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 Will There Be Happy Ever Afters?, OUaT OC conncetions |Mature| Jcink
 Posted: Jun 27 2018, 08:18 PM

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Various wanted connections for various characters on a OUaT Forum. All open to a strictly 1x1 dynamic with only the main connection to the roles, if you do not wish to interact with any other people. In short, you are free to interact with as many, or as few other members/characters as you wish.

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Want a fun, thriving rpg? Check us out. The Original Storybrooke named site. We are a long standing, mature, Once Upon a Time RP with au elements. Spanning all seasons & realms, including our own original ones.
Event & realm specific storylines. Open 5 years. Zero tolerance on drama. OC's welcome.
We've stood the test of time so far. So come & join our family today & continue to keep the hope, love & magic alive.


Character Desired: AU Wish Realm version of Marian.

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Face: The lovely Lucy Griffiths. Though other options may be negotiable if they fit the character. I would rather they have an Enchanted Forest look as well as modern one. Rather than someone who just has a modern/land without magic/cursed look.

So. We know in canon it has been stated that Wish Robin, never married Marian. And there was no mention of him being a father either. So we can assume perhaps he never happened either. But of course, if the writer of this version of Marian wishes to include Roland, by all means do so. (Though I'd check with Robin first).

But, I am getting sidetracked. Forgive me. The basic premise here is that since the Wish Realm Marian never married Robin. I sort of conceived this head canon. That she -being a big fan of the BBC's version of Robin Hood (& the Marian & Guy pairing)- instead was drawn to Guy & had an affair with & fell for him, whilst supposedly being a spy for Robin, who she was in a relationship with at the time. Ultimately, she betrayed Robin & his men & chose Guy, as you can't help who your heart chooses.

Wish Robin is a slightly darker version of himself. So therefore Wish Guy would be a more honorable & redeemable version of himself. Almost a reverse of the tale. But sadly. At some point during some sort of fight to defend Nottingham, Wish Guy was killed. Cue devastation & heartbreak...

But of course. The story cannot end there. Finding her way to Storybrooke somehow, Marian will stumble across Original Guy. A very different man to the one she knew. But of course that side of him is still in there somewhere. If she can lure it out.

Other notes: This Marian would be much more based on other versions of the character. Particularly the BBC one. Where she would herself be nobility, & taken in as the Sheriff's ward/trophy. But sneaking out to meet with Robin & robbing the rich to feed the poor herself, particularly as Robin seems more interested in just the thievery than the people. It is during this time stuck at Nottingham castle, that she begins to grow close to Guy.

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user posted image

Requested by Prince Hans.

Prince Caleb.

Face Claim - Kristofer Hivju.
(All the Game of Thrones love. Love this guy, so don't hate on the face)

Eldest brother of myself. And father's favourite. So therefore, first in line to inherit the throne of The Southern Isles. In short, loathes me with a passion. Basically, rude, crude, cruel & a complete prick. But hides it well, when needed. Even from his wife.

Wants the throne sooner, rather than later. Ensuring his own children's lineage to the throne, over the rest of his brothers. And to make my life a complete misery - even more now, that I appear to be finally winning round the Queen of Arendelle herself, & getting very close with her.

So come on. Come & play. Come & be mean to me. Abuse me, beat me, hurt me. Do your worst (well best). As dark & twisted as you want. You know it'll be fun. Plenty of ideas in mind for us. And, for a story arc we are going to be running. You know you want to be a big bad.

Other connections & people you can readily thread with if you wish are of course the Arendelle gang, Elsa, Anna, & Kristoff. Also, Count Paris, who could very well play into one of your nasty little games too, since he & Verona have their sights set on Elsa. And another brother of ours, Anders.

Of course, you don't have to stick with them as your only connections. You can do what you like. Make your own alliances, deals. Go to Storybrooke. It's your call what else you do with him.

According to wiki Caleb has an 'Unnamed wife and two children'.

Requested by Hansel.

user posted image

Witch Hunting Twin Sister Wanted.

Face Claim: Melanie Scrofano
(negotiable. But would prefer to stick with her if possible. Or maybe Gemma Arterton. But Mel is top choice.)

Name: Gretel.

Based on canon events in OUAT + Hansel & Gretel:Witch Hunters.

Feisty, brave, & smart mouthed. Worries a lot about Hansel as he's the slightly more reckless & volatile of the twins.

They have that special twin connection. Such as, can feel if the other is in trouble etc. That sixth sense twins have with each other.

Other facts: Both himself & his sister cannot be harmed by/ are immune to DARK magic, as a result of a protective spell their mother placed on them as children. The spell remains intact despite his mother's death, as long as they both keep with them a personal item of hers. Which they do. Hansel, has a plain gold ring, & Gretel, a locket. If either are without either of those items, then the protection spell is no longer in effect.

Brief Background:
Hansel & Gretel are born to a wood cutter & his wife. Adrianna. A powerful white witch. Though the twins never knew of their mother's witch heritage. Whilst they were still babes, a rumor got out that their mother was a witch and the villagers came to their house to kill her. Adrianna then cast a spell on her pride & joy, her children, to make them go untouched by black magic. As the woodcutter took them into the woods to safety, & off into a new life, just him & them, Adrianna stayed behind. She was burnt at the stake. The story later reveals, that the rumor was spread by Rumpelstiltskin, in order to get rid of Adrianna who he described as the most powerful white witch alive & a threat to the plans he had for Regina.

Years later. When Hansel's father goes missing in the woods, he and his twin sister, Gretel, decide to go look for him. On the road, the siblings bump into the Evil Queen, who promises to help find their father if they assist her in entering the home of a Blind Witch and stealing a bag. Before the twins set off on this mission, the Queen also warns them against eating anything in the witch's house. Once Hansel and Gretel enter the house, they find the witch asleep inside. By accident, Hansel awakens the slumbering witch when he takes a bite of a cupcake, though Gretel quickly shoves her into the furnace. The twins leave the house unscathed and deliver the bag to the Evil Queen, who opens it to reveal an apple inside. Impressed by their bravery, the Evil Queen gives them a chance to stay with her instead of finding their father. Hansel and Gretel reject her offer; angering the Queen so much that she magically teleports them into the Infinite Forest, abandoning them there. After scornfully declaring their father would never come for them. And that he could not even protect her when witches attacked. Painting him a coward, who was less able to face a witch than they were.

After doing so, the Queen brings out the children's father, the Woodcutter, who she previously kidnapped. The man takes pride in the fact his children refused to stay with her since "family always stays together". To this, she releases the Woodcutter and states that they can be together as soon as they find each other, though it is impossible since Hansel and Gretel are doomed to wander, forever lost, in the Infinite Forest. Needless to say, the family was never re-united, leaving the Twins to fend for themselves & spend most of their childhood learning about witches and how to defeat them.

In present time both had been drafted into the new risen Home Office -the organization Tamara & Gregg were a part of which they did not know was part of a plan by Pan. - but the place continued on under new management & continues to search for those who don't belong, or have magic, to rid them from the non-magical world. Hansel hates it. Gretel kinda likes it. Despite knowing as well as he does, that it's not what they set out to do. And hypocrital as neither of them belong in this realm originally either. - The time frame of when they first got drafted into the HO & where they are at now, I can run over with you in PM's for anyone interested. There's a few routes we could take.

Other details & aspects of her character, totally up to her writer. Creative freedom & all that shiz. But please be active. In ICC too to build the relationship between these two. Brother & sister feels all round. Potential for plenty of angst too as they're both fiery & are starting to lean towards different sides. They might not always like each other very much. But they love each other over everything. And were all each other had for so long. The story arc I have planned in my head will totally test that bond & push it to it's limits. But of course there's lots of love along the way too & cutesy brother/sister time ahead.

Requested by Roland Hood.

user posted image

Harry Schum Jr (as Magnus Bane) as The Dragon.

An AU version of this character HERE.

Their Alias name is up to the writer. As is whether or not Harry is their original host/human form all along. Or a new one they took on after escaping the Mirror World.

Mystical, ancient, powerful, helpful to those in trouble, and makes predictions that can be difficult to understand. The Dragon, is & has been for many, many years, a powerful and revered figure known for helping folks in terrible trouble. Deep down, though, he is deeply moral, he knows right from wrong and understands that his great powers come with great responsibilities. But these responsibilities are tested when after escaping the Mirror World, in Storybrooke he meets & falls for a conflicted Roland Hood (Matt Daddario), searching for a way to bring back his dead father & be a hero. If you are a Shadowhunters fan - aiming for a sort of Magnus/Alec vibe.

Specifics of plots & threads will be figured out & discussed upon interest, as his writer should have input into the story too.

Requested by Graham Humbert.

user posted image

Character: Wolf Guardian : The White Wolf who was Graham's companion.
Name: Up to writer.
Face: Claire Holt (Still potentially negotiable, but should be blonde, as they are a white wolf after all. But Claire is perfect, & connects with a few faces we already have here too!)

Basically, the idea is as follows. Graham's wolf. What if it was a woman. A werewolf that had been cursed to live for a long time but in wolf form. The next time she had turned after being cursed, she wasn't able to turn back. Graham never knew of her actually being a woman, she was cursed to wolf form before he lived with the wolves. Them finally meeting again when she is in human form could make for some great plots. Not necessarily leading to something romantic, she would be free to be with who she chooses depending upon where things lead & chemistry. So do not look at it as being a love interest role.

At some point, after Emma breaks the first curse, she is somehow able to turn back- or something to do with Graham's death triggers it - she leaves storybrooke, she'd have no-one keeping her there. She'd think she has lost Graham. That he's dead. So there'd be no-one or nothing to really stay for. And thinking he is gone would hit hard. Giving a need to escape to somewhere. Which leads her to end up in Wonderland. Wonderland seems to fit as we have Phoebe Tonkin, Joseph Morgan & Daniel Gillies already here, all involved in Wonderland.

The reason for her being cursed to begin with, would ultimately be up to you, but don't be shy to ask for input/to run ideas by us.

She would have originally been part of Ruby's pack once upon a time. So potential for connections there.

As the wolf, during the first curse, she was awake, but still trapped in her wolf form. So just stuck, unable to say or do anything. Yet still trying to look out for Graham however she could.

How she escaped to Wonderland is also the writer's call. Just as how or why she returns, where she will encounter Graham once more. But not technically her Graham. One, who has survived the wish realm.

Hopefully, this has given people some 'paws for thought'.

Requested by Monsieur Gaston.

user posted image

I am in need of. No. Not in need of. But it wouldn't be terrible to have my dearest, dearest
[Strike]sidekick, pet idiot, punching bag, minion, [/Strike] best friend around.

Face: Sort of has to be Josh Gad.

Cursed Identity as we would be in Hyperion Heights. Is Louis. Surname I do not give a damn about. Things like that are not important to me. So feel free to make one up.
He would be an accountant. Specifically MY accountant - a homage to this little reference from the wiki regarding his character.

"Another version is a more nerdish character who acted as Gaston's accountant. It is also mentioned in this draft that he was initially very well educated, bright, and enterprising, but Gaston's bullying alongside his failed attempts at keeping Gaston's reckless extravagant and lavish spending in check left him really neurotic and high-strung."

Must adore me, in a completely unhealthy, unnatural way (Not difficult I know).
Be able to deal with my mood swings, and my intimidatingly spectacular personality and put downs.

Must, be up for a laugh, and not take things too seriously. Even though there is a very serious side to this complex relationship. Maybe there'll even be more to it than meets the eye. Well see.

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