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Oct 20 2016, 06:33 PM
hello, all! after spending about a week rewatching most of the x-men movies and reveling in nostalgia, i find myself in the mood for an x-men roleplay or two.

a bit about me/what i do: i can write characters of any gender, though i do prefer to write mxf and fxf relationships - i'm practicing writing mxm to try and get better at it, but i'm not quite confident in my abilities yet. i love writing romance and sexual tension, but platonic relationships are awesome as well. also, love triangles are the best. i'm good with doubling/tripling/whatever and i can write NSFW material, but only if we're both 18+ - i can't stress that enough.

a bit about setting: while i love (most) of the older movies to bits, i'm most interested in writing in the new!movieverse. specifically something centered around x-men: apocalypse - the 'eighties aspect really appeals to me. however, i did spend most of my childhood reading the comics and watching the cartoon series, so i'd be happy to work in a few details from those 'verses if we wanted to.

a bit about characters:
i'd honestly be up for trying my hand at anyone, but i especially love writing for; charles xavier, scott summers, jean grey, peter maximoff, jubilee, erik lehnsherr, hank mccoy, and ororo munroe.

a bit about pairings: okay, so after watching the extended edition of x-men: apocalypse i completely fell in love with the (really underused!) quartet of jean grey/cyclops/nightcrawler/jubilee. they were cute and awesome and they went to the mall together and badass teenage mutants are the best. so i would eternally love anyone who wanted to write cyclops x jean grey or jubilee x nightcrawler. please. i need this in my life and i will give you all the love. apart from that, i'm always a sucker for erik x mystique or charles x mystique. also, rogue x gambit is my childhood otp, so i'm always up for a bit of that. honestly, feel free to suggest if you're interested in anything else - chances are, i'll probably ship it.

contact info:
Oct 17 2016, 06:00 PM
Hey, all!

Just saw the new Magnificent Seven reboot last night and thought I'd post a really quick ad on the off-chance I'm not the only one. I won't do a detailed write-up of what I can and can't do, but: I can write characters of any gender, posts of any length, and NSFW material so long as everyone is 18+. Right now I'm feeling a little bit more in the mood to write male characters, because I'd really like the practice, but I'm flexible.

So I was unbelievably happy that the whole movie was completely free of forced and unnecessary romance, but I still ended up lowkey shipping a few things. What can I say - I'm a romantic at heart. So if anyone would be interested in writing either Faraday x Emma or Red Harvest x Emma, please hit me up at

Thanks for reading!

Ellie <3
Sep 25 2016, 09:18 AM
Just wanted to post a quick little ad for two quite specific fandom cravings I've been having recently. I'm a penniless university student of the female variety, happy to write characters of any gender, fxf or mxf pairings, and replies of any length. I'm also a hundred percent alright with writing NSFW things, so long as you're above the age of eighteen (this is perhaps the one rule that will never be up for negotiation).

Now that that's over with, on to the fun things!

The Addams Family

What can I say? I have a dreadful soft spot for this amazing show and, of course, for the movies which followed it. And I'm dying to write something for my OTP of all OTPs: Gomez & Morticia. I can write either of them in either the show!verse or the movie!verse (though I'm especially fond of writing show!Morticia) and I'm really open when it comes to plots (though I do have a few ideas in mind). Just...please. I have so many feels about these two.

Peaky Blinders

This is probably the longest of longshots, but if you've seen this show and want to write something (probably canon x oc, but I'm up for anything), feel free to hit me up. I can't be the only person on earth who's a fan.

If any of this is of interest to you, my gmail account is grimmestfairytale
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