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Dec 8 2016, 03:16 PM
Dare I seek an original RP partner? I dare!

Also still seeking a M/M based Walking Dead partner but this post is to focus on an original request. If you are interested in some apocalyptic man-love then please contact me, especially if it involves Daryl Dixon!

Looking for original settings, mostly modern. I can be talked into a fantasy if you have an excellent plot but most likely not. These are some rough plot ideas and some are more thought out than others (it would take paragraphs to explain the superhero idea, while the amnesia one can be summed up in one line).
- Superhero, modern OC (reminder: no Marvel or DC, only originals)
- Modern apocalypse (zombies!)
- Historical apocalypse (zombies and no guns!!)
- Soul mates across time (meet, interact, die, repeat)
- Amnesia patient based
- Something else! Open to ideas!

About me:
Female, midtwenties, with a minor in English. Lots of OOC fangirling and plotting friendly. Timezones have never stopped me with RP since I am on so often but I am US based. Fifteen years RP experience then a career in writing, but still a total goofball. More info available, just drop by and say hi!

Seeking in you:
Long term partners that post a couple paragraphs with a decent handle on spelling, grammar, etc.
Experienced in roleplaying.
Rapid fire responses.
Legal age.
Access to a messenger (Skype, KIK, etc).

Toilet play, PWP stories, pedophilia, excessive S&M (if stitches are needed or bones break, that is going too far).
I do not RP with males (I mean the writer, not the character).*

Not fussed over much else! My main issue is activity; I am so tired of partners that make me feel like I'm lucky to get a post a day out of them. Please, someone who wants to post back and forth! Real life happens but if you cannot reply more than three times a week I will get bored quickly.

* Apologies if that came across as sexist but I have played many RPs with male partners and not one in over a decade has ended well. Not a single one. I am done feeling sexually harassed when looking to write.
Nov 12 2016, 05:49 PM
We all love those Dixon biceps...

And that vest!

Not to mention that gravel raked voice..

Is there anything we fangirls do not praise about that southern hunk of handsome?


Probably his smell, but thankfully for all of us we will never know!

Hopefully you have come here looking for the splendor that is gay Walking Dead characters. Welcome, fellow fan! As you can tell from the above my focus is Daryl Dixon in a gay relationship. There is nothing sweeter to roleplay in the Walking Dead universe.

So, onto the roleplay hunt! Even though I was burned by the partner I found on this site I'm looking to try again. It has been a while but it is long overdue - time to find a new roleplaying partner.

Obviously I am looking for Daryl lovers - either those who want to play as his character or play across from Daryl. After watching many partners play Daryls I feel ready to take on my own, but I am equally happy to play across from a well written Daryl. Chatting on the side about TWD and swapping Daryl pics/gifs is encouraged, not mandatory.

Note: This is a M/M Daryl roleplay (gay/yaoi pairing), so Bethyl lovers I am sorry but no thank you.
Pairing is something I am flexible with (canon or OC), so as long as you love Daryl involved (either playing as him OR across from him) we will be fine!
As a side note it is not mandatory, but I love playing the 'daddy' Daryl angle, aka setting him up with someone that has a child/children or Daryl and his partner find a child to raise after becoming established. That is something I am interested in but no kids are just fine too!

Timeline: Anything from pre-season 1 to the current season. Canon or an AU taking place in the TWD universe. No apocalypse-free modern RP please, as I will not play without walkers, but other than that I do not mind alterations. Either you can choose canon or AU, and we can talk over plot possibilities together to decide what works with our selected characters.

Type of RP: M/M relationship TWD, multi-paragraph style, literate detailed roleplay. Character driven primarily but smut can crop up.

Partner Requirements:
Partners must be 21+ and use Skype, KIK, or some messenger. No email.
Please no one a day repliers. I've seen how it can slow the progression of a RP to have no sense of back and forth. I'm not someone who demands partners be on every day (real life is priority number one) but if you cannot do a few replies at a time here and there, please do not contact me.
Semi-Realistic - It might sound odd for a zombie RP but I'm looking for realistic RPers. For example, characters eating perishables a year into the apocalypse or having Daryl carry two deer and a boar back to camp in one go (I actually had a partner claim that!). Everyone makes small mistakes, but please nobody that enjoys writing in hugely unbelievable experiences.
Plan or no plan? As long as we have a skeletal idea fleshed out I am content. I do enjoy some behind the scenes plotting or just giggling at our characters together. How much we plan ahead is up to you.
If you are going to ditch, do it early please. If we do not click that is fine but do not wait until I invest months of time on the roleplay to let me know (or make up a lame excuse about how it's just for a short time). I am a fairly loyal partner and would not do that to my partners.
Be ready to chat and send me an example post to see if our aims and styles click. I am happy to do the same!

About Me:
I've been burned and I'm feeling raw as far as RP goes, but I think I need fresh energy to get the juices flowing. So I am putting myself out here again for winter. Due to free time, I will be doing fast, multiple replies daily. I have internet access the majority of the day and evening, which makes me compatible with many timezones. I am not a fan of ditchers, nor godmoders, or the usual disliked kinks (such as scatplay or baby play), but am otherwise kink friendly (when it applies to the character). Once I find a good partner I stick with them. I love giggling on the side like teens over our characters, or grieving with their losses (all too frequent in a zombie apocalypse).

Skype: Bex.Roleplay KIK: RP_Bex

If you are interested please message on of the above methods and let me know the details. Please tell me the set-up you are interested in, the pairing, etc. I promise I do not bite (but I hug hard)!
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