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Jul 10 2018, 12:31 PM
Hello all!

My name is Javvie and I am a 27 year old teacher who is bored to tears and just discovered a few new things I love.

Things I love

- Rapid fire replies: I use my phone to roleplay so I love being a bit less flowery and a bit more getting to the point. I can send replies pretty quickly, the shorter the reply, the faster you will get it. I normally roleplay 3-5 paragraphs a character unless we are ultra fast buddies, then it might be a paragraph.

- Relationships/Character Building- I love relationships and building characters more than anything else. That's pretty much what I'm looking for most of the time as opposed to something with a lot of action.

- Smut/Fluff- I LOVE SMUT AND FLUFF! My characters have kinks but love cuddles and tender moments. Some big kinks are Daddy/little (even outside the bedroom), age gaps in general, light bdsm, woman in control, spanking/punishments, orgasm denial/forced orgasm, pregnancy and pregnancy intent, futa (either through magic or naturally), multi-partners/ffm threesomes

-Hurt/Comfort dynamic- Goes hand in hand with the last one.

-Historic roleplays- Give me your eternal bachelors skirt chasing noble ladies or Southern belles. Give me your strong female character trapped in a time where she is forced to be submissive until she strips her clothing. Give me your lesbian suffragette. Give me your doe eyed girl who needs to social climb. Give me corsets and whispered affairs and arranged marriages. Yes. Yes to all of it.

- Beauty and the Beast trope- I love this. In any form. All of it. Yes.

- Multi-generational roleplaying- Unable to do more with our original characters because they have a happy ending? Lets fast forward twenty years and roleplay their children! I have done this several times and it is so much fun to roleplay in the world that you built and have well established.

Now, for some more specific cravings (fandoms/plot bunnies)


Hadestown (PersephonexHades, PersephonexEurydice, PersephonexEurydicexHades, PersephonexEurydicexOrpheus)- I would also be willing to explain what Hadestown is, because I don't think you need to know the musical to roleplay. It's the classic tale of Eurydice and Orpheus but set in a Depression-like era with Hell being turned into a factory/speak easy. I adore Persephone in this. She's a tired, spit-fire who Hades would do anything for her and she just wants to stay up where it's clean and beautiful. It's amazing and I would just like to do a roleplay with that sort of setting.

Criminal Minds (ish)- I guess that this would be like a kidnapping sort of scenario, but I watched an episode of Criminal Minds that was super creepy but also intriguing where a man kidnapped a child, but only wanted to raise her to be his wife. Of course, this would occur when the kidnapped child was eighteen, but it would also be interesting if the kidnapped child had been raised without knowing they were kidnapped. Totally a weird concept, but it might be fun to play with. Also cults. Anything with cults.

Beauty and the Beast (arranged marriage)- Belle has known Beast for some time, however, he is always covered in shadow or a cloak. They have a good friendship and when the news is broken that her father has arranged a marriage between them, she is comforted. The Beast is kind and gentle, and has never forced himself upon as some former suitors have tried to. However, when they are married, she sees her husband- an infamous scarred war general who killed many innocents in her village, including her mother. Can their relationship be saved?

RumplestiltskinxBelle (OUAT)- I love various things for this, but my favorite is an AU where Belle is a librarian who receives anonymous notes in books that are returned by various people. When she discovers that Mr. Gold, the town pawn shop owner who is feared by all, is the writer of the notes, she decides to confront him in person which takes them down a path neither thought they would take.

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812/War and Peace (PierrexNatasha, open to them combined with SonPya, Dolokov, or Andrei as a threeway relationship)- Basically events after Great Comet. Helene is destined to die in the roleplay, but we can decide where to take them.

Pokemon (Alolan Universe)- A bit of a wild card, but I would be done for a more adult version of Pokemon. Maybe our characters are former champions or gym leaders? Could definitely be interesting to toy with.

Phantom of the Opera (Leroux/Kay verse) (ErikxChristine, ChristinexNadir/The Persian, ErikxNadir/ThePersianxChristine, ErikxRaoulxChristine, ErikxChristinexMeg) - I'm done for anything and everything with this. I love playing all the characters in the Phantom universe and it's probably my most roleplayed fandom.

Lord of the Rings (WormtonguexEowyn)- AU where Wormtongue gets everything he wants, including the hand of Eowyn for his bride. Lots we can play with here, obviously, but I like the evil wins type of route. I enjoy a bit of dub-con in this pairing.

Sweeney Todd (Judge TurpinxJohanna)- After Anthony is accidentally shot by Johanna in the asylum, Judge Turpin offers to lift her sentence if she marries him. I enjoy a bit of dub-con in this pairing.

Non-fandom cravings-

- Arranged marriage where the man marries a woman originally meant to be a nun
- A viking man taking a tribute from a village as his new plaything
- A noble bachelor who meets his match in the queen's sister
- A nun who is seduced by a succubus
- A man who becomes involved with two women, not knowing that they are having an affair of their own as well
- Anything involving artists, especially ballerinaxpatron
- Anything involving prostitutes
- Harem dynamic
- Polyamorous relationship involving two best friends and the woman they both adore

If interested, please email here:

Tell me what you're interested in, what you're comfortable with, and lets get roleplaying!
Oct 8 2017, 05:30 PM

I have a character, Hannah Smith, daughter of the pious Harold Smith, who is a witch in the making. She practices due to the fact that her nanny also practiced, and is coming into her own as a woman to be presented for marriage and as a follower of magic.

Your character is a woman in an abusive marriage. She may or may not have children (up to you), but is a guest at the Smith house on All Hallow's Eve, when the family is having a party for suitors of young Hannah.

Your character is immediately (excuse my pun) bewitched with Hannah and becomes her friend, slowly seducing her.

I have plot points I want to hit and there is a chance for several reincarnations of the couple to happen.

If interested, please email at:

Hope to hear from you!
Apr 12 2017, 05:24 PM

I'm currently on spring break and looking for some rapid fire roleplays!

Fandoms I like:

Twisted/Adult Disney (I'm craving MoanaxTefiti- I have a plot)
Once Upon A Time (Rumbelle- I have not watched recently so an AU would be awesome)
Phantom of the Opera (ErikxChristine)
V for Vendetta (VxEvey)

Feel free to suggest something!

As far as non-fandom, things I like:

Age gaps
Hard and soft contrast (think war hero and southern belle)
Bored wealthy people
Anything historic
"The man is the head, but the woman is the neck"
Woman is kidnapped- falls in love with her kidnapper
Forbidden love

I will do smut, gore, and cursing. I'm old, I can handle it.

My email is

Feel free to suggest plots to me or just send an intro!

Hope to hear from you!

Dec 3 2016, 04:34 PM

Made a new board to go with my cravings at the moment. I'm in the mood to do some very drama filled and perhaps smutty role plays. I would love to do some that I've done before and never finished with someone.


Don Juan type character and headstrong sister of the queen- Basically how a young woman tames a well known skirt raiser in either Victorian or Medieval Europe. She is opinionated and ahead of her time, hungry for power, and he is a helpless puppy dog in her presence. Potential takeover of the sister's throne could be involved. I have a TON of ideas for this.

Cult of spiritual enlightenment- A young woman is gifted to the founder of a BDSM based cult. Pretty much pure smut, with a sidebar of the public questioning just how religious this cult truly is.

Nun and a demon- Young woman is sent to an asylum by her single father. She is a sucubbus and looking for a female mate. Enter the nun, who ignores her new charge's reputation and mistakes her seduction for sweetness. (FxF)

Vampiress and her social climbing blood slave- Vampiress seeks a blood slave and is charmed by a girl who has been charged to marry well for her family. Vampiress gives her all she could dream of and all that she fears when she brings her to her palace. (FxF)

Rich witch and poor wife in Salem- A rich witch is pursued by a poor wife of an abusive man. After accidentally kissing at a party, the wife is obsessed with making the witch her own. Falling in love, the two hide their relationship until one day when the husband nearly kills his wife after finding out about the relationship. (FxF)

Pre-Civil War slave and slave master's daughter- She falls in love with him first. Cloaked meetings become serious and when she is promised to another, it is either fight or flight for the pair. Whispers of the North and South fighting are very real.

Viking warrior and captive- A prisoner of war is taken and made a wife, despite her pleas for freedom and her people viewing her a traitor. Eventual relationship building occurs until she rises to take back her people through her husband.

Dark wizard and princess- A wizard makes a deal with a man that he may have the kingdom if he may have the princess. She resists him and becomes Queen. An incident with a spell gone wrong leaves her pregnant by the Dark Wizard and dealing with war coming from the man who wants his payment for giving the wizard his prize.

Fandoms (I have weird pairings but I have plots for each!)

Phantom of the Opera (Erik and Christine)
Hamilton AU (Eliza and Hamilton)
Moana (Moana and humanized! Te Fiti)
Pokémon Moon (adult!Lillie and adult!Moon)
Once Upon a Time (Rumbelle- I will always have AU plots for this because the writers suck and I hate them)

I think that might be it, but please come to me with any and all plots!

Email me at

Please be 18+, for obvious reasons. Bonus points for rapid fire friends.
Oct 2 2016, 02:14 PM

I've been pretty quiet on the rping scene for a while, but now that I'm settled into my new job and have a five day weekend next week, I'm looking for a little time filler.

Things I'm into-

Plot development
World building
Historical. Like anyrhing.
Smut. With plot.
Dark vs. Light
Good vs. Evil
Beauty vs. Beast
But all those wind up together
Taboo subjects
The supernatural
Covens, vampire hierarchys, elven kingdoms
Older men with young ladies
Hidden relationships

Specific fandoms I'm down with
Pokemon (I play the DS games. I would be down with a mature spin on Pokemon that would involve the world. No, no one would be ten year old children embarking on a quest)
Phantom of the Opera (ErikxChristine)
Lord of the Rings (I have been dying for a good Grima Wormtongue/Eowyn rp. I know the pairing is weird. I'm cool with you judging me.)
V for Vendetta
Batman Villains (not Suicide Squad... I like HarleyxIvy)
Screwed up Disney tales (I would be so down for JafarxJasmine right now... Can you tell I have a pairing type?)
Hamilton (I would love ElizaxAngelicaxHamilton, but would settle for ElizaxHamilton... I will only play Eliza)

As you can see, I'm cool with a lot of stuff. Honestly, come to me with a plot and I will yay or nay it. I also have plots.

Just hit me up there!

- Javvie
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