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Aug 10 2017, 03:05 PM
Hello, all!

I'm looking for a few specific things. Firstly, about me. I'm a girl in my late twenties who has been writing and roleplaying since childhood. I use this as a bit of stress relief from my rather intense work life. I enjoy writing and reading and I love finding partners who do the same. I try to put a lot of effort into my writing and character development because I want you to genuinely enjoy things.

I have no heistantions about playing either male or female characters and I have a strong preference for doubling. Or more. I have a love of characters and it's nothing for me to pick up multiple side characters as well and the occasional handful of main characters to keep things interesting. Each roleplay is different, however.

I have few limits about content. Cursing, violence, drug use... These things all happen in real life, I see no need to shy away from them in writing. My only heistation tends to be with sexual content. I'm fine with the content, however I tend to fade to black with most sex scenes. They tend to bore me after a while in longer roleplays. I write smut from time to time but I prefer to keep my smut separate from my in depth writing. It just feels weird to mix the two. I'm flexible on this, however. smile.gif

Onto genres.

I started watching Poldark again and it has me in a somewhat historical mood at the moment. I would really love to get something going that explored the Revolutionary War period... Be it just before the start of the war, during or just after as things are being put back together. Spies, soldiers, noblemen and politician's daughters... All players in a delightful political dance.

My historical tastes aren't limited to the Revolution, however. I enjoy Western stories, Victorian period pieces, Medieval era magic and even the odd bits of Royalist exploration during various ages. Just let me know what you might be interested in.

My other interest at the moment, that is an almost constant interest, is a Harry Potter themed roleplay. I'm most interested in something with original characters at the moment but I'm quite experienced with many canons and don't have an issues playing any for you if you prefer going that way. I would really enjoy going Post-War and exploring a completely fresh plot ourselves with OCs however, again I'm almost always up for anything in this genre. Marauders Era is also another favorite.

Right now, I prefer to write over email but I have hangouts to chat of you're into that. I enjoy talking and getting to know my partner so don't be afraid to be friendly. smile.gif My email is

UPDATE!!! I recently saw Atomic Blonde and would also totally be down for something during the Cold War. I love stuff dealing with spies, double agents and secrets... So, if any of that floats your boat hit me up. I can totally think of a couple of ways to work this into a HP plot as well!
May 3 2017, 09:32 PM
Howdy all!

I feel like poo and don't really feel like going to work tomorrow, even though it's just my part time gig... So, come help distract me.

Quick background on me. I'm a lady, in my late 20's and I work full time. Well, more than full time. I have a full time job and I now have a part time one through my full time one so... Yeah, I stay a little busy. Thankfully, I work 'shift' work which means while my real life schedule is completely jacked up I usually have a pretty decent amount of free time when I plan correctly. My work is pretty... uh... 'emotionally' difficult sometimes and it can be killer on my writing muse. I try to keep you up with what's going on with me but I won't lie. I'm a horrible person and I space sometimes and forget. If you don't hear from me in a bit you sometimes just have to poke at me and remind me that I'm being a jerk.

That's the boring bits though. I'm sure you'll find out more about me as we go along. I'm more than happy to chat with my new partners.

As for you, I don't care about your background so long as you are an adult. I'm not interested in writing with anyone under 18 because it makes me feel old and creepy. Sorry. sad.gif

I consider myself a pretty decent writer I guess and given the right mood I can easily pump out a post of 6-8 paragraphs a character or more. Generally though, I'm going to be more in the 3-4 range depending on the action at hand. I like detailed roleplays but I'm not looking for fluff over substance. I just want to enjoy reading your posts and you to get something out of reading mine as well. That's supposed to be the point of this, yeah?

As for characters, I'm open to playing male and female characters with a strong preference for doubling... Or more. I really prefer a doubled up cast of main characters and picking up a pretty dense group of secondaries as needed. Nothing annoys me more than writing with someone that wants to go through a universe where it's like our characters exist in a vacuum. I'm all about that character growth, baby and that doesn't happen without a wide variety of interactions and experiences.

On that note, let me expand on the character development bit. I really am looking for a story where the characters are going to grow and learn... Develop through things if you will. I will dislike static, boring characters. Flat characters. I don't have to like your character as a person. Hell, if I hate them I may actually love them. But don't bring me someone who's only interesting bit is something sad that happened to them in the past.

I'm not really limits focused either. If it can happen in real life, I'm cool with it. I'm not particularly looking for a smut based roleplay here but adult themes aren't going to make me blush if they come up. I'm just more looking for a fun writing time.

I'm really not mean, I swear. I just like to be up front about what I'm looking for. smile.gif

Plot wise, I'm going to keep this pretty open because I want us to develop this together. Basically, I'm wanting to look at something supernatural themed. We can borrow elements from the show but I'm not looking for a fandom themed roleplay per-say. I'm more looking for an original universe with our own elements pulled from different canons and ideas and such. I like the idea of hunters being prevalent but still on the down low while they go about their business. A lot of it would probably be kept within families, mostly because that's how people would get roped into it. Occasionally you might find an ex-military person or person who's family has been impacted by some sort of supernatural critter that's jumped into the fray but otherwise most people would probably be suspicious of anyone who thought fighting werewolves seemed like a reasonable career option.

I also think we could play with the supernatural element some. I like my werewolves and vampires having a bit more of a human side to them on occasion and that could cause potential trouble when our gang runs against a particularly 'moral' group. Also, magic. I love witches and throwing stuff like that in there. Yes, I've watched True Blood way too many times.

I have a few characters in mind already, from a few hunter possibilities to even supernatural entities BUT again, we can discuss than further together.

SO. You may contact me at I might be open to chatting over Skype or AIM or something later but it all depends on my schedule. For roleplaying purposes, I'm pretty much email only. Hope to hear from ya!
Mar 1 2017, 07:13 PM
Hello, lovely people.

It should be pretty obvious from the title what my search is about but I have some specific things I'll be detailing below that I am interested in... BUT FIRST!

I'm well into my twenties, work full time and have a busy schedule. My job is super stressful and sometimes it's going to keep me from wanting to hop on the computer and may kill my writing muse. I'll try to let you know what's up with me just be aware in advanced. On the flip side, I'm super flexible with busy schedules in return. I went to college, I have a busy life... I get it. Roleplay is supposed to be fun. I'm not going into this expecting either of us to take things crazy seriously. I expect effort put into your writing, yes but I want you to have fun! Otherwise, what's the point?

I typically write 3-4 paragraphs a character, depending on the action at any given moment. I'm not going to be a stickler about posting length. Write what comes to you. Give me enough to work with. That's all I really ask. I want to enjoy reading your posts and I hope to give you something you enjoy reading in return. Simple as that.

I play both male and female characters, and I have a strong preference for doubling in most of my roleplays. I enjoy the room it gives me to build with more characters and all. My general experience is with M x F pairings but I'm not opposed to M x M or F x F ones. It just depends on the characters. I'm also open to Canon x OC and Canon x Canon pairings for this genre. I'm not really looking for anything OC x OC in the Marvel universe right now. Email only for now, which will be listed below.

I don't have much in the way of limits either. Cursing, Violence, Drug use... Whatever. As is appropriate in our setting, please feel fee. My only 'limits' tend to be around sex. Sexual Content hardly bothers me. I just get bored writing out extended sex scenes time and time again especially in longer roleplays... So, most of the time I just prefer a fade to black situation. I'm negotiable to your comfort on that stuff however.

Now, onto the more interesting stuff.

When?: I'm particularly interested in picking up with post- Civil War times. It could even be immediately post-movie if you'd like. The visual of Steve showing up to bust his buddies out of jail is just great to me. This could even take place during the movie if you don't think rehashing some of the events would be too monotonous. Preferably, after I think. I have seen Doctor Strange and I'm not against including him in our writings as well. I'm not sure that Doctor Strange left things on a particularly well tied in moment with the Avengers but Stephen is in New York. At they very least he's a hop, skip and a jump away from Tony Stark if he ever needed him.

Where?: Some place different! Get me outta New York. Let's do some traveling. Wakanda, Romania, Russia, South America, India... A dude ranch in Montana. Whatever. Let's get our Avengers on the move. I'm not really in a mood to move this off the planet right now but it's an option eventually. I play Loki... a lot and my experience with world building and interplanetary stuff is thorough. Right now though I'm pretty interested in focusing here on Earth.

Who?: Well, just about anyone! At least, from my side anyway. I have extensive experience with a lot of characters in the Marvel world. Steve Rogers, Scott Lang, Pietro Maximoff (Not Dead Obviously), Bruce Banner, Thor and Loki are who I have most of my experience with writing. I'm definitely not opposed to expanding my horizons though. Just simply let me know what you're thinking. On the flip side, I always have a tremendous soft spot for anyone who feels up for playing Bucky, Bruce or Tony but, again I'm flexible.

Why?:Well, that's for us to figure out isn't it? I have some small plot ideas for us to build off of but I would prefer to look at characters first then build from there.

Anything else? Feel free to shoot me a message and ask. I always forget something. I'm rather absent minded like that. Email below!

Oct 24 2016, 08:12 PM
I've picked up watching The Blacklist again and it's spurned a particular desire to explore something of that nature. Some universes I'm interesting in taking from would be The Blacklist, The Americans, James Bond, the Man from U.N.C.L.E, Mr. And Mrs. Smith... Even Something a bit more fantasy based like Marvel's Winter Soldier arc. Given me spies, assassins, criminals, state secrets being sold on the downlow and the relationships that come out of that. I'm super interested in all of that.

Also on the plate however is something a bit more high fantasy. If you didn't notice by my Marvel suggestion up there I love comics and lately I've been on a bit of a kick about 'gifted' people. Mutants, enhanced, whatever you want to call them. I would sort of love to do your typical group of enhanced people on the run but perhaps with a bit different characters types. A dad trying to protect his daughter wrapped up in something so much bigger than them? Siblings pulled from the lap of luxury and put into the reality of their circumstance? Come at me bro, I have ideas.

UPDATE: I'm also specifically looking for a Harry Potter role play or as previously mentioned something from the Marvel universe. I have a lot of ideas for both so please reach out to me if you are interested in either. Some ideas laid out 'pairing' wise are below.

Harry Potter:
- OC auror x OC Death Eater
- OC auror x OC dark wizard
- OC professor x OC professor
- OC professor x OC nurse
- Canon x OC character

- Canon x OC character
- Canon x Canon

For both, inquire about who I play. Generally as long as you ask nicely I'll try my hand at anyone though I do have plenty of experience with most canon characters.

On a more serious note, I've been writing for quite a while and will try to put a good deal of effort into my writing. My post length depends on what's going on at the time but I generally go for 3-4 paragraphs a character at least most of the time. I am looking to double, or even possibly take on more characters than that as things are needed. I just want to make a brilliant story with you. smile.gif My limits are pretty flexible so make sure to mention anything that you might be a stickler on.

Otherwise, you can email me at
May 15 2016, 09:18 PM
Hey guys and gals!

What I'm looking for is pretty simple though I suppose it will need some explanation. biggrin.gif I am happy to provide that below.

First however, what I am looking for in a partner.

I'm hoping to find someone who is as engaged in their writing as I hope to be for you. Characters and character development are my life and I would love to find a partner who is as in love with seeing that sort of stuff as I am. biggrin.gif Complexity is key. I try to make interesting characters who are flawed and multifaceted. Not every character can be perfect nor should they. A little bit of darkness and brokenness can be fun sometimes just as the lightness can be.

I'm hoping you'll be the type who enjoys play multiple characters because a cast of well developed individuals is going to be so tempting to explore in this. I play both male and female characters and I'm willing to look at different sexualities depending on the individual characters and how things fit into the plot.

As for content, I'm pretty lenient. Cursing is fine by me, violence as applicable as well. I don't like anything that is plainly gratuitous but violence that is done for the sake of the plot, sure. Sex is more questionable. Sexual content doesn't bother me int he least bit though I find myself bored with long, drawn out sex scenes. I tend to prefer to work out content limits between us for something we are both comfortable with in the end.

Now, onto the more fun stuff.

I've been watching a little Hulu show called The Path. If you haven't been watching it, you should. It's interesting. It is about a fringe group like cult. The show is interestingly complex with it's make up of characters and their relationships with one another and I would like to explore this sort of situation perhaps in a different context.

I've always been interested in the dynamic of werewolf packs as they appear in fandoms and supernatural genres. I would like to look at a wolf pack that very much has the same sort of nearly fringe group-esque mentality of The Path. A semi-charismatic would be leader who is struggling for control, a member someone in between the ranks looking for answers where they shouldn't be, love triangles, young forbidden love... So many options.

I want to explore the political and social leanings of a werewolf pack that is trying to find its feet in a world that just doesn't seem so big anymore. What will happen when the previous alpha disappears and the future of the pack is left open to question? Will the pack members agree about whether they should be open about their 'condition' or continue years of hidden secrecy? Will a burgeoning young love between a young pack member and a human put things a risk?

I have so many ideas and I'm hoping to find someone willing to pick up multiple characters so we can explore a complex cast of characters in this. biggrin.gif If you are interested... Don't hesitate to drop me a message!

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