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Oct 14 2017, 08:57 AM
Hello there world. I rarely have the chance to ever just post whats on my mind but I am hoping to achieve that with this. A place to vent/rant and just get things off my chest that I have been holding back to avoid backlash from "friends", "staff members", and "others". It's becoming toxic to myself how I have managed to just bundle it all up so I am hoping this will be a place for me.

First things first, I have been debating for some time now closing my site, not because I don't like it but because I can feel the staff drama and I can feel the shit about to hit the fan. I am a very non-confrontation type of person, and my "co"-admin lately has been extremely... unhelpful? I don't really know how to put it without it coming off rude or meanly. Originally in the beginning it was all about us as a team doing things. Now it's become all on my plate, and it kinda sucks. I work 40+ hours a week and they work as well, though they constantly complain about it. They bitch about how I interact with members when in all honesty I am barely even in any of the chats because I am usually at work. Lately I have come to the realization that having this "team" isn't working. No one is actually supporting the site. It's really just me doing the bulk of the work. I am the one reading apps, accepting them, writing feedback to new members, doing our sites prompts, writing out announcements, plotting events, and they are just there, doing nothing.

Like I thought they would at least code a new skin or something for the holiday season, and all they did was just add more graphics which only adds to the load time of the site. They don't do advertising, nor does their friend who is a site mod. Like if you aren't promoting the site or helping me come up with ideas you could at least be replying to threads outside of the one with your two bffls. Like I am not going to front, I have waiting more than three weeks to replies to the threads I currently have with them. And I get it, IRL can be crazy but the fact is they can reply to everyone else's thread but not mine.

I also feel like it's really awkward being the odd member out, since everyone already knows each other so I feel uncomfortable trying to get to know all these people who are clearly friends already. And not to mention we have this one member who basically constantly feels the need to bring their character up in all our public chats. I am very tempted to say "can you stop? please?" But once again if I try to do anything I come off as this nasty mean and rude individual.

Like I can see one of my members being like me and just not talking because it's a little clique on the site and it's really disheartening. I see them chatting on their other sites but rarely on ours. I feel like that's really a reflection of the "team" myself excluded. And I feel like shit about the entire situation and about how I am dealing with it. I just need to kick these people off staff and find a better team but I just am scared and unsure of how to really go about dealing with people who I truly like and want to be friends with but they are toxic to the site.

Like last night the co-admin felt the need to confront me for being "dismissive" towards then because all I said in the staff chat was "just whatever, nevermind." She spent almost a half hour bashing me about how my members basically are terrified of me and how when I had to go back to work and stop replying to the chat that I was being dismissive towards the members who were trying to help me. I stated that I was at work, it's a good assumption if I stop replying that I am... working?? Like I don't get where they have the right to come at me when they don't do jack shit for the site. "The site is looking for at you for guidance." BUT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A TEAM. IT'S NOT JUST MY JOB. IT'S OUR JOB. Like there is no I in TEAM. And we are supposed to be a staff TEAM.

I spent most of September trying to get people behind ideas and things for the site wide event, and it wasn't 10 days into the event that my co-admin finally took it upon themselves to go and post more information related to the event. To be more "specific". Like why didn't you say something the entire month of September when I was trying to set this up, when I working on this? Why after the fact that it's started that you feel the need to go back and exaggerate? Like it blows my mind.

Like I sit back and wonder why your previous site didn't get the kind of members you where looking for. Was it because you are such a half assed admin? Like is it me? Am I the problem here? Do my members really not like me? If they didn't like me why do they like my ideas and my concepts and my characters and all this other shit. Like I am really trying here where as they are always complaining about their job. I said one thing about my job and they blew up about it. When almost every fucking day they have to work they are complaining about how stressful it is. But I can't say anything in regards to how intense my job is? I am on my feet 10+ hours in a shift while they get to site in an office. I am deal with hundreds of people, hundreds. And not all the encounters are pleasant and sometimes people press my buttons and really get to me... yet I am not allowed to vent towards them or towards the site or just get shit off my chest while they complain all the literal time.

Sighs, it's times like this I wanna give up.

Oct 13 2017, 10:46 AM
Hello everyone! My name is Jay, I am 22 and very much female. I have a couple of preferences that I feel need to be stated now rather than later.

-I prefer posting on forum boards, preferable the one I run/own.
-I prefer real life play bys and for all characters be over the age of 18.
-I prefer playing the female characters.
-I can write anywhere from 100 - 1,000 words per post.

Now onto the type of plots I am looking for! Roles that are bold are the ones I would prefer to play. <3

-Rich guy x working girl (This would lead to pregnancy and drama.)
-Teacher x student (I have a character already in mind for this)

Plots that I already have in mind.
-Unrequited love, one guy in love with a female who's eyes are on another. This would lead to the guy who just wants to help and support the female, leading her eyes to wonder to his.
-I have a character who runs and owns a bakery. I am craving a male character who opens up a bakery/coffee shop close by and then from there the rivalry begins. From there conflict ensues, and love blossom as hate turns into love.

Contact Me @
Discord: Jay#4095
or message me here.
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