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Dec 13 2015, 08:42 PM

The World of Rytania is a high fantasy setting with many different races and continents. The main area in which it differs from other high fantasy settings is that magical power comes from gem or metal-like parasites attached to a person's body.

Please have a look at the .pdf for descriptions, a map and custom artwork!


I play in 3rd person, on the messenger platform of your choice (excepting Kik) or via email. Please send your desired contact information via PM on this site or to MistressOfAllPixels on Reddit.

I would like to play with fast, frequent responders with good grammar and writing skills. Please have a recent writing sample ready when you send your message. I can prep an intro very quickly once we've established what kind of character you want to play and with what sort you would like to play them, and will be happy to supply a writing sample in addition to this link to my fanfiction page. Story prompts are found below!



Capitol Intrigues. The old Empress is dying, and her several sons and daughters are all prepared to accept the ancestral gemren. But no one knows until the moment of bonding which gemren will choose which heir, and only the host of the Sapphire of the Xalaen has the right to rule. There are rumors of drugs and potions that can change a person's alignment to match a certain stone - what is your character willing to do in order to win the Imperial crown? Or perhaps you are already the most likely to bond with the great Sapphire, and assassins hired by your younger siblings already seek your life! The Xalaen royal family, far from embracing racial purity, have veins flowing with the blood of many races, so you can play a character of almost any appearance. The only certain thing is that you will need to choose wisely whom to trust...

Deadly Expedition. Many explorers and archaeologists have visited the dark continent of Halae, with its undead-haunted ruins and its mysterious caves and forests. Will you risk contracting vampirism or lycanthropy to search for ancient secrets, or were you called here by the mysterious opals native to these shores? Either way, a high-elven vampire has certainly been stalking you since you landed. Is s/he the one picking off your crew, or an unexpected ally?

Daughter of the Vhalu. The blue-skinned elves of the continent of Daj tend to treat their women as primarily breeders of future warriors. Your character wishes to escape this fate by fleeing across the deadly Wrack of the Dajiri toward the territory of the Xalaen empire. Or perhaps you play a son of the Dajiri worn out by war and ready to seek adventure on other shores. Either way, what you find in the Wrack may save or damn you, for these islands are not only rife with metalline and gemren, but with hostile mer-folk and pirates...

Create your own prompt, or brainstorm one with me. Read the .pdf and create a character. What story do you want to tell with this person? Who will they meet? Do you want a quest that affects the fate of nations, or a more personal story of survival and romance? We'll build it together!

Don't see a race you want to play? Invent one! Almost anything is allowed as long as it's not an existing fandom. Please be over 18 so that the story can deal with adult themes (whether or not we go in the direction of romance, there will probably be violence).

I can be reached via email at
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