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Jun 4 2018, 12:27 PM
Looking to Fill Leadership Roles!

Our High Fantasy, Panfandom Game, Far and Away is looking to fill some of it's leadership roles! Most of these roles are pretty open ended, so you can play around with them as much as you want barring the required details!

Please note that these are considered important characters for the site, and if you vanish from Far and Away, we will keep the character you created for the role to adopt out to someone else. Please do not apply for these positions unless you are okay with this.

Considering the nature of these characters, we are only accepting original characters for the roles at this current time. Thank you!

You can find more about how to apply for them in this post here, and the general game itself here! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! PMing would probably get you the quickest reply, however, since this site doesn't always alert me of new forum replies.

The City of Ziggurat
Looking for a King to compliment Eleonore von Falkenstein as Ziggurat's Queen! The King must be human, but other than that details are up to the player. Eleonore's player would like to brainstorm with anyone taking this role before it's creation.

The Old City, Our City Beneath the City
Species representatives are what we're looking for here. There can only be one representative for each species within the council-- one vampire, one werewolf, and so on and so on. Currently all species representatives are open. The types of creatures we are looking for here are of a darker, though not necessarily evil assortment-- your traditional and not so traditional monsters and haunts.

These representatives act as a loose 'council' that really only gets together when there's an emergency. Their main job is keeping the general peace between their people and everyone else.

Waywalker, Humble town on the Edge of a dangerous forest
The Lord or Lady of Waywalker is an elected official. The title is not passed on by blood, but is a lifelong position. When the old Lord or Lady dies, a new one is chosen from the people of Waywalker. The position of Lord or Lady is still open.

Waywalker is a place that welcomes all sorts, and the Lord or Lady may be any species.

Treehome, for those of the spirt of the wood
Treehome is led by a council of ten individuals who are considered the wisest of their time. This is not a lifelong position, and other council members can vote an existing member out by majority vote. The council can be of any species, but those not considered 'highborne' are exceedingly rare and must be paragons of their kind to have been accepted.

Alura, the Beast City on the Wall
The Wall, being as large and spread out as it is, has fallen to being ruled by feudal lords and ladies. Their section of the wall often reflects their nature, and territories are constantly being won and lost. It is a hard life, and one easy to lose if you're not quick on your feet.

Not all of these individuals are bad, though some certainly are distasteful individuals. Others rule their sections of the wall with a firm but fair hand. We are currently looking for three of these individuals-- one for each side of the wall. These individuals should all be Beastfolk such as talking animals, werewolves, centaurs, horsemen and similar creatures.
Apr 13 2018, 03:09 PM
...Likes long walks on the beach and viciously maiming her enemies.

Hey all! I'm looking for a quick one off with my shapeshifting dragon Krepta! She's a world walker from a long line of world walkers, so she's good for a lot of different plots and genres! If you're a fan of panfandom, then you'll like Krepta.

You can read more about her here!

If we hit it off, I'd love to do something more long term, but right now I'm looking for a few non-committal rapid-fire roleplays. As I mentioned, Krepta is useable for all sorts of genres and plots, but there are some ideas and favorites on her page here.

All I ask is that you take a peek at her sample post on the bottom of the first page and be able to match the writing skill shown there. I could care less about length, as mine will vary depending on the situation. If you're interested, shoot me a message, but please have a vague character or idea in mind before you contact me. I'm getting a little tired of being the only one to come up with stuff. Thanks! <3

I'm willing to roleplay through all contacts listed, as well as possibly try out others if you have suggestions.

Private Messages Here
Discord: krepta#5707
Mar 26 2018, 11:52 PM
Name: Krepta/Jabberwookie

Site: JLUnited? (Click for Link)
Site genre: AU Marvel & DC RP
Site Description: JLUnited is playby optional, activity check and word count free site. We're 18+ only, and are just a bunch of old nerds looking to have a good time and tell stories. The basis of the site is a melding of the multiverses, and the consequences of such. We allow canons from all multiverses within DC and Marvel, and a few outside titles as well. OCs are also loved and welcomed. We're a community of friendly, laid back roleplayers, many of us who have known each other for years, and we're always looking for more friends to play with! <3

Contact Information: You can contact me here through PMs, my email (, or Discord (Krepta#5707). JLUnited also has a Discord and a Titan embed, making it guest friendly, so feel free to stop on by!

The Shadow is a request character, but since he's on at least four of our wishlists, we decided to mention him here. From fellow detectives to meddling punks, he's sure to have plots waiting for him. Our plot allows the possibility for displaced characters from different eras, so he'll be entering a world very different from what he may remember, if you choose to have him remember. Either way, it'll make for a great story!

The Martian Manhunter was previously played by one of our long time members, but she no longer has the time, so we're taking auditions for replacements! Must be bald, green, telepathic, and have an undying love for chocos. While our previous Manhunter got to know several of the present characters, our plot allows a new soul to step into his place and start fresh if that's your preference. If you'd like to pick up where the old one left off, however, we'd be more than willing to catch you up.

Doctor Strange also had some previous presence on site, and the new Strange may find interesting relics of the old one's deeds and doings. We'd love to have a Strange involved in the site plot, since the death of Doctor Fate and the failure of the helmet to reappear and choose a new host has no doubt sent ripples through the magical community. Additionally, since it's come to light that the multiverse melding is likely the result of some magical force, there's no doubt that he would wind up being involved.

I won't lie-- Wonder Woman is a selfish one. I play Batman and I would love for them to get together ala Justice League Animated if someone is interested in that. I'm a sucker for that pairing. Besides that though, Bruce is trying to flesh out the League and figure out what the heck is going on. He's got a list of names and the Watchtower, and not much else to go on. It would be an adventure trying to figure it out. We could use the rest of the League too, but Diana is needed for a couple of plots, so we're looking for her as a priority.

Other Needed Canons
These canons are on multiple wishlists/have been requested multiple times by players on JLU. You can be sure that if you join with one you'll have plenty of people to play with.

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