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Oct 24 2017, 08:27 AM
dragon age
Name: Ferbie
Gender: Female
Age: 22

Timezone: Eastern
Skype: ferbieface
Discord: ferbie#5321
Hangouts: same as email, love

What I Seek: Alright, so I'm looking for someone to rp Dragon Age with me. My favorite games are Dragon Age II, or Inquisition, and I can and will roleplay in both settings.

We would be splitting up playing canon characters! And I adore aus. Come at me with a good au and I'll love you forever and ever to pieces.

Now! As for basic rules. I roleplay smut and violence and all sorts of things, so you need to be eighteen or old. Sorry, younger folks.

I also love romance, with any gender or lack thereof.

I expect at least a couple of replies a day. I don't write novels, and I dont expect you to, either. But do give me something to reply to.

And ooc chat is a must! I love getting to know people.

If you are interested, toss me an email! I look forward to hearing from you.
Sep 19 2017, 09:37 PM
so i'm a huge nerd, basically.

and i really love omniverse, like. a lot? i hate that it ended, even if it had a good run. i'm currently going through the episodes, watching them, but i've got a serious craving for a roleplay. i feel like i could play a really good ben? and i'd also like to use ocs, too. i like ocxcanon stuff, i'm not afraid to say it.

i'd prefer someone to roleplay rook, for me? if possible.

i'm over 18, so don't contact me if you can't say the same. feels weird roleplaying with younger folks, sorry, and i just don't like it much. i also prefer adult themes, at times, but i draw a hard line at dub/non-con stuff, just so you know.

i roleplay over email, skype, or discord. i can also use hangouts!

discord: ferbie#5321
skype: ferbieface

hope to hear from someone soon!
Aug 22 2017, 07:11 PM
Hey, guys!!

It's Ferbie again. Alright so! The craving of the day is... Fantasy. Specifically, something Medieval, and original, although I'm not opposed to modern with a good plot.

I've got a specific character I really wanna use. He's a fire elemental with a design I'm fond of, but if you're not a fan of, like, monster dudes, or objectheads, you probably won't like him.

And that's fine! I have tons of other characters for the choosing.

I'm looking for someone 18+, because my roleplay can get a little mature. I have limits where dub/non-con are concerned! I do like smut, but I don't like it to be the center of the rp. I love plots. Real, awesome plots with characters pushing it forwards.

I can be reached over email, Skype, or Discord! I can roleplay over any one of them, too. I like rapid fire roleplays, but my responses are usually from two to three good paragraphs. Please do try not to come at me with one liners.

Tell me about yourself when you contact me! Name, age, pronouns, what you're looking to roleplay!

Skype: ferbieface

Hope to hear from you soon!
Aug 7 2017, 07:38 PM
Heya. I'm Ferbie. Female, 23, been writing for about 13 years. And I! Have a specific craving.

Namely? For scifi. Specifically, sci fi, slice of life aboard massive, multicultural space station. Aliens, humans, cyborgs, ai... All sorts!

A few rules!

-Be 18 or over! Mature themes are cool, but I don't write with folks who aren't legal. Sorry!!!

-No underage characters in romance. I'm okay with age gaps, but everyone should be legal.

- My only limits are, no toilet stuff or really uncomfortable kinks! We can always discuss those, ofc. And I don't want an rp that's entirely smut. Honestly, I really want a plot to work with. Smut is just an occassional bonus.

-As I have few to no limits! I will conform to yours.

-Be creative! Put in some effort to this world.

Well! That's about it.

If you're interested! Send me an email or a message over Skype or aim

Aim/Skype: ferbieface
Jul 12 2017, 06:47 PM

Alright, folks. Here's the deal.

I'm Ferbie. I'm 22, female, I've been role-playing for 12 years, and I... am searching. Specifically! I'm looking for a roleplay.

Here are some basic rules!

-My biggest one is, I need a partner who is over 18. My plots can get sort of mature, and it's just something I don't feel comfortable doing with folks who are younger. Sorry, guys, it isn't anything personal.

-Be versatile. Play all genders, play all roles. Double, triple, plot with me. Basically, don't be stuck in the mud.

-I don't have limits on anything, aside from a few basic squicks, like toilet stuff and bdsm stuff. If you've got any limits or triggers, though, tell me about them and we'll stay far away. I want folks to be comfortable with things.

-When you contact me, tell me about yourself! Name, age, pronouns, how long you've role played, what your style is like. I'm versatile, and I like knowing about people.

-ooc chatter is a MUST. I get nervous easily, particularly right after a role play has started, so if I babble and babble to you, just let me know you're still there.

That's about it! Now, as for what genres I do...

Kingdom Hearts (!!!)
Oh man have I got a plot for this. Ask me to tell you about it, it's great, I swear. Angsty and delicious. Just the way I like it.

I love this fandom, oh my god. I'm relatively new to it, but it's great. Especially Nightcrawler. I'd love some ocxcanon stuff! I play one mean Wolverine.

Now. I can roleplay over email, Hangouts, Discord, or even Skype! I tend to be pretty flexible about it.

Skype: Ferbieface
Discord: ferbie#5321

Please let me know if you're interested! Thanks!
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