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Posted by: sherlock Apr 16 2018, 02:06 AM

to sum up almost every role play on here in the one x one search:

- i only play females, sorry.
- i play canon x oc but only with my oc.

unless the ad is lgtbq friendly ofc then there's more diversity. idk why straight girls A. think writing male characters is any harder / different than writing a female character and B. insist on pairing their oc, who is probably a self-insert anyway, with every canon character they can think of. and then not even have the decency to double for their partner to be that self indulgent also.

Posted by: XANDER Apr 16 2018, 07:19 PM
  • Straight girls do not think male characters are harder to write, deep down - they just don't want to write them. Like the rest of us, the straight girls are here to fulfill intimacy needs with fantasies. Straight girls just tend to have fairly unoriginal fantasies, like Thor x Valkyrie OC.
  • Doubling, like manners, is learned. A lot of people who want Canon x OC and refuse to double simply haven't learned - or accepted - that most roleplayers are straight girls, and that they need to cut deals with other straight girls in order to get their backs scratched. Eventually, the straight girls who don't double will give up on roleplaying. Oh well!

Sometimes I think about offering to play canon characters I don't know or care about so I don't do a research project on OCs. If I ever become unemployed, someone remind me to do this.

Posted by: gist Apr 17 2018, 11:29 AM
Hi, straight female here, who has posted an ad from time to time and am therefore qualified to say something about this.

A majority of my characters (all of whom are original and exist in non-fan settings) are dudes. They are mostly straight dudes, if that makes a difference. But, as someone whose efforts are geared toward creating compelling stories with mature and interesting people, I make it a point not to write with those who trifle over the gender of anyone else's characters.

So... That sort of thing may be factoring into your experience.

Posted by: sherlock Apr 17 2018, 11:38 AM

and you're talking to someone non-binary, who writes a plethora of characters on the lgtbq+ spectrum; across all genders and / or sexualities. i don't write with people who are exclusive to only one thing -- regardless of what that specifically is. i prefer people who are overall more open minded and like to experiment. i'm only posting my experience in observation of ads on this board, where the many of ads follow that specific formula. ( a list of canon x oc pairings, with their female oc specifically against the canon male characters; most likely no doubling involved, or at least not enthusiastically )

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