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May 1 2018, 12:28 AM
Hey there I'm Kate.

I'm looking for a Handmaid's tale roleplay on discord.

I am totally willing to play side characters to fully flesh out the roleplay but I would love to focus on two females in the rp.

Either a wife and a handmaid, or two handmaids, or a martha and a handmaid. We can also explore their lives before the world changed.

This would be OC's.

Please be 18+ at the absolute least. I would prefer 20+ as I am 23. I don't want to get in trouble as I want this to be a dark, gritty, and mature themed roleplay.

I love this world and would love to explore more within it. I love aesthetics, and I will make playlists for our characters on spotify and send you little things. I love using face claims and I have a friend who makes manips. I will get totally invested in the rp.

I am even down for doing other roleplays once we finish this one or even exploring different characters in the universe. Whatever you want.

My discord is Kate#8670

Pleas hit me up. We can either stay on discord or make a google docs or even email or kik. Whatever you want.

I'm just dying for this. <3

May 28 2017, 02:12 PM
Hey there! I'm kate I'm 22 and in the CST timezone

I'm looking for a hades/persephone roleplay. We could do it normally or even play with them personified. I'm also up for other greek gods and goddesses and would just love to play around with this genre. Maybe even mortal/god. But hades and Persephone is what I'm really really craving. I would really love to play Persephone if we do mxf but wouldn't mind playing Hades if we did a f// or m// if you really want to be Persephone.

I have few limits and would want someone 18+ cause i do want romance and sexual themes and I'm 22. I'm fine with changing the genders too so it can be mxf, m//, f// whatever we want.

Aim: roseveltbear.
Mar 29 2017, 12:17 PM
Hey there so I'm kate. I'm 22 and have been role-playing for about 12 years now. I live in the CST Time zone and am a college student. I've been on barbermonger before and if you recognize my email and we lost touch please email me again. I've been through a bit of a personal he'll in the last year or so and am just beginning to recover and be more on top of things. That being said I an looking for people to fill my time with glorious plots and pairings we can make together.

Things I like:

Reincarnation themes
Historical themes
Crime themes (got a plot for this genre)
Horror themes
Family plots (starting a family, family angst)
Post apocalypse and dystopian themes
Realistic themes (the tough stuff like drugs, abuse, miscarriages, etc. I won't shy away from these because bad things happen to good people all the time. And if we are doing a real life rp I want to be able to use these)
Fame and stardom (I have a plot in my head about a fictional band that I've used on a site and have been dying to play it)
LGBT+ themes (I'm pan myself so I love incorporating queer things into roleplays.)
Arranged marriages (or convenience marriages)
Romance and relationships
I even do omegaverse if that's your style.

I also love Harry Potter shamelessly and love marauders era. I play a wealth of characters from that era and would always be up for this.

Things I don't like:
Anything weird sexually. No scat or pee play or anything with furries or non consensual.

Give me enough to work with but you don't have to write a novel but don't give me one or two lines to work off of. A paragraph at least please.

Things to be too perfect or too easy. Give me some drama and a bit of a challenge with our pairings. I love when things are juicy and interesting.


I do all sorts of pairings f//, mxf, m//, non binary I'm fine with everything. If we do mxf though I would like to request we double.


I do have aim and kik both given on request. Shoot me an email or a pm first if you want those.

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