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Jul 15 2015, 10:37 PM
Third Cup Frozen Hot Chocolate (inspired by Second Cup's wonderful drink)

1 cup milk (2% is preferred)
1/2 cup 10% cream
1 1/2 cups hot chocolate powder (1/2 white hot chocolate and 1/2 regular hot chocolate is best)
1 tray (12-14 cubes) ice cubes
Dollop of whipped cream

Spices to taste - recommended:
-1/2 tbsp cinnamon
-1/2 tbsp nutmeg
-1/2 tbsp vanilla extract

Required equipment: blender

(Step zero: If making your own whipped cream, whip 1/3 cup whipping cream, a small spoon of honey, and a dribble of vanilla extract together on your blender's lowest setting for 20 seconds. Spoon out into a bowl and refrigerate for later. Do not wash out blender before continuing.)

Step one: Pour the milk, cream, hot chocolate powder, spices, and ice cubes into the blender (which will still have a residue of lovely lovely whipped cream). Blend until all ice chunks are broken up. If your blender is not powerful enough to handle that many ice cubes at once, blend them a few at a time or crunch them up with a hammer in a plastic bag first.

Step two: Pour into glasses and top with whipped cream.

Step three: Love yourself for doing this.
Jul 6 2015, 11:29 PM
I'm shy. Eeek

I'm new to this site, but not to roleplaying itself – I started in 2005 (-points accusing finger at White Fox- her fault, lol). I started on a Neopets guild back in the day; I've tried sitewide roleplays and single-thread roleplays on directory forums similar to Barbermonger; I've got archives of MSN and Skype roleplays so big that they almost broke Word. But...

Life happened. I'm sure you know how that goes. I moved out and settled down in a long-term relationship and suddenly had to wash my own clothes and dishes. I started an undergraduate university degree. Over time, I went through all the stages: denial (“I know it's been six months since I posted last, but I'm still thinking about the roleplay!”), anger (“University is a ridiculous institution designed to over-strain people who have to wash their own dishes!”), et cetera... until finally I accepted the fact that at least for the moment, I had to retire from creative writing. I had exhausted myself with roleplay-related guilt, and my supply of tears and insomnia gradually ran out. It felt like breaking up with part of myself that had done nothing wrong, though, and it feels like I've carried around a little numb scar in my psyche ever since.

Finally, though... I finished that degree (four long years). And although my life is as crowded as ever - when I was seriously invited to join Barbermonger and try roleplaying again seriously for the first time in ages, I couldn't resist. I'd like to reclaim that part of myself, the part that whined softly every time a professor red-inked “too colloquial” all over a perfectly good metaphor in an essay.

But I'm shy; gun-shy, as it were, of trying and failing again, as well as just the regular social kind of shy. I just don't have the mental fortitude these days to devote to keeping three roleplays and two planning discussions spinning simultaneously in hopes of one or two panning out. What I'd be looking for would be a longish-term writing friendship. (I'm told I'm very nice and very easy to get along with, if that helps.) I'm not looking to be a stalker, mind you – I just write best if the other person is at least a little more than a username and avatar to me. I'm not asking for your life history, I don't need all your contact information – I just want to put it out there that if side OOC discussion occurs, I would welcome it.

“Now,” you may be thinking, “That's all well and good, but why should -I- dive into this? Who is this person? What does he write?” To answer: I'm equally happy to answer to Treehugger, Tree (apparently), or Tristan. I am an imaginative escapist, and I write to give myself a taste of what it might be like to be someone else - or live in another time or world. I am not looking for a happy-go-lucky fluffy romp through gaybuttsecksland, not because I object to smut in the slightest but simply because I find I need explicit scenes to serve a purpose for plot and/or character development. If you understand where I'm coming from with this, read on.

I have a habit of writing up a character sheet like a case history. I need to know what makes them tick – in great detail – before I feel like they're anything more than a paper cutout. Perhaps it's an inevitable outgrowth – or precursor – of/for my desire to become a clinical psychologist; I truly believe that I can understand real people most effectively when I know their backgrounds and histories, so why would fictional characters be any different? Besides, I have created literally hundreds of characters, so unless I give each one some unique traits to remember them by, they tend to meld together in my (admittedly strangely designed) memory. Do you like to know your character's dominant hand? Could you write some dialogue for their parents in a pinch? If so, read on.

What can we break, and how long should we spin it out before fixing it? A roleplay is ultimately about characters dealing with events, and for me, the deeper their emotional involvement with the plot, the more I will want to write. Everyone's different: the big original challenge in a roleplay could be discrimination at school. Or a life-changing accident... or an alien invasion leading to a desperate war for survival. Society could be upside-down and our characters are fleeing for their lives, or they could meet peacefully at a park. The point is not where we begin, but how much room there is for development between now and the distant future. If that sounds interesting, read on.

I don't know how long it will take me to respond. I have about five hours a day to do anything besides daily repeating time-suckers like cooking dinner, scooping kitty litter, and trying to catch some sleep. To be realistic, I won't know how much time I can regularly devote to roleplaying nowadays until I give it a try. It might end up being a few weeks here and there, although I will try very hard to avoid that; but rest assured that I haven't forgotten.
I have Aspergers. I can (I am told) be extremely sweet and kind and patient, but (I am also told) I can be long-winded and sometimes stick my foot in my mouth. I can build myself a castle-sized knot of anxiety out of the fact that you didn't include an emoticon at the end of an ambiguous-to-me message, and now I don't know whether you were joking or whether you hate me all of a sudden. I've got a pretty decent network of friends who are not constantly frustrated with me, so I'm pretty sure I've got good coping skills for the social and planning challenges I sometimes experience, but know that I will sometimes ask obvious questions and seek to clarify rather than making assumptions – and despite that I will still sometimes make assumptions and get caught up and email you apologetically a few days later. It's just a thing. It's also very difficult for me to make characters who are not at least a little intellectual and oddball – an “Aspie” flavour is likely to show up in all my writing no matter how hard I try. On the flip side, my command of English grammar is in the top 0.3%, so... silver linings?
I am also transgender, and identify as male (we'll go with that unless you really, really enjoy long discussions about gender identity). Most of my characters will be as queer as f*ck, even if it's totally in the background to some complex medieval fantasy theme. I am big into discourse theory, and it's important to me to be able to include true diversity in gender identities and sexual orientations within every genre; a character continues to be gay/straight/pansexual/etc even when fighting for their life or deciding whether to become a lycanthrope (at least in my opinion).
If all of that's still okay, read on.

In theory, I will give almost any genre a try. I don't see the point of animal roleplays, because if they're acting like their own species then there's not much to do and if they're acting like humans then it's just not accurate. (Sorry.) I'm usually afraid to mess up canon characters, so I only play them after significant encouragement and if I'm familiar with their backstory.
Medieval fantasy is probably my #1 favourite. Closely following, and tied for second place, are science fiction and modern fantasy. I will consider any fandom I have heard of, and (possibly for a cookie) will read/watch your lifelong favourite if you've been dying to try it and no one else cares. I have done a lot of slice-of-life/modern roleplaying, but I enjoy it most if there's at least a twist of the supernatural or futuristic in there (or at least themes of social justice issues going on). Dystopias are a thing of love, as are post-apocalyptic scenarios of any sort – the end of the world is always fun.

As I'm sure you can tell by now, I usually think in lengthy compound-complex sentences. I rarely write fewer than two paragraphs for a post, and to me a paragraph is generally at least three sentences long. My posts can be upwards of a thousand words each if I get going. On the other hand, some of my most enjoyable RP experiences have been using a shorter, much more rapid-fire form over Skype or MSN Messenger -joints creak-, and I would be more than willing to try wiling away an evening every so often with a return to that format.

Still here? Cool. Give me a shout:

glassfalcon at sympatico dot ca
Skype: tristan_the_short
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