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Jul 15 2017, 12:05 PM
Stop Clickbait.

But since I have you here, let's talk about what we're here to do.

I'll start with the simple, straight forward details about myself so that you can make an informed decision. I am a writer of many years experience. I am a writer that tends to be very verbose and detail oriented. I am most comfortable in the 6 to 10 paragraph range. I play characters of all genders and orientations, but I am mostly known for my male characters. Smut is okay, Violence is okay, Romance is okay.

Time to expound.


I'm predominantly a Fantasy writer. I adore the settings it evokes, I adore the themes it allows.
There's lots of reasons I like it. I enjoy things ranging from high fantasy, to psuedo-medieval worlds with very light preternatural elements. Things such as D&D, Skyrim, The Witcher, so on,so forth. I adore the things that can be done when magic is in the mix.

Modern of all varieties is enjoyable for me as well. Though I will say that I tend to enjoy it much more thoroughly when the themes and elements involved are fantastical. Is that to say that you need to be playing the Iron Giant ? Of course not....but it would be pretty badass if you did.
( Me Superman. ) I like out of the ordinary stories, whether they be abnormal because of the events and characters involved, or because of some supernatural or odd elements that we've included. As long as there's something to make it compelling, you've got my attention.

Science fiction is a huge love of mine as well ( Goes hand in hand with fantasy really. ) I love odd species, world exploration and all sorts of things that inspire a sense of wonder. I especially adore clashes of civilization and interspecies ( hehe. ) relations. Things from another planet that are akin to humans but so very much different. I particularly enjoy Sci-fi elements involving the discovery of alien races. I feel as if there's a certain degree of uniqueness taken from the story when everything is already a known object. ( Oh, you mean that twelve foot tall mantis-like guy with flames spewing out of his mandibles ? That's Craig...)

Historical settings. really depend on what exactly the point in history we are using is. I love viking enthused plotlines, I'm a native american culture buff. I adore culture shocks in general, really. I tend to shy away from really in depth historical fictions that revolve around war events and social climates during the time. While those topics can be very interesting, fact checking opinions and thought dynamics of every character tends to be waning to my creative spark. In the case of this genre, I'd say, bring me something I can gnaw on and I can give you the Yay or Nay.

Dystopian stuff. is really hit or miss with me as well. I've been zombied out at this point. There was way too much of an influx of the theme through the media, and frankly, I'm just burned by the concept now. I'm no longer intrigued by the groups of ragtag survivors fighting off hordes of cadavers moving at various speeds. Other dystopian settings can be fun, just depends on how we apply them. My door is always open to ideas.

The most important thing is to not confuse Genres with the themes of storytelling. I deeply believe that various stories can have a myriad elements infused throughout them. A space odyssey can invoke multiple tones throughout. There's the simplicity of human interaction aboard the ship, the lurking thrills of discovering a foreign planet. The action of survive a harsh descent into the atmosphere. The bittersweet moments of humanity's remaining hope flickering against the tide of realization that this planet is not inhabitable. The horror of men being driven made by their futile struggle against mortality. If we're gonna write, let's hit all the notes in the song, yeah ?


I play a massive variety of things. Yes, I say things. Whether they be your typical males and females, or transexual, asexual, and even nonbinary individuals, the list goes on and on. Beyond those, I play things that are not particularly gendered in the first place. From talking weapons of power to sentient forces of nature that let their presence be known in booming, and often catastrophic fashion. I play side characters, supporting cast, NPCs, I am even willing to DM adventures for other writers. ( I quite enjoy it, actually. )

I typically enjoy playing character pairings based on what provides plot functionality and a compelling dynamic. What that is and what it involves largely depends on the ideas we come up with.

In Closing.

If you are interested in a world building and character building focused writing adventure, I'm very much your writer. I enjoy OOC banter and getting to know my partners. I am available often, I am in the CST timezone and prefer writing over either email or a devoted messaging platform. ( I do not write on Kik , Discord, or Skype. I may be lenient on that, depending on what's going on. )

For inquiries, and flame about Clickbait, contact me at :

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