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Apr 9 2017, 12:17 PM
Hello there! You can call me Aether (or Asha, if you prefer). I've recently been re-watching Star Trek and enjoying all of its amazingness while simultaneously thinking: I have to rp this. So, even though I've been out of the rp game for a while and I'm only just now getting back into it... I'm craving a specific Star Trek rp.

If you want to know more about me my general rp ad can be found here. This one on the other hand I'll make short and sweet! Basically what I'm looking for is a TNG-era rp focused on Data and either Geordi or an oc. I'd love to rp Data alongside an interesting, well-written character; I'd also prefer them to be human because I'd like to explore Data's own personhood and development in juxtaposition with an actual human/half human at least. However if you do have an interesting hook for a non-human character I'm wiling to consider it!

I'm not necessarily focusing on finding a romantic ship (though I definitely won't rule that out). There are just so many types of relationships; even enemies to friends/foils are welcome (and encouraged!). In Geordi's case they could be platonic soulmates or develop romantic feelings. Data adores his smol engineer bff no matter what so I'm not fussy. In the case of an oc I'd love to explore him being a more fatherly/mentor figure but if you're not into that we could do something different. I don't like setting out with a goal in mind when it comes to relationships; imo it's better to let them develop organically and see where it ends up. c: Sometimes it's more undefined and mysterious that way and that's part of the fun!

I should mention that if we do end up with a romantic pairing... I headcanon Data as asexual so no smut pls.

Anyway, we can also bring in npcs/side characters! I love conflict so Lore would be a good choice, or even the Borg if we want things to get really intense. I don't mind veering away from canon where it suits the story so if you're cool with it we could create an intense plot without having to worry too much about it being canonically accurate.

If any of this jives with you feel free to message me! Even if you just have questions. cool.gif
Mar 17 2017, 11:23 PM
Do you love space and science fiction? Do you love writing and everything that goes into the creative process? More importantly, are you looking for a rp buddy who loves these things too? Then this is the ad for you! If you're the type of rp buddy who'd like to keep me up until 3am talking about your characters and plots--YOU'RE HIRED.

Okay, so a bit about me first. You can call me Aether or Asha (whatever flavour you prefer). I'm a twenty-something space ace fumbling about in EST, wondering what I'm doing with my life. I haven't been in the rp game for a while but I've been wanting to give it another shot! On a good day I like to believe I'm easy-going and mature... at least when it matters (otherwise not really; I'm actually 5 l o l). Anyway...

I'm looking for a writing buddy just as much as a rp buddy. I'd like to find someone passionate about character development (my fave thing) and the creative process in general. Someone fun, easy-going, and imaginative who I can talk to for hours about what makes characters tick. I want to hear about your latest creative project, share my own, and just chat about writing stuff! And of course it'd be nice if you're also an actual child like me who indulges in the "occasional" rp crack chat because why not. It's no fun being serious all the time.

That being said: on to the fun stuff. Variety in rp is the best and it'd be great to rp in original settings with original ocs and/or in a fandom setting! If you haven't guessed already I mostly want space and sci-fi related rps (not that I'm not into other stuff but that's basically what I'm hyper-focused on rn). Anyway, I'll list some of the things I'm looking for below:

some subjects/sub-genres (to start out with)

- artificial intelligence/androids ❤️ (with all the ethical, existential, and philosophical goodies that would entail)
- creator and creation dynamic (see above)
- space voyages and exploration, scientific or otherwise
- search for extraterrestrial life
- alien civilizations/cultures/technology
- epic world-building
- hard sci-fi
- fantasy/supernatural sci-fi!
- retro-futuristic sci-fi
- sci-fi horror
- science gone wrong (see above)
- science vs spirituality
- the future of humanity, transhumanism, and how space travel factors into it all
- terraforming / colonizing planets
- space technology and industry
- etc etc &c

now some fandoms that I'd love to play around in!

- Star Trek. Tbh I've been craving a rp with Data and either Geordi or an oc. I've been wanting to rp Data for a long time so PLS do not hesitate to drop me a line if you're interested in this pairing!! Or really anything to do with the Soong family! I'm also willing to rp a romantic or platonic spock/jim/bones dynamic, or something original in the trek-verse.

- Star Wars. Any time, any place, anyhow. I have a special fondness for the prequel era (prequel apologist and fan here!) but honestly, I love it all and I've been dying to find a sw rp partner! Even swtor and the Clone Wars tv show are great so if you want a rp to tie into those that's cool too. I'm good with canon and oc characters though I would especially LOVE to play Obi-Wan (with my partner rp'ing Anakin preferably) or Luke because I adore them.

- Alien franchise. I recently finished Alien Isolation and I've been craving some chest-bursting alien fun ever since. Samuels was especially a delight in that game so I'd definitely rp him alongside Ripley or an oc. I've even thought of creating a working joe oc as well. We aren't limited to AI though and could go in a totally different direction in another time/place.

- Other video game universes. Tbh I love too many video games and I'm lazy so just ask me about this one if that's your thing.

Now onto a few crucial details that I'll put in list form for the sake of convenience (and again, laziness)

rating/limits: I'm fine with almost everything. Violence/gore (no sexual violence though, please), substance abuse, and swearing don't bother me so have at it! That being said, as a sex-repulsed asexual I'd rather not go into detail with sexual encounters so fade-to-black is a must. Though since my characters all tend to be ace too even that probably won't happen much if at all. Sorry if you read all this for nothing lmao.

Also I don't rp with anyone under 18 either and I'd prefer my partner to be at least 21.

If you're still reading then on to the finale!

shipping/pairings/relationships: I like shipping within reason but I also like to have variety when it comes to rp relationships. It'd be great to explore familial relationships, platonic soulmates, enemies, frenemies, bffs, and everything in between including the hard-to-define ones! If I have to be limited to the typical pairing formula I get bored quick and I prefer things to happen naturally or not at all anyway. Romance takes a back-seat to developing organic relationships.

and just so you know: I don't do mxf pairings unless it's romantic only (i.e. not sexual).

characters: my absolute favourite part of rp and writing in general is character development. Playing a variety of characters makes me happy and I try to make every one unique. All of them tend to be non cis-het and of many species/colours/sizes so hopefully that's alright!

rp style/medium: I rp in the third person and past tense. I don't mind experimenting with different forms of rp and I like various related things (oc diaries, poetry, fanfic) but this is generally what I stick to and I'd like my rp partner to have the same preference! As for medium I generally use email/IM/tumblr/gdocs etc but I'm willing to branch out as long as I don't have to join a public forum.

schedule/speed: I try to match my partner's posting speed and word count but since I have a crazy life and a cantankerous muse that isn't always the case. So I ask that you (pls) be patient with me when stupid reality and my stupid brain get in the way.

Anyway this has gotten way too long so I'll wrap things up here. If you're interested in being my rp buddy or if you have questions/reservations please feel free to pm me! I try to be as accommodating and flexible as possible and I'm really quite friendly so don't hesitate to reach out to me if you're interested. (:
Nov 29 2016, 07:16 AM
About Me 

Alias: Aether! at least until I get to know people

Age: 20-something

Gender: non-binary af. Also problematic space ace who headcanons all your faves as asexual

Personality: I'm pretty chill usually and like a mature, drama-free environment. Honesty and communication are key. That being said I can also be a super ridiculous 5-year-old and I don't last long without some humour in my life. Laid-back and fun is how I like things and honestly rp is supposed to be like that in the first place, right?

I also talk a lot. I'll talk your ear off about character development, plots, and world-building. Also any other topic you could think of including mundane facts about my day to day life.

About Me:

Do you like to use messengers to chat? Yes, please. It isn't a deal-breaker if you don't, I guess, but I like to talk and gush about rp things over skype or discord. Still, email will work if that isn't your thing.

How long have you been roleplaying?

a decade or so probably

About Roleplaying  

What is the plot (or plots) that you'd like to play out with someone?

I will rp just about anything! Though I'm mostly in the mood for space/sci-fi so here are some of the things I'd like to play out:

- star trek, specifically TOS/AOS era but I'm willing to branch out too. I'd LOVE to rp Spock or any Vulcan/Vulcan hybrid especially, preferably alongside Kirk and/or Bones (in Spock's case) but ocs are good too. Or if you'd like to rp Spock I'd love to rp an oc alongside him! Hey, I can even rp Bones or Kirk if you want to turn the tables. I'm not too fussy, I love my boys. I'll ship any of these three together (they are some of the few characters I actually DO actively ship) but they are bffs first and foremost for me so I'll be just as happy for them to be platonic besties.

- star wars, any era really and both canon and ocs are fine by me. I have been wanting to rp Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker so if I get any opportunity to do that I'll be happy! 

- swtor too! I'm new to it and haven't played much since I don't have anyone else to play with but I'd love to make some rp characters for it!

- an original space/sci-fi rp would be fantastic too. Let's bounce some ideas off of each other!

I'd also love some historical rps. They can be entirely grounded in reality/fact or they can have fantasy, supernatural, or sci-fi elements thrown in. Here are some of my favourite eras: 

- ancient rome
- medieval 
- victorian england (especially with a supernatural/paranormal twist)
- general 18th-19th century (I'm all about that Romantic Aesthetic and Gothic themes)
- other, just ask me!

some of my other favourite genres include:

- supernatural/paranormal (I love supernatural creatures and secret societies! I'd also love a rp with some paranormal investigators, lovecraftian themes, or paranormal themes in general)
- mythical creatures/pantheons (especially greek but any will do)
- video games (Dishonored, Bioshock, Fallout, & Portal are my favourites but feel free to ask about other games too)
- fantasy... yes I know this is a broad term but I'm up for most things. Just take it easy on the generic Tolkienesque high fantasy and we're good.
- other/original. Is there another universe you'd like to rp in? Wanna create something entirely original? I'm game for just about anything as long as it's interesting.

I love to rp across a wide variety of genres and making up original characters/settings is one of my favourite things to do, so I hope my rp buddy feels the same. Mixing genres/elements of different genres is also a lot of fun. The possibilities are endless! I also like having multiple characters in any given setting. Being limited to only one or two characters can get boring fast, at least for me. The more the merrier, imo.

Also I like shipping... at least in moderation. I'd rather it not be the focus of the rp because it's more fun to have a variety of relationships beyond romantic, including strong platonic/familial/unconventional relationships (should point out I'm not into cis-het pairings at all, sorry).

How often do you generally post?

I can be a slow poster but I try to keep up with my partner. I just ask that you be patient with me because my muse is a cantankerous jerk. 

How much do you generally post?

as much as needed

Do you like to write in first person or third person?

third person and past tense, please

Who are your favorite playbys (PBs)?

I like unique faces but tbh I don't always use play-bys

What playbys (PBs) do you hate?

maybe ones I've seen a thousand times, or band faces (depends on the band though)

What rating are you comfortable with?

I'm fine with 18+ themes. That being said I'd rather not rp with anyone under 21 (for personal comfort and moral reasons obviously).

How do you feel about writing out graphic scenes such as violence, drug use, and sex?

Violence and drug use? Heck yeah. Though being a sex-repulsed asexual I don't like to write out sex scenes and I refuse to play out any sexual violence. Leave that stuff at the door my guy.

Final Statement

How do you want to be contacted?

pm is fine! or you can contact me on my tumblr

Anything else?

I'd love to find a rp buddy who is fun, imaginative, and passionate about writing/character development. Gushing about characters and what makes them tick is what I love most so if that's your thing then we'll get along great!
Jan 20 2016, 09:43 PM
About Me

Age: twenty-something

Gender: non-binary (afab)

Personality: I like to keep things pleasant and easy-going, and I don't like confrontation but cherish honesty and communication! Maturity is great. A sense of humor is even better. Where's the fun in rp if it has to be a drag?

I also like talking... a lot. Especially about writing. I'll probably talk your ear off about Star Wars (especially about The Team), writing methods, the current fic I'm working on, the weather, and various other things and interests. Anything really.

Also I'm perfectionist trash who takes their writing too seriously!

ooc chat medium: I would prefer to use Skype but I'm not that fussy and if you can't use Skype I'll check out other options.

preferred rp mediums:

• tumblr (if you rp with me on tumblr I will love you. I don't follow formal tumblr rp rules unless my partner requests it; I just post there like I'd post anywhere else.)
• email / google docs / other

What is the plot (or plots) that you'd like to play out with someone?

The relationship and adventures of Obi-Wan Kenobi and his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker. I've been craving this something fierce lately and I will adore the person who decides to play the Anakin to my Obi-Wan! There will be plenty of conflict, love, and a slow descent into uncertainty and hatred. I love slow and deep development, and I love relationships that aren't easily defined. They won't always see each other the same way, but there's a deep and profound bond between them.

Their relationship floats fluidly between a father/son, mentor/apprentice, brother/brother, and best friend/best friend dynamic. There will be good times and bad times, laughter and butting heads, rivalry and teamwork, and everything else you would expect from such a dynamic duo. Also even though the relationship would be platonic I'm totally open to soulmate ideas! Platonic soulmates are my everything. <3

Bonus points if you enjoy playing padawan!Anakin too! The Clone Wars era dynamic might be my favourite but I have a soft spot for big brother Obi-Wan and Padawan Ani. uwu

I don't want the rp to be confined too strictly by canon. For the big picture I tend to stick to it but otherwise I like to explore with different ideas and expand on canon within reason. Basically I focus on having fun more than being canonically accurate. Are there AUs or other verses you want to explore? I'd love to! Multi-verse is always fun.

Also some side characters/NPCs might be rp'd as well which may or may not include: Padmé Amidala, members of the Jedi council, Sheev Palpatine, Ahsoka Tano, etc. If you have knowledge of the expanded universe/Legends and The Clone Wars tv show that's a big plus! Especially since I think the Anakin in The Clone Wars feels a bit more fleshed out (not knocking Hayden here though).

How often do you generally post?

I'm a slow poster but I do my best to match my partner. A relaxed posting speed is nice and gives a chance to enjoy the fun stuff in between posts like talking about characters and plotting, with a side of gushing and crack because why not?

What rating are you comfortable with?

Mature is fine but you must be over 18, and honestly I'd prefer my partner to be 21+

Characters For Plot

Anakin Skywalker

The Slave Boy. The Chosen One. The Best Friend.

He is powerful but tormented by nightmares and fear. He's also devoted but possessive and unable to let anything go. Fellow Jedi don't trust him--except for one. After the death of Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan was adamant on training him, even if he had to go against the council's wishes... and that is how the boy became a Jedi apprentice.

Anakin is a complex character with unresolved issues rooted in his childhood as a slave, when all he had was his mother. He has as many virtues as he has flaws, and is always struggling between them and the world around him.

If you want to rp Anakin then I just ask that you take the time to really understand his character and handle him with tlc. I want to see his struggle, joy, goals, fears, and the reasons why he does what he does. I want to understand why he eventually turns to the dark side.

Anything else?

I'm looking for someone who loves deep character and relationship development. I love to discuss what makes characters tick so if you like swapping walls of text about characters over IM then we'll get along great! Also I'm really flexible and if you're the right person for the rp I'll be more than happy to adapt to your preferences, so keep that in mind if something in my ad doesn't sit well with you.

I’m looking for someone who’s fun and passionate about the characters as well, because I want someone who will not only rp with me but who will gush endlessly about them with me too. Really looking for a friend as well as a writing partner. And hopefully you’re as obsessed with Star Wars and The Team as I am. ˘◡˘
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