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new phone who dis
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pastelghost Posted on Jan 20 2018, 04:43 PM
Hello! Call me Lila.

I'm a medical student slogging through her early/mid 20s, so right away that means I won’t write with anyone under 18. Sorry not sorry, babes.
If you roleplay with me, I can promise you a steadfast, ride-or-die partner who will put together pinterest boards and playlists, send you gifs, and make your wildest roleplay dreams come ☆~true~☆. And if at any time you feel the plot getting stale, we can change things up!

i. My bread and butter are shorter, high-quality posts, in the ballpark of 2-4 paragraphs/200-400 words per side (400-800 words total). This keeps the writing crisp, prevents the story from progressing at a snail's pace, and makes the interactions between characters more engaging.
ii. Reply whenever you want or can. Daily replies are my goal, but that's not always possible for me because of school. If a reply takes me longer, I'll let you know!
iii. You know what’s fun? Doubling. Please request whom you’d like me to play for your OC and I’ll ask for the same. My pairing preferences are m/f and f//.
iv. Tell me about your ocs! Show me their faceclaims/pinterest boards/playlists/whatever else you've got. Spam me with gifs and songs that make you think of them!
v. My limits are few and far between: nothing disgusting or illegal. Everything else is a go.
vi. I roleplay over email or googledocs. Contact me at

There are so many possibilities in this ‘verse and I’m here for all of them. I’m happy to play anyone for you, even lesser known characters.
Pairings: ( Loki / my OC [ OR ] The Grandmaster / my OC ) + ( Anyone / your OC )

Thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing from all of you!
xoxo, Lila
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