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 Love As Thou Wilt - Many Want Ads, Kushiel AU RP - jcink Prem +18
 Posted: Jan 20 2018, 06:55 AM

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The year is 1358. There has been a long standing theory that the royal family
has been cursed all the way back to the time of Queen Ysandre’s father.
This theory seems to grow now that the old King is dead. His unknown
commoner son has ascended the throne. The general populace is in celebration
about their new monarch. The nobility is in unrest. Will Terre d’Ange fall into
civil war or will level heads win out. Only time will tell.
Scions of Terre d’Ange is an AU medieval rp set in the world of Kushiel created
by Jacqueline Carey. Open to people of all experience new and old to the
Kushiel-verse with easily to follow resources that can have you jumping into the
setting and plot with little knowledge of the books.

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Muse A and Muse B were both foundlings together, taken into the Orphanage as newborns. Muse A was younger than Muse B, and he would always protect her from the older kids in the Orphanage when they wanted to tease, or pick on them. Muse A was in love with Muse B before she even knew what love was, and Muse B was in love with Muse A too.
They grew up together, until one day Muse A was adopted into a Noble family that claimed that she was the bastard of their Son who had been badly injured in a fight. She was taken from the Orphanage and into the life that all Orphans dreamt of. And while it made her happy to have a family to call her own, she missed Muse B terribly.

A year after Muse A was adopted, Muse B was offered a place in either the Casseline Brotherhood, or taken as a Pupil of a former well known Bodyguard to be trained up for private hire. His training was hard, and he was taught how to put others before themselves.

Fast forward twelve years.

Muse A has been presented at Court and has been named as Heir to the family. And she has also been introduced to a young Lord who the family approves of for a future husband. Enter Muse B who is the Bodyguard of the Lord who is to court Muse A. They may not recognise each other straight away, being children the last time they had seen one another, but a word or gesture here or there would make it clear who they are.

Muse A and Muse B meet up alone to talk, to get to know one another again, and then they see that the feelings from childhood are still there.

Optional: the Lord is sometimes heavy handed and has a temper, and one day he turns that temper on Muse A. Muse B automatically gets in the way to save Muse A, facing down the Lord.

I will be playing Muse A (Lily James) and I would request Muse B be James Norton. I have not thought about the Lord being made into a character, unless someone is interested, though no idea how it will turn out.


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Muse A (Holliday Grainger) is a d'Angeline, daughter of a Peer, with her Family station in Caerdicca Unitas as ambassadors for Terre d'Ange. She is the middle child, and just turning eighteen, and has only been in the country a few weeks. Her family has only just been given the position, after the late kings death, and they are settling into the embassy in La Serenissma.
Here is where she will meet Muse B (Francois Arnaud) who is a noble of some rank (entirely up to the other writer) and has been told to woo Muse A to gain influence for his family in trading with the d'Angelines.

Muse A will fall easily for him, being given attention by the charming Muse B, so ready to make her feel special and loved. And somewhere along the line, Muse B will also fall for her.

I am going to have Muse A, and use Holliday Grainger, and for Muse B I would like to request Francois Arnaud . They will be in La Serenissma to start with, and we can see where it goes from there.


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Caïn Éloi is a bastard born to a failed Servant of Naamah, and born in the dirty streets of Nights doorstep. He watched his Mother lay with Patrons, trying to earn enough coin to pay back her debt to Heliotrope House and feed her family both. He has an older Brother, and three younger siblings, including one sister.
He went and joined a gang to start to make money, and over the years he became the leader of such, his brothers joining in with the activities.

When he was sixteen and his older brother eighteen, they went off to join the Border Patrol in Camlach. Both were taught how to kill, and they became effective at it, seeing a lot of combat and some terrible battles. They sent their cin home to their Mother and family, having left their third youngest in charge of the gang in their absence. After a five year service, they returned home to sorrow and disappointment.

Their Mother was dead, and his brother had lost control of the gang. There started a bloody time in the Doorstep, and eventually they took back control. The Éloi's Roosters became the best and most dangerous gang in the district, having their hands in theft, smuggling, and Protection.

I am looking for the Family Members:

Older Brother (29ish - Would have been on the Border Patrol, Brutish)
Third Brother (24ish - Lost control of the Gang, Quick Temper)
Sister (21ish)
Youngest Brother (19ish)

I am open to any and all faces, as all the siblings would have more than likely had different Fathers, all unknown. There will also be places open in the Gang, though none shall be as close as the family's inner circle, unless they truly earn it.


All other Want ads
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