Don’t think I’m militant about it. Obviously an emergency is an emergency, and a holiday is a holiday. Though, even when I go on holidays I panic about how I’m going to roleplay as well! Have to have it.

I’m okay if people get so busy that they can’t respond. What I’m not okay with is a person claiming they’re just too tired to respond. For me, I’m never tired enough that I can’t respond at least once in the day to the response I got from my partner. Even if it’s when I’m laying in bed about to sleep. I’ll respond. I’m looking for someone that thinks the same.

- I don’t do character death. Yeah, that sounds silly to some. It’s a tricky area. I’m a fan of keeping a happy ending. Don’t get me wrong - I like tough situations and dark themes in my roleplay. Blood, violence, cursing, hospitalising, screaming demons. But I don’t like things to turn to shit and end that way.

- Gush about our characters together. I sorta already mentioned this. I love to gush about character pairings and thrilling relationships.

- Not everyone has to be a pairing. I’ve discovered a couple of my characters just don’t fit in romantic relationships, or I rather keep them as support characters to the main ones. However, nothing stopping you from trying to convince me. I’m guilty of doing that to my partner too.

- On that note, don’t be afraid to talk to me. Not liking something? Say it. It’s fine. We can work it out. But don’t let it snow ball.

- Character refs and playlists and stuffs? Totally down with it. I’m not very good for it.. but some people really love it and I’m saying I love people sharing that stuff with me. I'd do my best to do so as well for them.

- Smut; absolutely, but secondary. It happens if it enhances the relationship and deepens the bond. The roleplay doesn’t exist for it. I don’t fade to black. If you’re concerned about limits I’m pretty sure we can talk that out.

Short and sweet? Maybe not, but I feel like if you agree with everything I’ve outlined then we are destined and I want you to shoot me an email at as soon as possible.

However, I’m absolutely and totally open to suggestions. Please, if you agree with everything I’ve said don’t hesitate to email me and start chatting. If it seems we will work out we can share Skype details then.

If there’s anything you’re unsure of don’t hesitate to ask!

Contact me via email:
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