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Posted by: MyFairBenny11 Feb 12 2018, 04:49 PM
Heyy my name is Amanda, I'm 25, and I've been roleplaying for 10+ years. It's been awhile since I've posted on here, but like most of you good people - I'm looking for a few more partners! Uhh about me... I like beer, and music, and have a lot of useless information about the human body.

Because of college...



On to brass tacks!

[Shit I do]

- I reply 4-5x/week if my work schedule permits. I'm a shift worker, on EST, so if I get super busy then it may be less...anything more than 5 days, I'll let you know.
- I double, preferably, Canon/OC and M/F for my pairings. However. I can attempt M// or F// for you.
- I like OOC chatter and plotting!
- I use email or Google Docs; I usually do multi-paragraph or novella style.
- Smut < plot, yes I write it.
- If I'm around you can expect semi-rapid (1-1.5 hour) response times.

[What I'd like from you]

- Be semi-regular (2-3 posts per week, please. I understand life happens.)
- Be able to run with an idea. You can always plot with me or ask me, but I hate being the complete leader.
- That being said, no god-modding, please.
- Be willing to play side characters too! They're free-for-alls for me, unless you want something different.
- Double (puh-lease)
- Please be 18+!
- No one-liners.

[Fandoms] - parentheses is who I'd like to play against

- Supernatural (Dean, Sam, Castiel)
- Twilight (OC, Jacob)
- Psychonauts (Raz, OC)
- Soul Eater (OCs)


- Random idea for Deadpool/Raven (teen titans) pairing. I know right...
- post-apocalyptic - this is gotta have a bomb-ass plot.
- demon/hunter
- demon/angel
- angel/hunter


-Slice of Life

Is that it? Probably not. I'm probably forgetting something super important. Fingers crossed that didn't happen...

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