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Jan 13 2017, 02:17 AM

** Updated 3/7/18!!

First thing's first, my name is Cassi, and I thank you very much for taking the time to click on my little thread! It's been a terribly long time since I ventured to barbermonger in search of an RP companion, but as one of my long time rp partners has been facing writer's block for several months now and I simply can't connect with my other friends\ writing styles as well as I used to, I'm here in search of a new future friend and collaborator for roleplaying!

That's pretty much the basics down pat, but let's go into some of the details about me so you're not just talking to a stranger!
  • as stated, my name is Cassi, and I'm 22 years old, so I'd much prefer not to roleplay with anyone younger than 18 - sorry!
  • I live in the usa, utc-5 timezone, and am a major night owl
  • for roleplaying purposes, I prefer to use google docs where our replies are updated live, and for chat purposes I use dsicord
  • I write mature; that includes blood, gore, violence, sex, and everything in between. I have no real restrictions with what I will write but if you do let me know immediately!
  • I much prefer writing m// and f// but will write everything else, I just find the former more fun to write dynamics wise.
  • depending on the time of night and my inspiration, my replies can be anywhere between 300 words and an entire word document long - and this font and size is what I tend to write in, as a warning. I love writing descriptions and tend to write in third person most of the time, as it's what I feel most comfortable with.
  • if you're wanting to roleplay with me, please be willing to double or more to help tell the story. Depending on the rp, I can play up to 5 characters at once during any given scene!
Concerning genres, at the moment what I'm really looking for is an Overwatch roleplay, though there are other genres I'd love to roleplay as well (check below for more options), and that's where that doubling bit of info up in that list kinda came from. There are 27 heroes in overwatch, and depending on the plot and what we decide, I would like to include quite a few if not all the characters at any given time. For simplicity's sake, here are all 27 characters listed, with my preferences bolded for convenience! I'm of course not totally firm and can hand off certain characters off if you're totally invested in them! (Though you'll have to fight me for Gabriel)

Reaper | Soldier 76 | Ana Amari | Pharah | Reinhardt
Junkrat | Roadhog | Zarya | Mei | Mercy
Genji | Hanzo | McCree | Tracer | Widowmaker
Sombra | Dva | Lucio | Winston | Symmetra
Zenyatta | Torbjorn | Bastion | Doomfist | Orisa |
Moira | Brigitte

And of course, there will be pairings... and I have quite a few of them. My preferences are listed below, with asterisks (*) next to preferences. What the preference means implies the pairings that I'd like most to base the meat of the RP around.

** I'm currently actually craving some F// rps and maybe even some talon-centric RPs but I'll take anything. : P
  • McCree / Hanzo *
  • McCree / Genji *
  • Mei / Zarya
  • Reaper / 76
  • Junkrat / Roadhog *
  • Widowmaker / Tracer
  • Sombra / Symmetra *
  • Ana / Reinhardt
  • Pharah / Mercy
  • Genji / Zenyatta *
  • Dva / Lucio
  • Dva / Sombra
  • Doomfist / Lucio
  • Junkrat / Lucio
  • McCree / Reyes
  • Genji / Hanzo (Yes, Shimadacest. If you don't approve then pretend this isn't here. Kthanks.)
  • Widowmaker / Sombra *
  • Hanzo / Widowmaker
  • Moira / Mercy *
If there's anything else or more you'd like to suggest or talk about, let me know! I will state right here and now though? I'd prefer no Overwatch OC's. I'm sure they're great and all but... no thanks, it's not what I'm looking for.

Now, onto some more different kind of genres and such I'm looking for, since I've been expanding my interests as of late!

( If I'm really wanting something, there will be an * next to it! )

  • Don't Starve
  • Pokemon *
  • Overwatch
  • ... It's a short list but feel free to ask, I've got more I'm interested in just nothing is coming to mind ATM.

Original Stories
  • Demons/Supernatural based stories
  • Beings with magical powers
  • Werewolves/Vampires, all that good stuff
  • Slice of Life (but I'd prefer you come with a kind of setting/plot in mind)
  • Literally almost anything, don't be afraid of suggesting something you're really feeling!

You can contact me via my EMAIL! I'll share my discord once we're acquainted for easier chatting!

That EMAIL is:

Thanks once again for taking the time to read my little post here! Apologies if I missed anything!

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

- Cassi
Oct 26 2012, 02:53 PM

Hello everyone, the name's Cassi, and I have a proposal for you. Or maybe you have a proposal for me, but whatever the case may be, we are all here looking for the same thing; a good roleplay. I currently have had a couple going on with one person, though these are only fanfictions, and lately I have been hankering for some OC action. Will someone answer my call?

Honestly, I will just redirect you to a site that I haven't updated in forever, which would be here, but if you want things simplified and maybe a bit more up to date, stick around for the 1-2-3's of roleplaying with moi... and well, actually read the stuff here anyway. It's kinda important!
  • Don't be a deuce. Seriously, I like it when my partners are mature and understanding - especially since right now, I am on a foreign exchange program in Germany from America for the next eight months. See, after two months here, I've decided that I can keep up with a roleplay since I still manage one to two replies a day. This does not mean, however, that you will get that many replies a day, especially once I really start integrating and all that junk. This would be for fun, and I'm sad to say that this scares off all my usual buddies on here... but really, if you're a hardcore writer and want to try this? I'll do my best, but go into it knowing the situation I'm in! Please don't get cross with me and all will be good.
  • Sorry everyone, I'm only doing m// right now! This is usually never an issue, but I usually get that one person going, 'oh, but...' No buts please. Only butts. Man butts. Attractive man butts making man butt magic in our roleplays, kthnx.
  • I know that many people frown upon this term of phrase now, but he 'literate'. I say this because it's easiest and simplest to understand. I am a person that, depending on how into the roleplay I get and how many characters I play, can pump out replies anywhere from 200 bis 1000 words. You by no means have to match it, but don't be intimidated by it... and you get brownie points for long replies.
  • Speaking of how many characters, here comes Nummer 4: please be willing to double. Really, focusing on just two characters. Great fun, but it can and will get boring. :D

I really do think that's about it though. I have no ideas about genre, and honestly, we can discuss that over email - of which mine is Drop me a message if you feel like you're up to the task, and hey, maybe I might message you first! Please, if you aren't interested, might you drop me a bump anyway? In my host family I am living with, their internet is kind of shit and runs this site like molasses. Just a friendly bump to the top would be lovely!

Danke, and I hope to hear from you soon!


Apr 28 2012, 09:31 PM
Let's start out this little advertisement by giving everyone who might be interested this: my Freewebs!

That link right there should become your bible when roleplaying with me, because it tells you all the cut and dry basics. Here, however, I'm going to enlighten those either too lazy to click on said link and read everything, and instead summarize that site into a nice little package.

First off, my name is Cassi. Please when you contact me tell me yours! That would be absolutely smashing! I am someone who I would like to say is semi lit. to advanced, so while I do despise labels, I ask that you be pretty close to the same. I don't want to plan out a great roleplay idea and then terrify people with my 700-1000 word replies and up to 3000 word intros!

Also, as the title of this post hints to, I only really roleplay m//. If you really feel up to it, I can try out f//, but know that I am far from skilled at it. If we happen to decide on this, please be nice; it's been a while since I pulled out any of my girls. XD

Now for the most important part of this post that changes way too much for me to put on my website: cravings. At the moment, I've got a deep desire to roleplay...

1. Vampires
Cliche, I know, but I really do miss my little blood suckers and I haven't been able to find a good roleplay in quite literally years. If you can give me something with some substance and we can figure out a fantastic plot, be my guest to suggest!

2. Zombie Apocalypse
Yep! This one's kind of funny though, since one of the characters that I'd like to roleplay is a kind of sentient zombie. Of course, if you'd like some kind of intimate romance, we can always play some friendly neighborhood survivors since I have a nice character I've been desperate to use!

2b. L4D2
If you don't know what this abbreviation is, don't bother asking. Considering the fact that I think Ellis and Nick are the cutest zombie-slaughtering couple in the world, I really wouldn't mind trying out a fun roleplay with them. Given that, I also wouldn't mind having OC's in the L4D2 world. I have to say, hunters are my weakness. <3

3. Gang/Mafia Related
Now this could either be modern or supernatural. Something about guys parading around with murder on their sleeves and guns in their jeans makes it a promise to be a good roleplay, don't you think? Not to mention that there's plenty to work with.

4. Voodoo
You know, dark magic and all that stuff. I've been craving something kind of dark like that. We can probably come up with a pretty rad plot since this is such a fun genre! ;D


Now, I think that's it! Please contact me at if you're interested! Peace out!

Mar 23 2012, 06:18 PM
Alright everyone! I have, for far too long, worked on a single story line with a set amount of characters with one roleplay partner for much too long, and I am needing some new variation! I'm coming in here with a couple of cravings, a few sparse rules, but otherwise am completely open in the terms of genre and all that junk. So, read on, my friends!


1. And it's the most important one: BE NICE. I am not looking for a partner to degrade me and laugh at my characters-slash-writing. Come in with a good attitude and I swear you'll get it back.

2. I have no limits, but don't think that means every single time I'll want to be dragging out "scenes". I am a fictional writer, not a porn director: don't mistake me as one. Although concerning blood and gore... just be careful with what you start because I love that shit. <3

3. Please don't come into this going "I wanna be dom!" or "I wanna be the submissive!!!1!" because I will shoot you. On the spot. Understand?

4. With that note, I really am only looking for m// at this moment. Come in with a good plot and a good genre, then I MIGHT consider f// or m/f, but it's gotta be REALLY good.

5. Make your posts a decent length. I like nice, long, literate posts - mostly because I tend to blabber and I like having something long to blabber back to! Having short posts are by no means bad, since I believe in quality over quantity, but be aware that for the most part that my posts will be much longer.

6. My boys tend to be assholes with a side of crazy. Please make sure that yours won't be either too girly/annoying, or too cowardly to do much more than cower from them. Trust me, none of them are all too pleasant to be with. Just make sure your boy isn't a pansy and we should be good.

7. I like violent relationships. Get the message?

- - -

OKAY sorry for the excessive rules! Now let's take a dip in the pool of genres...

Which, at the moment, is kind of pathetic simply because I'm so open to everything! There are a few cravings that I'm really looking for though:

Pokemon Trainers/Gijinkas If you know what a gijinka is, than you obviously know what that is. As for the trainers, I warn you that the pokemon world I have my characters inhabit is much less kid friendly. Like for example, my main boy I use is a male prostitute with a chronic gambling problem. Get the picture?

Apocalypse ** Specifically something zombie or nuclear in nature. Or maybe the world has become too contaminated and the air supply is too poisonous to be on the surface and there's a dystopic world under the ground? Who knows! I even have an interesting idea concerning the kind of apocalypse. Ask if you're curious.

Demons ** Or Angels. Or fairies. Or Supernatural, really. I just am looking for something kind of dark and not really natural to play around with. Plus many of my demons aren't exactly the most sane of characters, and I am desperately missing my little crazies~

Underground/Mafia/Assassins I like guns. And shooting people. And murders. And conspiracies. And lots of angry relationships. Need I say more?

Human Hybrids ** All those who played animal DNA roleplays once in their life, raise there hands! And if you didn't raise your hand, you're a dirty liar. I'm specifically really interested in playing a moth character of mine. Really interested. A "I'll kiss your feet" kind of interested.

** means the best choices to pick!

- - -

In any case, I only use email. And that email is righttt here:

Please drop me a message so we can figure this out! I'm getting desperate!

- Cassi
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