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 And we go and get ourselves in a mess. [open], would prefer a male character. [m/m]
 Posted: Mar 19 2014, 10:13 PM

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This was turning out to be quite the hunt, without Sam he knew he’d be fine, but after finding both Ectoplasm and Sulphur in the huge old house, Dean wasn’t so sure anymore. One or the other was bad enough, but two in the same case? A little unusual. He wasn’t sure what he was up against, of course Sulphur meant a demon and usually Ectoplasm a spectre or ghost of high power-usually a very angry one at that. So Dean made sure to come with everything he needed-except for the fact that so far he’d been thrown out a window, smashed his bottle of holy water, ruined his favourite jeans-And then not to mention he’d lost his bag and had to rush inside to avoid being spotted by the cops.

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If he had to make a rough guess at what was going on, Dean would have put it down to a Demon summoning a ghost for some reason. He’d been wrong, because when he’d seen the two together, they’d looked like lovers-very angry lovers. Funny thing was, the demon wasn’t even acting particularly demony, at least, not in Dean’s opinion. Perhaps they'd been lovers once, that made sense, there could be some of the human soul left in there, maybe, something shining through, though, that'd make for a very weak demon, stupid black eyed sonsofbitches.

Maybe the demon had had a bit of fling with a human, got himself attached and the person died, but then he would have expected the thing to go and get the hole plugged up with another demon-of course the main problem with that would be the human wasn't the one he remembered after that. So he supposed, in a round about way the whole sorry story made sense.

Either way, Dean had run in gun blazing and now he had not only a damned ghost up his ass, but the damned demon too. Motherfuc-He'd lost his salt rounds a way back and all he had now was a few dribbles of holy water in his flask and armed with his useless, normal firing gun.

Dean Winchester crept back inside when he heard sounds coming from the back of the house, slipping down the hall and cocking the gun before slipping around.

“Hold it, don’t move-Who..the hell?!” he asked, confused and shocked that he’d almost shot the man in front of him.

"What are you doing here? Don't cha know this is private property?!" he asked him, lowering the gun with a scowl. Stupid question. He was probably here for the same reason he was. Because every time someone came to look at the house that was up for sale, they would be badly hurt or more often than not, killed-so only a hunter or someone stupid enough would be wandering the halls of this place.
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