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 TROPES, what are yours
 Posted: Jul 4 2017, 02:29 AM

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Oi, so looking over some of mine...
  • Fae, fae, and more fae. Dear gods, I love fae characters.
  • Demons are awesome, too.
  • Freckles. They are so cute. Ugh.
  • Really masculine gay men. I think I am just tired of all the super femboys. Not that there is anything wrong with them, just that is all half the people seem to make.
  • Anything-but-alpha werewolves. I am not sure why I am so against making alpha werewolves, especially since I have no problem giving my fae a wide range of power levels, from PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER down to the totally mundane.
  • Putting a new spin on mythologies. Really, though, Zeus could have sired a good half of the supernatural races, and Aztec warriors really make awesome vampires.
  • Anti-tropes. If there is a common trope, I MUST USE IT AND BREAK IT. Tiny, adorable chinchilla shapeshifter who looks like a teenage Shirley Temple? Make her a flaming bitch! Elf? Give her a serious complex and no self-confidence!
  • Smart idiots. Sure, they are smart on paper, but they get themselves into some pretty amusing situations that a little thought would have prevented. Genius spell maker sorceress? Oh yeah, she used that power, not for good, but to force a dragon to keep her 'captive' to entice a knight to rescue her and fall in love with her. Of course, she ended up with the dragon, instead.
  • Everyone comes from Asia/Asian mythology. I really need to make less Asian characters. I have the Japanese kappa/dragon hybrid, the Indian Brahman priestess, the Mongolian eagle spirit, the Malaysian biochemist, the Korean gumiho, and the Japanese kirin. I know too much Asian mythology, so I pull from it a lot. Oops.
  • If you're not Asian, you're Celtic. SORRY, NOT SORRY, CELTIC MYTHOLOGY IS COOL.
  • Scandinavians must have had some great drugs, and they should share. I recently began digging into those mythologies, and I think all the lutefisk (joke at my mostly Norwegian husband's expense) made their brains short-circuit, or something, because dang, there are some weeiiiird mythological creatures. I love them.
  • Assassins MUST have scars. Even if they are top caliber snipers who really should have no reason to have scars. Also, at least one of said scars must be not sexy.
  • Humans are morons. They have no idea that entire legions of supernatural creatures are living among them. A few select humans know and work to keep it a secret, because the masses can't possibly cope.
  • Everything can shapeshift. Dragons can take human form. Chinchillas can take human form. Fae can wear a glamour to look human. Though, to be fair, most of this comes from the fact that people typically want this out of my characters, since I play almost exclusively romance, and it can get a bit squicky otherwise. Plus, how do you kiss a dragon? They have no lips.
  • Villains are best. I love villains. Villains need love, too! I blame Disney for giving all the best songs to the villains. I mean, come on, Be Prepared!
  • Everyone's chromosomes and genes can magically align and form viable offspring. Dragon-vampire hybrid? Rock on! Just be careful sunning yourself.
  • Tea is always better than coffee. This is one of the few personal traits that somehow always leaks into my characters. Tea is amazing, though. Coffee is good, too, but tea is ambrosia. Uncle Iroh has my back. He gets it.

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