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Jul 12 2018, 03:33 PM
And by shiny and new, I mean compared to my old hero x villain craving tongue.gif Same genre, new plot cravings!
A short blurb about me: I'm Wesley, I'm 21; I'm a Hufflepuff, and if I was in Inside Out, Fear would be my dominant emotion and Queer Island would be one of the pillars of my personality. Jonathan Van Ness has taught me how to live my best life. I still use xD unironically and I never got the message that becoming an adult meant leaving the emo music and fashion behind (Queer Eye hasn't managed to cure me yet tongue.gif)

Now, about the RP!

Pairings: MxM.

Limits: my only limits are sexual; if it belongs in the bathroom, involves animals/furries, or involves minors or anyone pretending to be a minor, I'm OUT. Non-negotiable.

Plot: So, I don't have super concrete plans rn; by that, I mean I don't have sub-plots, tangents, long-term outcomes, that sort of thing planned out. What I do have is a premise--maybe this is overdone, but I'm craving it, sue me tongue.gif
Your character is a super-hero--that's all I have for your character, because they're yours! Personality, backstory, family, powers, all that is in your court!
My character, however, is a villain; more specifically, he's a pawn belonging to a villain much bigger than himself. He has the ability to see the future--but not in the traditional sense. He can see what events are most likely to happen based on probability, with built-in mathematical precision that he has been trained to hone over the years. At first, the agency that he was born into (or kidnapped into... Haven't decided) just wanted to use his power to help them stay ahead of the hero(s) in battle, but his power has been perfected to help them stay ahead in long-term strategy, as well. He also recently discovered that he has the ability to cause people to hallucinate--he's working on perfecting this one.
So, it's basically your typical "Person with supernatural abilities being raised to have no empathy/moral compass and being used as a weapon by evil corporation" type deal? I know it's cliche, you can either sue me, or message me if you're interested! My email address is
Mar 12 2018, 09:58 PM
I should have just put all these cravings into one post but it's too late now so here we go again xD

Plot: I have a couple of different ideas I'm toying with, and I'll start with the one that's a bit more fleshed out. Two guys are in college together, and they both have unusual abilities (whether they've known about them for a long time or are just discovering them/recently acquired them is up for discussion); they decide that, together, they want to become a super hero team, and they start training together in secret, but my character disappears one day, resurfacing a few years later as a villain, terrorizing the city.
Idea two is less thought out, more based on a whim xD Basically, a hero and a villain are roommates, and they don't' know it. Did I see this as a post online? Yes. Do I think it sounds adorable? Also yes tongue.gif
In any case, I do want my character to ultimately become good and become a hero, at some point, but idk how far into the RP I want that to happen. If you email me, tell me about your character and your ideas please!
Pairings: MxM
Limits: Swearing, blood, and violence are all fine. Sex scenes are okay if they're important/plot relevant/necessary, and in that case, some kinks are fine (like BDSM) but anything that belongs in the bathroom or includes any allusions to animals or minors is a no.
Post length: 1-3 paragraphs (most often 1)
Post frequency: I would love to get back to you like, multiple times in a day, but I shan't make any promises I can't keep >>.< I'm a full time college student and a substitute teacher. I've got a lot on my plate, however, I can promise that I will try my absolute best to get back to you once a day, and will definitely get back to you multiple times in a week.
Lastly, please be 18+ regardless of intent or lack of intent for the RP to include sexual content.

I think that just about covers everything! If you're interested, email me, my email address is
Mar 8 2018, 07:26 PM
Yeah, okay, may lightning strike me down, I'm literally trash XD But whatever, I'll own up to it, just this once tongue.gif So, read on, fellow stans:

Plot: I'm not 100% on this; I only know that I have an OC/face-claim that I want to play, who's a k-pop star. In the year 2 BC (BC=Before College) (So basically a long ass time ago at this point) I did an RP with this character, in which my partner played her OC, who was not a celebrity, but a university student studying overseas. Given that both of our characters were biologically female, her character's parents strongly disapproved of their relationship, and of my character's nontraditional lifestyle (namely that they didn't go to high school) and that brought lots of really awesome drama and we both had a BALL with it. So, that's just an idea, let me know what you think! Basically, I'm a sucker for DRAMA. I don't go for "hyper-realism", I go for k-drama/telenovela levels of drama, so hit me up XD
Pairings: I don't typically double at the start, but tend to expand the number of characters as the RP goes on. If we decide to pair up side characters and make them played characters, I'm usually into it smile.gif My character is AFAB (Assigned Female at Birth), but they're either non-binary or trans, haven't fully decided yet. (TL;DR) Either way, I'd prefer your character to be either female, non-binary, or trans smile.gif
Limits: Blood, violence, swearing, all at-okay with me. Sex scenes are a meh... If they're important and plot-relevant, I'm okay with them. As for kinks, BDSM is fine but if it's an activity that's typically done in a bathroom or it involves any approximation or imitation of an animal or an underage person, I'm out.
Post length: I write 1-3 paragraphs, depending on the scene and whatnot, so that's all I ask from you smile.gif Basically, no one-liners. And no novels, unless it's a special occasion tongue.gif
Post frequency: Alas, I am a busy college-attending boy (21 year old boy), so I don't have the time to reply multiple times in the day, most days. I can promise that I'll get back to you multiple times in a week, and that I will TRY to get back to you every day!

Phew, I think that's it.... To be honest, I expected this to be a quick, minimalist post but it turns out I want this RP more than I thought xD Anyways, please feel free to email me with any questions and/or if you're interested!! My email is (Hmmmm, I wonder who my face claim could be...... I guess you'lll never know until you email me............)
Mar 7 2018, 03:33 PM
So, I've tried before with no success but I shall try again--anyone still RP Warriors? If so, read on! (Also, no I'm not 12, I'm 21)

Plot: Nothing in particular in mind, however, in these types of roleplays I love things that are dark and political--lets talk about it!
Edit: I also like the idea of one of our characters being medicine cats, and I'm definitely liking the idea of involving the Dark Forest--I REALLY like the idea of having a medicine cat as a villain as well ohmy.gif
Pairings: MxM, original characters only
Limits: Blood and violence? I'm down. Swearing? I mean yeah, although this universe seems to have it's own set of PG-rated swears that I may pick and choose when to use xD The thing that I DON'T want? Sexual content!!! Very important!! No sex in this RP!! Just. No.
Post length: I usually write between 1-3 paragraphs, depending on the scene, so that's all I'll ever ask of you smile.gif
Post frequency: Hopefully daily, but at the very least, a few times a week. I'm a busy boy sad.gif
Uhhh literacy... I never know how to address this to be honest. I'm not a huge stickler but at the same time, I do expect reasonably correct grammar, spelling, etc.
Anyways, I'm getting off track xD At any rate, just email me if you're interested, my email address is
Mar 7 2018, 11:47 AM
So, this is something that's been on my mind; I've listened to k-pop and j-pop since middle school (I'm 21 now) and watched anime since then as well--luckily, I managed to avoid going through that weeb phase where everyone says "kawaii" in normal conversation and whatever xD That said, I have always really loved looking at Japanese and Korean street fashion, though I've never really considered actually wearing any of it, mostly because I knew people would call me a weeb and also because it's expensive and I also prefer not to wear things that draw attention to me.
Anyways, the bottom line of this post really about face masks though. Because we don't really "need" them here in America, but isn't it true that they don't "need" them in Asian countries, either? Because my understanding of the topic is that people started wearing them after a flu outbreak, then broke them out again after an earthquake that caused poor air quality for an extended period of time, then again during a SARS outbreak, and then they kind of just became a year-round thing that people wear during allergy season, to keep from spreading disease when they're sick, and to protect their lungs when the pollution is bad. And then, from that, people just kind of decided that if they're going to wear them, they might as well be stylish.
Correct me if I'm wrong on any of that! All that being said, it's my understanding that the masks don't actually prevent anyone from catching colds or anything like that. And even if they did, it's not like we don't have diseases in America, like the flu, that we would like to not spread. Plus, I kind of feel like face masks are the perfect accessory for me because I have anxiety and I love an accessory that hides half of your entire face and makes people less likely to talk to you at random xD
Okay okay okay. This is a long, rambling post but here's the tl;dr--would it be cultural appropriation for Americans to wear fashion face masks as an accessory?
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