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Apr 8 2017, 08:14 PM
.me, guidelines, and administrivia.

Hi, y'all. My name is Stacey and I am looking for someone to write with. I'm 26, in the Central time zone, and I work full-time. I usually can fit in multiple posts in a day, depending on if it's a busy season or not. You can reasonably expect at least one post a day from me, and I try my hardest to let you know if I may disappear for a bit.

I write third-person, past-tense. My length mirrors my partner, but I'm most comfortable in 2-3 paragraphs per character per average post. Also, I lovelovelove doubling and having a wide cast of characters. I pretty much only double. I play all genders, though one of my characters is always female. I prefer mxf pairings but I will do other pairings in addition to mxf.

No limits except the typical toilet and blood stuff. I like smut but it's not absolutely necessary. 18+ partners, please.

I'm fine with real person faceclaims, but not so much drawn/anime fc's. Some of my characters have fc's, some don't.

.pairings, settings, fandoms.
  • band [made-up, real, come at me with ideas!]
  • mcu*
  • hospital
  • university/academia
  • boston (yes, the city)
  • modern organized crime
  • "witch" (or some other magical human) x witch hunter
  • hogwarts
  • dancer x musician
  • london
  • blind x seeing
  • deaf x hearing
  • cafe/barista x customer
  • detective x partner
  • Suggest anything along the lines of slice-of-life!

*= So, I've seen pretty much all of the Marvel on Netflix, but I've never roleplayed it before. At all. I'm not even sure how to. Please be aware I'm a total newbie but I am a very enthusiastic learner.

.some original ideas.

1) A character, more than anything: a serene, Buddhist academic described as unfuckwithable who may be just a bit of an intellectual snob, having to deal with someone with some level of notoriety or fame who gets in the way of her job, which of course in academia means her life. So maybe a brother or sister or someone with an unreciprocated romantic interest in her.

2) A real live magician who does magical things that runs a magic shop, while trying to keep his identity as a magician secret. He’s not doing that great of a job, obviously. So a babysitter is sent to watch over him and make sure he doesn’t accidentally trigger another world war, or human extinction, or something equally horrible.

3) A slightly naïve young man who knows in his bones that magic is real, and he goes through the ends of the earth to try and find a real scrap of real magic. He’s losing hope as he gets a bit older, his parents begin pressuring him to put down these silly pursuits and settle down, and it seems like everywhere he looks, he can’t see the little bits of magic he thought he could see until now. Until one day he meets someone with a bit of magic, and he becomes their apprentice… to varying degrees of success. (mostly poor.)

4) A set of vampires tour the world as circus performers/musicians/actors/whatever. They’re not soulless monsters, they’re just trying to go through life without attracting too much attention to the fact that they only drink blood. And maybe win a Grammy or something.

5) The middle child (in my mind, aged ~18-22, so, y’know, young adult) of a family finds herself as ostensibly the primary caregiver to her younger, Deaf little sister. Her older brother is around, but with everyone's schedules, she ends up being the one to drive her to and from school, makes her dinner, and generally acts as her mom. Deaf little sister receives tutoring or therapy from a man who’s a fair bit older than the older sister.
Of course the middle child is a little young and immature and suffering from some serious middle child syndrome, so she blatantly flirts with the tutor/therapist, who thinks she’s attractive and all but he’s not about to cross professional boundaries.
He’s especially not going to do anything with that older brother of hers lurking around. But he is attracted to her, and maybe as time goes on he does end up caring about her like he does for all of his clients and their families (but past that for her, in particular), and is conflicted over what to do.

6) A writer is going crazy trying to write, but nothing seems right. In a fit of desperation, they end up booking a month long stay in a castle in Scotland, occupied by a peculiar cast of characters. Ideas for characters include the kooky owner; the butler who might be ex-mafia in witness protection; the ghost(?); the small herd of dogs that roam around and cause trouble; a pair of bored kids who are way too millennial to be in a castle; and a relatively normal caretaker.

7) Paris, WWII: Two rival cabaret houses run by vampires. One house is run by "old blood," a vampire well-known to be soulless, cutthroat, and shows no mercy. They are elegant, cunning, cold, and prefers to pull the strings behind the scenes rather than be in the flashy thick of their business. The other vampire is "new blood," someone recently turned. They're full of passion, they're young and reckless and maybe make mistakes, but they still know how to pay attention and do things the smart way. Through a bit of luck and a few brilliant business moves, they open up a cabaret house to compete with the first vampire's business.

8) When you live and work with a band and have been with them since day one, you kind of have this expectation that you'll continue to be with them through the very end. In this case, the end came up way too quickly for the band's tour manager. He met his wife on tour, and the whole band was there for their last-minute elopement, despite their hangovers. She joins the tour to work and be with her husband.
When he's diagnosed with cancer and given a few months to live, one band member in particular steps in. He's the TM's best friend, and maybe had always had a quiet little candle burning for his wife (something that causes him more guilt than he knew what to do with), but he's never overstepped any boundaries. So in essence, TM's dying, wife's a wreck, and bandguy is in love with the wife while caring for and supporting the TM, while juggling the demands of the spotlight, the label, and maybe even a long-term girlfriend.

(p.s. I will also always, always, always do a band roleplay. made up band, real band, just ask!)

9) Another character, more than anything: A handsome young gentleman who lures women away to eat their souls. Eventually he finds one woman whose soul he can't eat - either he can't bring himself to, or it's just impossible for him to even try, or if he does try it doesn't work.

10) A young law student meets an older practicing lawyer and they get to arguing about legal ethics. Both end the conversation frustrated and maybe hating each other a bit. The older lawyer thinks the younger is too green and idealistic; the younger student thinks the older is too cold and calloused, maybe unethical. Some time later, on the first day of class, the law student walks into their ethics class to find the older lawyer behind the lecture podium. As if that wasn't enough, the young student begins seeing the older lawyer's philandering niece/nephew, and the older lawyer is caught between staying out of it, and warning the younger student of their rakish ways.
(This plot also works in med school!)

11) If revenge has is a dish best served cold, this one is frozen. It's been years since the protagonist's life has been destroyed by a well-respected and well-liked businessman. The businessman is an upstanding pillar of the community, and sure maybe he's done a few things in an ethical gray area, but it's not like anyone got seriously hurt, right? It's just business.
The protagonist assembles a team of outcasts, each with their own special talent, in order to pull off a heist that will bring the businessman's whole life crashing down the same way the businessman ruined the protagonists' life.

.elements, settings, and other things I like.

murder mystery :: low fantasy :: gritty crime :: good ol' meet cute plots :: characters with backgrounds and depth and families and flaws :: the anonymity of moving to a new country :: conflict and tension and "I can't stand her/him" :: chronic illnesses and adapting to disabilities :: medical settings :: polyamory :: mixed-race characters :: something uninteresting that goes terribly wrong :: journalists that blur ethical boundaries :: sociopathic characters pretending to be normal human beings with normal emotions :: academia :: forbidden romances and sneaking around :: taking a stereotype and turning it on its head :: characters old enough to kind of have their shit together but it still doesn't feel like it to them :: vampires, witches, werewolves, together or not :: occasional hijinks and hilarious stuff to break up the drama and make us laugh :: separate ooc threads where we can bounce ideas off of each other and giggle/cry about what's happening and share pinterest boards :: wacky adventures and ragtag groups :: obsession with revenge :: quirky, unexpected, and/or contradictory settings

.some things I'm not into.

characters with no depth or flaws // characters that are basically you, with the same likes and dislikes and interests and hobbies, but cooler // pure fluff or pure smut // no conflict or tension // hardcore drug use and addiction // anything set before ca. WWII // pregnancy, childbirth, and children

.get in touch.

Email me at [i]exceptional(.)affair[\i] on Gmail, or IM me at TwelveTrackAudio. Please let me know what you'd like me to call you, what plots(s) you're interested in, any limits you might have, your time zone, any ideas for doubling, and... anything else you might want me to know!
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