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Mar 13 2018, 11:39 AM

Name: Vyce
Timezone: EST

Like the title says, I'm looking for some lighthearted, story-driven smutty RPs within the Pokémon universe.

I'm looking to maintain the series' lighthearted tone. Over-the-top lighthearted adventure, fluff, copious humor and comedy, meaningful (but not bleak or overwrought) conflict, moments of character growth, good battles, general cheerfulness, smutty goodness, that kind of stuff.
I'm also looking to keep things open-ended like in the anime. Let's not fixate on the mechanics of levels, stats, movesets and the like. And I'll certainly pass on the games' "Four Moves of Doom" limit: Let's just say a Pokémon can use—and learn—any of their listed moves).
Because I am looking to involve some smut, partners must be 20+ years old and all characters must be written/played as 21 years old (if they aren't already older).

If you're still interested, all the needed info's on this webpage.
May 10 2016, 11:26 AM

Hello and good (whatever period of day it is), ladies and gents! At the moment, I'm looking for some comedic, fairly lighthearted superheroics with a good dose of, to quote comics writer Grant Morrison, "'fuck you!' positivity". You know, a campy silly setting that doesn't take itself too seriously or is constantly obsessed with being hardboiled and gritty; think Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Dragon Ball Super, Venture Brothers, Megamind, El Tigre and Kim Possible for the sought-after mood or "feel". Copious humor and comedy, puns, bright codenames, witty/snarky banter, superpowered sex (and using powers during sex), affable “fun-evil” villains with over-the-top schemes, playing with secret identities, plenty of smut (of course), that kind of stuff.

So what am I not looking for? Constantly self-serious/grimdark "misery porn" that fetishize angst, suffering, pain and tragedy. You know, settings where being a superhero's a thankless brutal death march of unceasing failure and loss, the most miserable/fucked-up outcome always happens, and ridiculously tragic pasts are required to be taken seriously or seen as "legit". Settings where the only way to survive is by being an ruthless, aggressively miserable/abrasive asshole incapable of warmth and trust. Settings where every villain's an amoral sociopath incapable of not always doing things in the most needlessly "EEEEVILL!!!!" fashion possible or walking through a crowded room without betraying or murdering someone. (Even the Joker isn't always "on"...or at least wasn't.) Settings where sexual assault is a daily threat for ladies, and a "necessary" motivation to them becoming independent/tough/badass. Settings that are unceasingly grim and shitty and go out of their way to punish people for displaying decent behavior.

Partners must be 20+ years old, and all characters must be written/played as 21+ years old (if they aren't already older).
I'm open to lines balancing story and sex, and shamelessly smut-driven PWPs; one-shots, short-term and long-term (if we mesh well enough) are all doable.
Laidback Post Frequency: Replying every 1-4 days is fine with me. If ten days pass without any reply or update, I'll assume the line's done and close up shop.
I'm only looking to RP via E-mail (but I'll chat/plot OOC via PMs).
Typical Post Length: 1-4 paragraphs in the 3rd-person POV, and I look for partners to return the effort. I'm not demanding reams of perfection, but one-liners and incredibly lazy/sloppy/illiterate responses rapidly wilt my RP boner.
This F-list contains my full kink list and three writing samples. Kink-wise, I'd love to involve light bondage, costume play, ladies in lingerie/nylons/stockings and (clean) footplay. We aren't compatible if you're seeking hyper-brutal, debasing, or generally "rapey" sex. Lighthearted adventure and sensuality, sex positivism (all parties freely consenting, enjoying themselves, and retaining their basic dignity), copious humor and comedy, witty/snarky banter, meaningful (but not incredibly bleak/contrived) conflict, steely optimism, plenty of smutty goodness, the characters genuinely having fun and enjoying themselves (and each other)...that's what I'm about.
I'm very open into OOC talk, chunnering on about headcanons, sharing character-reflective music/GIFs and whatnot.
If you need to put the line on hold because work/life threw you a curveball, or want to end it outright because you aren't feeling it (sometimes two good flavors just don't mesh well together), tell me. RP should be fun and enjoyable, not some forced obligation.

I admit there are certain established/canon ladies I'd love to find partners willing to play as opposite one of my male OCs, and I'm very much open to involving any AU versions/interpretations and headcanons you may have for them.
  • DC Comics: Lois Lane, Power Girl, Supergirl, Starfire, Blackfire, Harley Quinn (Batman the Animated Series version preferred), Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe: Ghost (Ant Man and the Wasp)
  • Harry Potter: Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley
  • Avatar the Last Airbender: Princess Azula, Katara, Ty Lee, Mai, Suki
  • Legend of Korra: Korra, Kuvira, Lin Beifong, Adult!Toph
  • Dragon Ball Z/Super: Android 18, Female!Zamasu, Caulifa, Kefla, Chi-Chi, Bulma, Female!Frieza/Frost

And here are a few potential ideas, though I'm open to others...
A line focused on one of these generic pairings: Hero x hero; hero x villain; villain x villain; superheroine x househusband/Non-Action Guy; hero x police chief; hero/villain x plucky reporter; hero/villain x sidekick; heroic sidekick x villain's Dragon; villain x snarky reporter/#1 hostage

Persons A and B get stuck in the elevator/office suite) on their way home, after hours. (Person A can't use her powers for some reason, or doesn't want to use them in front of B to confirm his suspicions about her identity.) They have some time to kill until help arrives.

An imperiled damsel-in-distress/heroine, still imprisoned by her former captor's binds, decides to have a little fun and offer herself to her hero.

Person A is a doctor/healer, and Person B constantly fakes injuries after superhero smash-ups to see A. (Bonus points if they eventually end up making out in the office.)

An older heroine having my character be her sidekick, or taking an up-and-coming hero with considerable potential under her wing as her protégé.

Person A is a supervillain looking for a new trusted lieutenant or right-hand (wo)man, and Person B decides to apply.

Our characters are playful rivals/lovers who turn every sparring match into a bet, or perhaps them just getting heated up in the throes of combat and engaging in some roughly passionate yet loving Destructo Nookie then and there on the spot.

When one dates a superheroine, getting some quality time together can be challenging between day jobs, professional obligations and whatever super-villain comes knocking at the door. Person A found that more than one romantic dinner, date or intimate evening has been put on hold or blocked due to the Superhero Call of Duty. It gets to the point that A sees their significant other (Person cool.gif on TV or in print more than in person. Moreover, the workload is getting so large that B's become short-tempered and even a bit sloppy. Considering their responsibilities, being sloppy can have potentially serious or even tragic consequences. So for all of these reasons and more, taking a (literal) page from the super-villain manual, A decides to go old-school and attempt a good ol' fashioned 'kidnapping' of B.

A heroine/damsel prearranges her kidnapping (just to get out of a drearily boring diplomatic situation or horrid date with a potential suitor without just leaving and causing offense).

Two heroes, two villains, a hero and villain, or a superhero/supervillain and their "normal" significant other going out on a date and trying to leave their careers behind them if only for one night. Think something inspired by this image. (I would love to find a partner willing to play an OC heroine/villainness akin to Veronica from Riverdale in terms of attitude, personality, bearing and demeanor.)

Wanting to have some intimate time together/share some interests, a popular Action Girl/Statuesque Stunner decides to teach her Badass Bookworm friend a few martial tricks have him be her sparring partner? Perhaps your character convincingly overpowering mine in a sparring match and deciding to take her reward as victor (or as determined via a pre-fight wager)? Or mayhaps my character shows the Action Girl that clever technique--and some naughty tricks--can be more than a match for pure strength and overwhelming force?

So if interested in any of these lines/ideas, please E-mail me at And please make sure the E-mail includes the following:

Your age (as I mentioned above, 21+ please)
What drew your interest
Some mutually-favored Fave/Yes kinks you would like to include
A small RP writing sample or a link to one
(this helps us see if we'd mesh)
Any RP dislikes, pet peeves and dealbreakers you have (so I don't unintentionally grind your gears)
Anything else you think is relevant or I should know

But if you decide we wouldn't mesh, then I hope you have a wonderful day and, to quote two rather excellent dudes...

Jul 29 2013, 10:46 PM
Pleasant day, everyone. Vyce is my name, and like everyone else here, RP is my game. Largely upbeat stories with action, adventure, humor/levity, comedy, character growth, adventure, romance, hope and, yes, a good deal of smut, is my craving.

At the moment, and in the spirit of the holiday season, I'm particularly looking to do the following:
Comedic modern-day superheroics
Shameless smut with no redeeming social value. tongue.gif

My info, kink list and cravings can be viewed ON THIS WEBPAGE, but there are two things I do ask of partners:
1. All characters in an RP must be at least 18 years old physically and mentally (and, if younger in canon, aged up appropriately).
2. All partners must be at least 18 years old (since I'm looking to write smut).

So yeah, that's it. Check out my page, hit me up if interested, and have a wonderful day! smile.gif
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