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Aug 31 2016, 07:19 AM
Hellllooo Barbermonger! The time has come to look for more one x one partners. I spend my days at a desk doing very tedious administrative work and I find that writing helps get me through the day. My name is Ame or Amelia, whichever you prefer. (: I am 21 years young on the East Coast of the US.

I am a really flexible writer. I can play either male or female. I double, triple, quadruple, etc. The more, the merrier is what I live by! I prefer my partners to be 18+ because I do have no limits and most of my role plays include sex, gore, violence, etc etc. (:

I roleplay over email and Google Docs. I could possibly be swayed for something else, but don't be shy just ask!

Anything modern
Circus *plot
Vampires (authentic) *plot
Harry Potter (OC's only) *plot

I virtually roleplay anything except fandoms. ^-^;

Go ahead and email ---->
Mar 16 2016, 11:38 AM
Hi there! I'm Willow/Zea and I am 21 years old~
I have been wanting to get back into the spring of things (see my pun?) since Spring is coming!
I have been role playing for 10 years now, being a Neopets veteran.

I am currently looking for mature role plays meaning violence, gore, cursing, sex, and all of the good stuff to theme a plot. I do ask that you are 18+. That is absolutely required. If you are 20+ , that's a bonus! I role play over: email, google docs, and [maybe] skype.

I do a wide array of genres so I'll put what I'm craving:
  • Circus Themed
  • World War III/Any War
  • Apocalypse/Post Apocalyptic
  • Pokemon (Original Characters)
  • Twisted Disney/Fairytales (I am craving a Wendy x Alice, or a Meg-Lificent)
Also, I play male and female characters equally. I also write between 250-1500 words depending on what I get and how the scene is needed to play out. I write in 3rd person as well.

I can be emailed at:
Dec 29 2015, 08:46 PM
It's "Swinter" over here in good ole Virginia and work has died down to a halt. I literally sit at a desk, dying for 9 hours. But, my fellow Mongers know how to keep me busy. Hence the board!

My name is Amelia and I am 21 years of age~
I have been roleplaying for 10+ years now.. I think maybe, exactly 11 years. Time flies. I am a Neopets native and my experience has only grown. I have a dog too.

I am craving anything that has a solid plot. I love to world build! I love angst, violence, sex, blood, gore, platonic relationships, etc. Speaking of all of that, I prefer my partners be 18+. It keeps my mind at ease to know I won't get in legal trouble role playing rated R things with children. I've seen someone I love get penalized BADLY for such a thing.

Anyway, hit me at:

**Currently craving a Sith Master x Recruit [original characters only]**
Dec 2 2015, 08:50 PM
Hey-Yo! Zea here! I've been blessed with a new job which involves sitting at a desk being a golem. I have been out of the role playing game a bit but don't let that shy my experience. I am 21 years old, having been a role player for 10 years! Gosh darn Neopets.. Anyways- take a peek and see what's your fancy.

  • I am in the mood to double or play male. Some plots I have female characters so I may lean then but otherwise- nah.
  • Please be 18+. Most of my roleplays are dark, twisted, and sexual. If under 18, I'd be glad to do something platonic.
  • I reply every day. This does not mean I ask you to reply every day, but please don't leave a girl hanging. Please! I don't bite.
  • Please be somewhat grammar literate. Please know how to spell.
  • Don't come to me asking if you can roleplay yourself... That's.. that's weird.
  • And finally, just have fun. I love plotting and making new worlds. This can be a lot of fun!
Genres!!! *The higher the stars, the more I crave*
  • Original Pairings ***
  • Harry Potter (Only Original Characters by us please.) *****
  • Fantastical Worlds (Elves, Mages, Warlocks.) **
  • Band/Celebrity *
  • Any college/school/neighborhood **
  • Imaginary Friend x Imagineer [Plot] *****
  • Circus ****************
  • [Most] Science Fiction **

Contact Info:
Feel free to blow me up at:
Nov 13 2015, 10:16 PM
Hello All~

I am actually heading to bed. BUT! I saw a wonderful idea from other posters that I would like to try.

I am looking for people to send me intros so I can wake up to tons of luffly writing. It doesn't matter the genre or whatnot. Hell.. it can be ANYTHING. I promise to reply!

Send them all HERE:
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