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Feb 28 2018, 07:57 AM
If you're adverse to the whole idea of adult themes on the sensual side being played out, then I suggest you mosey on outta this thread. No judgement here if it's not your cup of tea, but I'm not budging on smutty themes.

I'm gonna say this here and now: I'm really only looking for one fandom as of right now, like that particular one is what's currently bogging my brain down the most, so if you're wanting one of the others, you're really gonna have to convince me, except for possibly the Male Naga/Lamia 'original' down below. I'mma prolly hop on that real quick if the snakeman is pretty enough.
I had this ad set up to just 'showcase' that singular fandom, but I'm opening up to a few other things 'cause there's been some stuff that's kinda tickled my fancy as of late.

The main fandom I'm craving right now is W.I.T.C.H., either the comic verse or the show, though I do have a preference for the comics. As if the fandom wasn't obscure and specific enough, it gets worse as far as what character I'm looking to pair up one of my OFCs with, and that character would be the lovely ol' Cedric. Excuse me, Lord Cedric. Titles matter, right? Sure. Totally matters for ol' snakebutt.

So, yeah. You play ol' slithers to an OFC of mine. Plot over pure smut any day, but part of my craving here is some somewhat gratuitous, non-fade to black, adult-y goodness revolving around Cedric and my OFC. Sound good so far? Not at all bothered by the idea of scaley-man getting up-close and personal with someone? Coolio!
I do have a loose, and therefore flexible, plot for this, just to put that out there.

Now, onto the specific fandoms I'm currently interested in, along with the characters I'm expecting you to play, in italics. I'm not gonna list who I'm playing, instead I'mma just guarantee that they're all gonna be human OFCs. All of them. If that's a problem, then I guess you can stop reading here. If that's not an issue, then yeehaw!
The more stars, for the ones that have more than one choice, the more I want that particular character.
Also, keep in mind that I'm more than happy to double, or do a 'split RP'! I'm a touch rusty, but I'll play whoever you want, in whatever setting~ This includes any gender pairing or what have you.:

Bright (y'know, that Netflix movie with orcs and fae in a modern setting that some people loved and other people hated vehemently for various reasons)
Kandomere ('cause who could resist a sharp dressed, blue-haired, pointy-toothed T H I C C elfman)

Hellboy I/II/the entire universe

Elder Scrolls Online
Mannimarco (have you noticed there's a slight trend going here)

Prometheus / Alien: Covenant
David 8 *****
Walter ***

Final Fantasy VII / Advent Children
Yazoo *****
Loz ****
Kadaj ** (I ain't that fond of this boyo, but he is fun)
Sephiroth ****
Vincent Valentine ****
Reno ***

World of Warcraft (OCxOC deals here; 'classes' don't particularly matter, though I do love the Demon Hunter aesthetic)
Male Blood Elf *****
Male Night Elf ***
Male Nightborne *****

Guild Wars 2 (same OCxOC deal here)
Male Sylvari *****
Male Human ***
Male Norn **

Resident Evil franchise
Albert Wesker

Legend of Korra (you'll have to bare with me though; my knowledge of the show is meek, but I can't resist adding it here)
Tahno *****
Huan ****
Tarrlok ***

Gargoyles (yeah, that show)
Puck ***** (I swear if you play this lil' shit, I will love you forever)
Magus *** (I have a thing for long haired fellas)
Jackal, before he got all weird and mech'd up ****

That's about it for fandoms, so let's move onto the 'originals'!
Which is pretty much nothing but fantasy, and heavily focused around monster types 'cause I've got a big ol' case of teratophilia. There's a D&D race (or two), even though I really haven't got a clue about D&D. I just think Tieflings are lovely...

Fantasy settings
Male Elf **** (preference for dark elf/drow sorts, but I'm fine with any elf <3)
Male Naga / Lamia ***** (I'll love you to the ends of the earth if you go for this, but keep in mind I have a definite preference for the ones that look more human up top, though no offense to those of you who like their snakemen to look the part 100%, it just ain't my cup of tea)
Male Demon *** (double points if you go with an incubus or something similar)
Male Tiefling ***
Merman **** (not particularly sure how this would work out, all things considered, but it's an interest!)
Male 'Drider' ***** (I'm honestly scared shitless of spiders, but this is oddly enough the one spidery thing that doesn't bother me much, though this is another one I'm not sure how it'd work out)

That's about it for the originals so far. I imagine I'll come along and edit stuff, again, but for now, this is my list~
I'm also open to suggestions to both fandoms and original ideas, if you feel like you have something I might be interested in!

Now, just a few guidelines down here:
If you lose interest or somethin', don't just leave me hanging. Actually say something, 'cause I'm just gonna keep bringing the RP up. Seriously, a "I'm no longer interested" would suffice. I don't wanna keep pestering someone who isn't into the RP, y'know?

Life gets in the way sometimes. I'm a bit of a shut-in myself, but I fully understand not having the time for daily RPin'. Just lemme know if something comes up, if possible.

I'm purdy dang borin', but I'm more than happy to chitchat just willy nilly. Our interactions don't always have to be centered around RP.

Probably unnecessary to note by now, but please be 18+. This is mostly 'cause...well, adult themes. That is happening and I'd rather things didn't get weird.

On the above note, some redundancy; please be open to mature themes, particularly those up-close and personal encounters. Don't message me and ask for the mature aspect to be gutted entirely. I think I've mentioned adult themes enough times now, it should be obvious that I'm not cutting it from my expectations. If it makes you that uncomfortable in the first place, just...don't message me. Please.

I only roleplay through Discord, Telegram, and hesitantly through Skype now. I really miss the AIM days. So many contacts lost...
You might be able to convince me to roleplay over something else, but there are no guarantees.
Contacts are at the bottom!

Posting style: 3rd person, past tense, and usually capable of several paragraphs. Quality over quantity. I'm NOT a literary genius, and flub up an awful lot with grammar, especially sentence structuring. That's probably already been made pretty obvious, though. I only expect my partner to write something with substance. <3

Limits: Hard limits are things like vore (I really feel like I need to make this clear considering what I have listed...), excessive gore, and some other no-brainers I think most people share as hard limits. You know 'em. I hope. Also, character death. Random, listless characters can be offed if you'd like, but I'm not bowing to my character being murdered, thanks.

What to expect: Darker, mature themes. Creepy monstrosities not relative to the fandom's universe and probably inspired by or directly ripped from other series/movies, probably some other horror stuff. Descriptive mature encounters, 'cause I don't fade to black unless it's getting super redundant. Healthy amounts of swearing, though that's probably a pretty obvious inclusion, all things considered. Violence, but that's another duh.

And lastly, my contacts~
Discord: Pumpkinjaw#5847
Telegram: @Pumpkinjaw
Skype: patchwork*dragon
replace asterisk with period

I hope nothin' got wonky in this edit, and I hope to hear from y'all~ ^^
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