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Jun 13 2018, 07:02 PM
Hey there, I'm Becks and it's been a while. I'm from the West Coast of the USA, 24, female and looking for some roleplays to occupy some of the free time. I am typically busy but you can usually expect more than one reply from me during the day. Sometimes life happens but I am usually consistent.

Anyways I am looking for some great rps to fill my time, that I am not busy or writing my fanfiction. I love rapid response rps, like give me a paragraph and let's role or if you want long post then give me more time to respond but okay.

My only real limits are no toilet play and no underage pedophile shit. I am not into that and I think it's gross.

Otherwise bring on the smut, affairs and kinks.

Contacts: (email) or becksthewolf #1632 (Discord)

Now, moving forward onto some of my genres and odd pairings that I am looking for.

Women's Soccer: (Hear me out I really want this) Alex Morgan x Kelley O'Hara, Ali Krieger x Ashlyn Harris, Sam Kerr x Nikki Stanton (Suggest more if you want, I could roleplay just about any soccer player)

Game of Thrones: Jon x Daenerys, made up houses, Jamie x Somebody, I'd love to play Robb Stark or an older Rickon.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: (made ups are fine too)

Marvel: I'd love to play Bucky, Captain America, Black Widow, Valkyrie, Jessica Jones Thor or Hulk.

Agents of Shield: I can play a pretty good Grant Ward

DC: Green Arrow x Black Canary, I'd love to play Sara Lance, anything Flash/Green Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow related.

Wynonna Earp: I'd love to play any of the girls or to try my hand at Doll or Doc.

Riverdale: Cheryl x Toni is life, but I have played Jughead

Once Upon a Time: (haven't watched since like the third season)

NCIS:/LA/New Orleans: (Any of the three)

Orange is the New Black

Odd Pairings:

Stepbrother x Stepsister
Online Romance/Pen pals
Babysitter x Parent
undercover cop x criminal
Mafia Boss x Cop
Mafia Boss' wife x Soldier
Bodyguard x Celebrity
Celeb x Celeb
Band member x Fan/Other Band member
Coach's Daughter x Athlete
Pastor's wife x member of the church
Best friend x Bestfriend
Best friend x Best friend's partner/ex/Parent
Athlete x coach
Boss x secretary
enemy x enemy
Bouncer x Stripper
Bartender x stripper/bouncer

(feel free to suggest some odd pairings, the worse I can say is no)
Apr 30 2018, 10:31 PM
Okay so I saw Infinity War today and I am having the biggest Marvel craving ever. I kind of want to play around with the Marvel crew.

First off, I am Becks, and I typically roleplay F//, MxF, but for this one I might include some M// pairings (I have little practice with M// so be forewarned), I am 24, and I am in PST zone.

I am typically a busy person but can at least usually reply once a day or more depending. I love rapid fire rps, I love a few longer lengeth rps too, it just depends.

Limits; No underage kid stuff, no vore, scat or other bathroom play.

As far as language, violence, smut go, bring it on.

I am looking for either something to do with Infinity War or like in the Marvel universe:

Some pairings I would like to play around with:

Natasha x Wanda
Steve x Bucky
Bucky x Anybody really
Thor x anybody really
Bruce x Natasha
Steve x Thor
Stev x Gamora
Gamora x Anybody
Jessica Jones x Bucky
Maria Hill x Natasha
Skye x Anybody
Melinda May x Anybody
Grant Ward x Anybody

I feel like we could throw in some other Marvel characters for infinity war or a similar plot. I really have Bucky!feels though.

Contact info:
Email -
Discord - Becksthewolf#1632

Mar 9 2018, 06:35 PM
Hey there, I am Becks. I'm 23 almost 24 and in desperate need of a distraction for the occasion when school is sucking the life out of me. I have a job, and I am a fulltime student but I do on occasion find myself with some downtime, and I would love some rps to fill that.

So my limits are the typical no underage stuff, no toilet play, but please let me know your limits and I'll let you know if I think of any more limits.

Discord: Becksthewolf#1632

Anyways some fandoms I am craving:

Women's Soccer
Game of Thrones
Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow
Agents of Shield
NCIS (Any show)
Legend of Korra/Avatar the last airbender (or ocs)
Twisted Disney
All for one

Odd pairings: Seriously give me affairs, give me couples that shouldn't be together but somehow work. World build with me

Callous mobsters and the girls that have them wrapped around their fingers
Presidents child vs secret service agent
Boss x Secretary
Professor x Student
Best friend x Best friend's brother/partner/parent
Bartender x Bouncer
Cop x Witness protection person
Kidnapper x Kidnapped
Soldier x Civilian
King x Commoner

Feel free to suggest
Dec 10 2017, 08:02 PM
Hey there so I am Becks, a pleasure to meet you all. I have a couple of weeks for winter break, and I was hoping to find an RP or two to do in my spare time.

I prefer my roleplaying partners to be 18+, and to be polite and understanding that at times I can be busy. But hopefully, with my break, we might develop a fun roleplay.

The only real limits I have are: No toliet play, beastality, underaged, and stuff like that. If any other limits come up I'll let you know. But I am okay with Smut, that's fine.

Pairings: I am mainly looking for F// but I can do MxF if need be and in certain genres.


Fandoms and genres:

Agents of Shield (Give me Skimmons or a chance to play Bobbi, Yoyo or Quake and I will love you)
Wynonna Earp (Love Wayhaught, but Wynsita or Nicole/Wynonna could be fun)
Women's soccer
Game of Thrones
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Arrow/Flash/Legends Of Tomorrow (If you let me play my gay baby Sara Lance I will love you)
Marvel/DC (Give me my lesbian superheroes you cowards)
Step-sibling x Step-sibling
Post-apocalyptic/Futuristic society
Best friend x Best friend's girlfriend/sibling/parent
Ex x Ex
Celeb x Celeb
Mafia family
Cop x Firefighter/EMT/Other cop
Super heroes
Nurse x Nurse
Rich person x Escort
Boss x Secretary
Daddy dom x sub

Honestly I wanna write a soap opera with a whole cast of characters, filled with evil twins, scandals, cheating, forbidden romances, mobs the like.

Give me a chance to have some good WLW content, I have a lot of lesbian characters I want to flesh out.

Oct 17 2017, 06:56 PM
Alright so it's been a while, and I've been busy with school but Becks has returned so yay. So where to begin:

About me: I'm 23, female, going to college and I can get a little busy but I am online almost every day at least for a little bit. I also happen to think girls are super beautiful, so yeah that's a thing lol. Please be over 18 if you're gonna contact me to roleplay

Limits: Waterworks, bathroom play, and pedophilia are a big no for me. I mean you can bring me your kinks and I'll be down for most but those three are not anything I am interested in. As for smut bring it on.

Pairings: F//, MxF , M//(Maybe) in that order. I've never really done Poly-ships but I could be interested in at least trying.

I don't mind doubling or world building and skipping around to different ships. It can be a rapid-fire rp, or one that has a couple of paragraphs per reply/character. I am looking to have fun, not another job ya know?

Okay fandom and odd pairing times:

USWNT/NWSL (Women's soccer): If you do this with me I will love you forever.
All for One
Wynonna Earp
Fuller House
Game of Thrones
Legends of Tomorrow
Agents of Shield
Marvel/DC (Harlivy, Green Arrow/Black Canary are my faves)
NCIS: (Los Angeles, Orginal, New Orleans)

Odd Pairings:
best friend x best friend's brother/significant other/mother/father
Celebrity x Fan/assistant/other celeb/bodyguard
motorcycle gang
Cop x Criminal/Cop/Stripper
Virgin x Sex addict
Bonnie and Clyde
Kidnapper x Kidnapee
Hero x Villian
Villian x Hero's significant other
Teacher x student
Married man/woman x babysitter
Coach x Athlete
Closeted Lesbian x Out lesbian
Long Distance romance/forbidden romance

Feel free to suggest I am also open to like modern or possibly futurist/post-apocalypse type rps with the right plot.

If any of those interest you hit me up: and if you prefer to rp over Kik/Skype messenger or like discord we can talk about it.

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