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Jul 13 2017, 08:07 PM

ALRIGHTY. Settle down kids, it's time for some forbidden romance!

So Shailyn (here) is in love with that man up there. She basically had the time of her life when she was with him. But here's the catch. He's on the side of those who want the age of kings to return and that wouldn't fly with any of the other riders and certainly not the High Commander and Shai would likely be in a bit of trouble if things were found out. Other than all that, she basically betrayed him and threatened to spill those private thoughts to everyone if she ran into him again. Oops.

MORE ABOUT HIM. Everything about him is pretty open, as well as the face claim. I chose Matthew Daddario for the graphic, but I'm not stuck on him so if you think there's someone else who would fit your vision for him better, go for it! Only thing is that I'd like him to be close to Shai's age. Same or bit older, probably. (Matthew's 29 so that's actually a perfect age.) His upbringing is up to you, though I mentioned in her bio that his feelings on bringing back the age of kings probably came from his parents, but that he's pretty stubborn about them. I'm up to talk about things or if he can be persuaded to change his thoughts for Shai, whatever.

I'd like for him to be Shai's final, but we'll see how things go! If you're at all interested and have questions about him, please message me here, on TEMPEST or on Skype (xx.Silence).
Jan 22 2017, 05:27 PM
Hello! I'm Ali (or Silence) and I'm 18. I'm looking for someone who will delve into a medieval fantasy RP with me.

RIGHT. So. Here's the thing. This is going to be super detailed and some of it is super concrete and set in stone, but a lot is character driven. So, sit back, relax and go on this wild ride with me.

I'll be using my OC, Dimitri Yarren. Dimitri is the king of a fallen kingdom. Ten years ago, it was stormed and stolen. The attackers killed the royal family, including Dimitri's parents and his betrothed and enslaved their people. The young prince barely managed to escape with his life (his left eye was slashed through during their escape, rendering him blind in that eye), though did thanks to his guard and friend (which would probably be your character). These last ten years have been them biding there time and recovering for their losses. Dimitri has been training, learning to fight now that he's lost an eye.

There will definitely be other characters involved in their party to help them win back their kingdom, so doubling and tripling even is a must. Other than this, I am going to pack this full of angst and tragedy. I'm not afraid to kill some of their party members and right now, I'm leaning towards this all ending with Dimitri's death.

I love angst, okay.

As for pairings, this is completely open. If you want the guard and Dimitri to have a relationship, I'm down. If you want Dimitri to have a relationship with one of the other party members, I'm down. If you want the party members to have relationships, I'm down.

For length, I usually write 300-1000. Though usually not more than that. I'm a firm believer in quality over quantity. That being said, rapid fire is great too.

Though, for limits, I'm a bit iffy on RPing smut/sex scenes because I myself identify as asexual so they're a bit awkward. I would prefer to fade to black in these cases, but we can definitely talk more if you decide to take this up.

If you're interested contact me!
skype: xx.silence
discord: silence #8385
or PM me here on BarberMonger
Dec 11 2016, 10:51 PM
Name: Silence

Site: Avalon!

Site Description: Panfandom site wherein all characters are plunked from their worlds and placed in Sanctum City where they try (and likely fail) to find a way back home.

Character Description: This is a multi-want add so here are the characters I'd like to see:


-- Asseylum Vers Allusia
Obviously my number one want for Slaine is his dearest princess Asseylum. He's forever loyal to her, even after all that he's done and at the moment he's suffering from so much guilt - so, so much, cure my bby boy. He knows that she asked for him to be saved, so seeing them reunite would definitely kill me and him (he's likely to cry). I definitely want to go a shipping route, but if you're not a Slaine/Asseylum shipper, that's fine, just let my know you're preference. Just... Ugh. He's just really sad right now, in Avalon and I think seeing her and having her around would lift his spirits, regardless if you're shipping or not. If you're interest, please, let's chat!

-- Inaho Kaizuka
Ah, young Kaizuka and Slaine's match when it comes to flying around in attack robots and shooting at each other. They're both intelligent and driven, and seeing Inaho here would be great. I think there's definitely a lot that can be said between he and Slaine at this point, especially here which isn't exactly Earth and definitely isn't Mars. They're both far from home, and I think they might be able to connect on that front. Besides, they have a lot of similarities going for them. I don't think Slaine harbors any anger towards him any more, so it would be interesting to see them meet here.

That being said, I have a lot of feelings about Slaine and Inaho. I'm going to be forward and say, I do not ship it. And another note is that we do have an amazing Asseylum roleplayer, and they ship Slaine/Asseylum, so if you're dead set on either of those ships, maybe this site isn't for you. BUT, if you're still with me, I'd like to take you on a little rambly journey about how much I want a Slaine/Inaho friendship. Like mentioned above, they're quite similar in a lot of ways, but where Inaho buries his emotions, Slaine acts on his and leans on them more than anything. And I feel like a friendship could be really nice because I think Slaine might be able to humanize Inaho a little, maybe help him with emotions and they can play chess together.

Look, I just have a mighty need for stupid, cute friendships. And Slaine is stupid and cute, therefore his friendships are. I know it'll take a bit to get there, but Slaine is willing to work for it if Inaho is. (Side note: on main site I'm sticking with Asseylum/Slaine ship but I'm willing to explore an AU post-show Inaho/Slaine ship)

-- Yuki Kaizuka
Alright I know this is a little odd and I know they'll have a rocky relationship considering WHAT SLAINE DID, but I still REALLY want it. (Blame pictures like this and this and this and ESPECIALLY THIS and THIS TOO and i'm done - okay i lied, i found another) Basically what I want is everyone to just be friends and get on and be happy. Again, I know a friendship between Yuki and Slaine would take a long time, especially without an Inaho. Slaine is working through his guilt and his regrets in Avalon and Yuki would likely add to both of those but talking to her and them slowly getting to know each other would be good for him, if she was willing to listen. That being said, gaining friendship from her, of all people, would just shatter him and he would do everything possible to show her that he's really not the monster society painted him as.

-- Count Saazbaum/Cruhteo
Okay, so we have Asseylum and I would really like to see Saazbaum or Cruhteo for the drama. Both of them served as guardians for Slaine at some point in his life and I think it would be interesting to explore the dynamics in somewhere like Avalon. Honestly, if someone takes Saazbaum I would prefer before the finale of season 1 to add to the possibility of angst. But hey, if anyone wants to take one of these two, we can chat! (i want Cruhteo to actually be a father figure to Slaine tbh look)

FOR HAYTHAM KENWAY // Assassin's Creed III

-- Kaniehtí:io
Having Ziio around would just complete the Kenway family. While he never admitted it to her, she meant a great deal to Haytham and having her around would be good for him, with everything that's going on. She of course would have Connor as well and Shay as Haytham's unofficial son and I definitely think it would be interesting to see how she reacts to what Haytham wants to achieve in Avalon and all that jazz.

FOR ELIA MARTELL // Game of Thrones

-- Oberyn Martell
Elia needs her brother, let's just get that out of the way first. She would be so happy to see him (and also a little nervous because she'll be hoping he stamps his approval on the current relationship) and let's be honest, there would be so many feels because Oberyn's main focus when we see him is to avenge Elia and imagine their reunion.

FOR YU TOSAKI // Ajin: Demi-Human

-- Izumi Shimomura
Ah yes, Miss Izumi Shimomura, Tosaki's confidant, assistant and bodyguard. Where would he be without her? probably dead She's his constant companion and they've come quite a ways since we first saw them back in season one. You're welcome to take her from wherever you'd like, though I took Tosaki from the end of season two. If you're interested, we can talk relationships and shipping in the future.

Other Information: All these characters were taken from different points in their game so I'll list them here.
Haytham: Right after the confrontation between he and Connor and Washington
Elia: Moments before her death
Slaine: End of season 2
Tosaki: End of season 2

This list is only a minimum of who I want for these guys. Really anyone from some of these shows/games would be amazing and I would love to see them around. <3

Contact Information: I'm Silence on the site and I'm usually around so if you pop into the chatbox we can chat. Other ways to contact me are:
skype: xx.silence
discord: silence#8683
Nov 25 2016, 09:03 PM
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