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Jun 24 2016, 10:17 PM
Gatormouth, FL was a small town with not much to offer the outside world. The population had never gone too many bodies past eight hundred, and the land that didn't belong to the swamp was mostly dedicated to farmers and their livestock. There was a Wal-Mart in the town over, and a couple of gas stations near Gatormouth's historical district- but, as was aforementioned- it didn't have much to offer the outside world, and usually went overlooked because of it.

Hux Keighley had absolutely no idea he would ever end up in a town quite as small as this one, but there he was; a giant man, strolling through the peculiarly quaint town with a soft and nervous frown on his face as he was stared down and scrutinized by the Gatormouth natives. The sun seemed to burn right through his skin, and the air was so humid he felt as though he could drown in it if he breathed hard enough. Sweat trickled down the side of his face, dribbling from his thick mane of hair and disappearing into a beard that was well-trimmed and as dark brown as the healthy locks atop his head. His tank top was soaked through and he wished he had cut off his jeans to something above his knee but he figured the town's inhabitants would have had a fit if they even glimpsed out of their peripheral a man as tall and hairy as he was in a pair of jean shorts.

His sister had pleaded for him to come. To meet her and her three children at a diner not too far away from where he currently stood. He could still hear the tone of her voice as she had told him, face-to-face, what she needed to tell him.

"I have cancer, Hux." She had said, while the kids fought over what to play on the jukebox. "I have cancer and I'm dying. I need you to help with the kids. I can't... I can't do this on my own."

Her voice had cracked at the end and his heart had throbbed painfully in his chest. He'd excused himself, then. Ripped himself away from the scene and away from the diner as quick as his legs would take him. He knew, now, why she had asked him to pack his bags and make the trip across an ocean to meet her here. He wouldn't have wanted to hear that over the phone or through a text. He would've rather not have ever have had to hear it, but, for as long as he could remember, things he didn't want to happen always tended to do so anyway. Especially when it came to the people he loved.

And there was no one he loved more than his older sister.

The sound of a too-loud bass and a shitty guitar riff interrupted Hux's train of thought. He turned towards the building that the sound came from and moved towards it.

GATORMOUTH RECORDS was painted in bright red across a heavy plank of wood that had been nailed above the shop's entrance. There was a poster detailing the evening's events taped to the door and Hux leaned in to read the list of bands scheduled to play.


Hux smirked. He'd found the local punk scene that seemed to come hand-in-hand with every small, emotionally repressed town. When he pushed past the door, he was greeted by the smell of cheap beer and potent weed. Will's Areolas were on stage; lyrics barely discernible from the heavy thrash metal blasting from the worn speakers behind them. Hux moved to the first person he saw that looked, more or less, close to his thirty two years of age.

"Hey, man, where can I get a beer and a hit or two of whatever it is you're hittin'?"
Jun 24 2016, 09:17 PM
idk about the title honestly idk

at first it was a placeholder... then i just went with it.

this ad sucks i'm sorry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

about me:
  • bonny
  • twenty
  • sagittarius
  • gay lady
  • big nerd
  • pls write w/ me
what i like to rp:
  • fantasy― medieval, inter-dimensional, futuristic, apocalyptic, historical, modern, horror,
  • science fiction― space, steampunk, biopunk, cyberpunk, high tech modern, futuristic
  • marvel― spiderman, spiderman, spiderman, peter parker, spiderman
  • harry potter― marauders era, riddle era, wizarding wars, werewolves, magic mafia
what i always rp:
  • fade-to-black sex scenes
  • violence but nothing too gorey
  • multiple characters of varying personality types
  • lgbtq+ or lgbtq+ friendly character types
  • occasionally they're closeted assholes though
  • drug use, alcohol consumption, lots of swear words probably
  • big tol manly men and plump smiley-faced gals that like to punch
  • witty back-and-forth conversation sometimes followed by lots of kissing
  • fantasy because anything not fantasy is probably boring
  • angst followed by more angst followed by horror followed by plot twists
where i rp:
  • skype― happbon
  • email―
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