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Mar 27 2018, 03:05 PM
Hey, thanks for dropping by.


● Older (21+) writers, thanks. Talent isn’t limited to an age group, dude, I know. I won’t patronize you for being underage, but all the same, I’m not gonna RP with you either. My stories aren’t exactly saturated with adult elements, but I like to be open to the possibilities. So yeah, not gonna dabble in that with minors, and even under 21 is pushing my preferences, but thanks for dropping in all the same.

● Female and NB characters are pretty awesome, but all I really want to do is write a character-driven story about some dudes who like dudes.

● Talk to me, bro; give me a little of that sweet OOC. We don’t have to be instant buddies, but it’d be cool if we actually plotted a bit; maybe hang out and swap some jokes from time to time.

● My preferences for RP mediums are as follows: Google Docs = Discord « Skype « Other

An average of weekly/bi-weekly posts for RPs would be great, but we can sort it out according to your availability. The struggle is real, dude. I want to make bi-weekly posts, but I don't think I can keep that promise. May take a while to warm up since I'm in the process of getting over a writer's block.

● I get super hyped when I read a sample that I like, so yeah, hit me with them when you hit me up.


No thanks.

● Characters that lack depth or redeemable qualities. Flawed characters are awesome, don’t get me wrong, but attraction, admiration, and appeal goes further than a pretty face with a bad attitude. Tell me about you dude and give me a little something to look forward to.

● Shallow romance and poor use of power dynamics. Not all power dynamics are bad, but good relationships are built on multiple layers. Let’s work together and build connections.

● MPreg, omegaverse (a/b/o), seme/uke, incest, minors.

● Romanticizing mental illness.

● Fandom RPs. (I occasionally enjoy these, but would rather stick to originals atm, thanks.)


Come at me with your own suggestions, or pick mine.

flip-side (a cover and a remix)
(a multifaceted, character-driven story in twofold. side a: small town slice-of-life struck by an onslaught of fantastical phenomenons. side b: a modern collision into eldritch fantasy.)

Small Town is home to some supernatural residents who’ve got the whole ‘blending in with the humans’ bit down pat. The locals know what’s up, but the world at large remains ignorant of the existence of the otherworldly. That’s all well and good, sure, until a series of strange phenomenons begin to crop up that threatens both Small Town’s secrets and the safety of its citizens.

Strange sightings and events are cropping up in increasing frequency, and folks are getting hit with peculiar and varied symptoms of unknown, unnatural illnesses.

Here begins the story. Your character is a resident/visitor of Small Town (human or otherwise) who becomes victim to an uncanny affliction that transports his mind/soul into a second body in another world (specifically, a labyrinthine tower) whenever he loses consciousness. Second world is all sorts of wrong and creepy af, and though he may initially believe the place to be uninhabited, he soons meets a strange being --who also turns out to be all sorts of wrong and creepy af. Fortunately for Small Town OC, this monster-being is generally benign as far as he’s concerned, and is more than willing to help him evade the perils of the place and escape.

Now comes the second part. Whenever your character loses consciousness in that other world, he finds himself back in his original body, back home. The time here is unaffected by the time spent in the tower. As your character attempts to find a cause or cure to this affliction, his path crosses that of an outlander; a newcomer to the town with secrets up his sleeves.


Awesome things we could incorporate into preexisting plots or for general use:

● accidents / mistakes ● adventure ● aesthetics ● alternate universe / multiverse ● chaos / confusion ● character development ● complicated / confusing relationships ● curses / enchantments ● distorted realities / dreamscapes ● eldritch horror / urban gothic ● embarrassing / awkward moments ● faery tale-esque ● fantasy ● flash-forwards ● ghibli feels ● haunted places ● horror ● humans that are monsters that are humans ● humor ● in-between places / worlds between worlds ● legends / myths / folklore ● magic ● mistakes ● misunderstandings / miscommunication ● mutual respect (eventually) ● mystery ● near-death encounters / narrow escapes ● plot-twists ● relational development ● secrets / deceptions ● secret (or not-so-secret) addictions ● slice-of-life ● spooks ● supernatural beings ● symbolism ● time-travel ● unwanted faery gifts / blessings ● werewolves ● witches ● vloggers ● your ideas ●

Optional read is optional. This is just stuff about me.


It’s Dietro (Dietrological), but folks also call me Mikk.

I'm a character-centric, detail-oriented writer who works best with fantasy themes and loose plots. You can expect a lot of world-building, dad jokes, and well-rounded characters from me. On the other hand, I often struggle in maintaining a consistent writing style, I make typos, and I tackle RPs in the tone of a YA novelist (simple terms, simple posts).

Character development and character relationships are the reasons why I role-play; to better know my characters through their experiences and interactions with others, especially in new or unpredictable situations aside from my own. Romance is good, but not the end-goal; rather, I value the depth and variety found in different types of relationships among different people.

Because I tend to write in such a way, and because I like to incorporate new ideas as they come, my plots tend to be open-ended.

I like to world-build. Obsessively. Left to myself, I would research the heck out of everything until I'm burnt out on the story, so I need a partner who’s capable of ideas and input to balance my own. I understand that when it comes to fiction, we need to maintain some suspension of disbelief, but all the same, I’d rather invest the best of myself in my passions and interests, rather than tackle it with a careless mindset.


● PST timezone. I'm often at work or attending functions/meetings, but we can always chat on Skype or Discord (Mikk#9654). My email’s (

● I do a lot of side stuff with my OCs. Art, character surveys, quizzes, playlists, Pinterest boards. Come do the things with me; they're pretty fun.

● Superfragilistic-kamehameha-ten-page posts are a bit beyond me; tbh, I generally don’t bother with word counts. My range fares from two paragraphs to two pages per post. We can discuss what you’d be comfortable with, but I don’t expect mirroring.

● I write for characters who are mature in the sense of being more or less independent and self-reliant (welcome to adulthood). They all have interests/goals outside of romance. *thumbs up*

● Samples are definitely available upon request. I only ask that you show me yours when you contact me.

● Definitely down to assist and answer questions if you have them. If you like what you see, hit me up. I’m generally pretty chill.
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