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May 29 2018, 08:24 AM
hey kids, it's ur pal rhi.

i'm attempting to get myself back into writing after a long-ass hiatus and multiple failed attempts due to serious mental health issues/university/etc etc.

a bit about me:
  • 19
  • non-binary (they/them pronouns pls)
  • gmt+8 (perth, australia)
  • discord for ooc/planning; discord/email for writing
  • slut for pinterest and faceclaims
  • comfy with nsfw (limits etc can be discussed later)
  • perpetually exhausted
  • looking to play a female main rn
  • prefer to have a cast of characters (multiple genders/sexualities/what-have-you) rather than doubling

just off the bat, i require partners that will be patient. sometimes i can be away for days at a time because things get bad, i will do my best to let you know that i'm still interested/not ignoring you/just taking some time trying to get my head right.

anyway. onto the cool stuff??

rn, i'm looking for medieval fantasy/sci-fi (esp. cyberpunk/dystopia)/anything with grit and violence.

game of thrones/the witcher are my main sources of inspiration for medfant; william gibson's sprawl trilogy for cyberpunk. hmu with your preferred scifi genres!

soooooooooo. for game of thrones, i would love to write sansa. she's my precious baby and i love her but i also love putting her in terrible situations so this one is more than welcome to be dark.

for the witcher, i would love to write ciri, either with cerys or someone else (eredin? avallach? who knows)

honestly, i'm down for anything really. something to help me get my spark back. help a friendo out.

if you're still interested by the end of this rambling and incoherent post, thank you!!

contact me on:

discord: vetiver#0752


Apr 21 2018, 06:49 PM
hey friends! i'm rhi, and i finally have my writing mojo back. so, i'm looking for some new writing buddies to create some awesome shit with me.

some deets about me:

- 18+
- non-binary (they/them)
- gmt+8 (i live in perth, australia)
- lazy lit
- full-time university student
- very patient when it comes to replies
- preferring to play female characters rn
- slut for faceclaims and pinterest boards
- open to all manner of nsfw things (apart from anything illegal, fuck that noise)

some deets about you (hopefully):

- also 18+
- not a dick about me being nb
- also patient when it comes to replies
- a fan of dogs/cats/birds/animals in general
- willing to chat ooc and maybe make a pal
- also likes to use faceclaims

okay. so. i'm willing to do fandom and non-fandom stuff. this bit is probably gonna suck, but i'll try and be as coherent as possible.

here's some stuff i'm craving:

- cyberpunk (a la neuromancer, altered carbon, snow crash)
- medieval fantasy
- game of thrones
- fae -- think seelie and unseelie, summer/winter courts
- the witcher
- decent post-apoc

honestly tho, pls suggest stuff if there's not anything you like. pls.

if you would like to contact me:

email =
discord = vetiver#0752
Feb 15 2018, 06:00 PM
Ugh. The Witcher is ruining me. Playing Blood and Wine rn. God damn, I need to write something in this universe.

Particularly, I'm craving to write Ciri. Especially against Eredin or Avallac'h or Caranthir or any elf, really (I'm trash, I know). Some alternate plot where there's marriage and politics and that sort of thing. Like an AU where Eredin isn't defeated, Geralt fails, and Ciri is in the grasp of Eredin until she can figure out a way to kick his ass. Or not. Maybe there's some Stockholm Syndrome.

Also: OCs are welcome, but I would rather do OC/OC rather than OC/canon. Aen Elle and Aen Seidhe elves would be amazing to write as and against. Indulge me.

Of course, I'm open to things of a NSFW manner. Would rather it not be the focus of what we write, but I'm not opposed to writing blood and gore and sex.

So, readers. Perhaps you'll indulge me in my weird ideas and let us create something weird and wonderful.

Hit me up on Discord at vetiver#0752 or via email at
Feb 6 2018, 02:56 AM
hi, friends.

call me rhi. i’m an 18 y/o non binary nerd who’s just finished the main quest in the witcher, and boy am i craving to write something set in that universe.

(alternatively, some dark medieval fantasy would also be good)

something involving elves would be great — in the world of the aen elle perhaps? avallac’h and eredin and caranthir make me wanna write against some elf dudes. OCs welcome here.

also, i would love the chance to write ciri. either as empress of nilfgaard or witcher, both would be great. would be open to OCs for that one. i envisage ciri as queer, mostly preferring women over men. that’s not to say i don’t want male OCs with her romantically, it’s just she’s gay as hell, man.

would also be down for writing triss or yen.

a-okay with smut, violence and what-have-you. quality over quantity. blah blah blah.

if you just want to use the world, i would love an arranged marriage plot. especially with elves. love those creatures.

this post is shockingly short on details, and i apologise. my brain is mush.

anyway. if you’re interested, contact me by email @ or on discord @ vetiver#0752
Dec 3 2017, 06:15 AM
hello friends, it's yr friendo rhi here lookin to write some cool shit

if you like:

- dogs
- pictures of dogs
- memes (probably abt dogs)
- sick spotify playlists and pinterest boards
- face claims
- stuff that makes you go, "why the fuck am i writing this?"

then you'll probably like me. i hope!

a lil bit about urs truly:

- i'm non-binary so they/them pls! let me know ur pronouns too
- i'm 18 and live in australia
- i prefer writing w/ females and writing females
- mostly looking for m/f right now bc i've been watching too much straight tv lately

hopefully i haven't turned ya off me. here's what i'm looking for, in typical vague rhi terms:

- some deep, dark, fucked up shit
- my depravity knows no limits
- not in terms of smut but plot u kno?
- p.s. smut is a-okay so long as it contributes to plot and isn't involving illegal things/things that are Gross (you know what i'm talkin about)
- characters with grey morals/no morals at all out to get what they want without any regard to others

basically i'm looking for some weird, deranged characters to write with, gimme your worst

also open to fandoms!! canons or ocs are cool!

- got/asoiaf
- stranger things (still watching season 2 tho)
- the witcher (playing through 3 atm)
- mass effect
- dragon age

also -- face claims are a Big Thing for me, so i would rlly rlly prefer if you used them! will love you forever if you use some of my faves (ask me!)

(reaaaally craving jason momoa and joe keery rn)

if this weird vague post has interested you at all, hmu at
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