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Jul 24 2018, 10:28 AM

You can call me Lady, I'm 23, female, and in the EST.
I am currently on the search for an Avatar the Last Airbender roleplay because I am trash and I am okay with that.
I generally prefer to roleplay over email but I'm also now pretty active on Discord so I'd be cool with roleplaying over that as well, though I prefer using it for OOC chat.
I only work part time but I have a lot of hours. I'm also a grad student and I'm in two programs so once school starts I'm going to be pretty busy. I try to reply as much as I can. Sometimes I can get you one reply a day. Sometimes it takes me a week or more (usually if that's the case I'll try to keep you updated) so I really appreciate someone with a lot of patience. It's okay to check in every once and awhile, but please don't pressure me all the time. I have very bad anxiety and it really triggers me when people pressure me heavily for replies. That being said, I DO love OOC chat. This rule does not apply if we're having an OOC conversation! It's more so just for those who constantly message asking for a reply. I'm telling you right here right now that I can't always reply every single day, although I will do my very best to get things back to you in a timely manner. I'm friendly, I swear, I've just encountered a bit too much of this pressure lately and I need to address it for future partners because I can't keep putting myself through it.
I extend the same courtesy to you - please take as much time as you need to reply to me! Having a bad week? Or even a bad month? No worries, I'll be happily waiting for you when you get back into the swing of things smile.gif
Please be at least 18 years old. I enjoy mature and dark themes in my roleplays (across the board) and I'm uncomfortable roleplaying with minors for that reason.
Please inform me of your limits when you contact me, I'd hate to step on anyone's toes.

OKAY I think that's all the heavy stuff.

If you couldn't tell by the title, I am craving Zutara. So. Bad. I have a little AU plot idea for them (it does contain some dark themes so please be warned) that I really want to write out, but I also have something a bit more on the fluffy side in mind, so we can do that as well! I'd prefer to play Katara.
That being said, I'm more than happy to play anyone else in the universe for you. I'm alright with m/f, f/f, and m/m alike so please throw your cravings at me. I also love OCs, so if you'd like me to play someone for your OC, I'd be more than happy to.

If you'd like samples, I'd be more than happy to give you some. I typically can promise 800-1000 words for intro posts, and 500-700 words for a regular post (although if I'm really inspired I can write 1000+ at a time) and if I'm doubling, I try to give my characters equal attention.

And now for the final act:
Discord: ladyunicornxo#4789
Jun 10 2018, 08:53 PM

Hi, I'm Lady, 23, female, EST, and I would give my first born child for a good, literate, Teen Titans roleplay.
I like doubling, and playing all pairings and genders.

I'm looking for canon/canon atm - I'm looking for Beast Boy/Raven, mainly, and I'd like to play Raven. I'm also down for Robin/Starfire (I play a bangin' Robin js), and probably any other pairing except Beast Boy/Terra (unless I really like you, but I'll require my first born child back, along with a large sum of money or a lifetime supply of salmon sashimi, your choice). I don't have a set plot I just love Teen Titans (the OG series) and Bbrae gives me a lot of feelings. Raven just gives me a lot of feelings, man, she's just such a great character.

If Teen Titans is not your cup of tea, I'm a slut for Attack on Titan - canon/oc, please, unless you wanna do Ymir/Christa in which case I'm down because I love them and my heart hurts.

I'm also always down for Harry Potter or Naruto (also canon/oc) and I really like witches because I am one also gimme something Shadowhunters related and I'll love you - only read the books tho.
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Aug 5 2018, 01:13 PM

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