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ellie j.


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Jun 12 2018, 09:59 PM
『Hello Darling』

⦊ my name is ellie ❣
⦊ early 20s
⦊ she//her
⦊ roleplaying & gamer
⦊ i don’t sleep enough
⦊ constantly need caffeine
⦊1 pupper and 1 kitten
⦊’You are my Sunshine’ makes me sob
⦊ i prefer fictional people over most nonfictional people
⦊ memes & vines make me ugly laugh

I see you’ve found my request! I hope the small introduction above will do. Feel free to call me Ellie! I’ve been roleplaying off an on for a few years now (since Quizilla and I lurk on Tumblr from time to time) and am looking to get back into the swing of things. Maybe you’ll see something below that fits your fancy ♥

I’m currently looking for a select few fandoms and originals.



✗ : pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, detailed rape scenes, water sports, strange kinks, god modding, pwp
✓ : mature themes, violence, gore, fluff, romance, m x f, f x f

Being that I am over the age of 18, I’m only willing to write with those who are as well. Sorry, it’s a comfort thing.


✗ : one liners, script, text talk
✓ : 3rd person, 500 + words/side, doubling (oc x canon & oc x oc ), multi-para/novella, if 1x1 I typically play female role

⸢Reply Time⸥

Having a full-time job and other irl circumstances, my replies can vary. Sometimes I can get a reply out in a day or two and others it can take a week. However, should it take longer than a week feel free to give me a *bump*. It’s likely in the chaos that is my life, it may have gone overlooked is lost somewhere in my email folders. Please do not hassle me for a reply. Should this become a problem, the roleplay will be terminated. I can not stress this enough. I’m super patient, however. A heads up is always appreciated, but I understand if not.

Want to drop/stop/take a break/change the roleplay? Please feel free to let me know! I’d like to think I’m fairly easy to speak to. I won’t hassle if not. It’s your privacy after all. I wouldn’t want to add any extra stress. But I do understand that cravings change, things do happen, emails get lost, etc. There won’t be any hard feelings ♥ However, that being said, please don't message me if you're going to bail after we get the ball rolling or you don't have the desire to plot or tell me what you're looking for when contacting me. I find this more of a let down than getting halfway through the roleplay.


I’m not terribly finicky when it comes to OCs/Muses. I love the creativity that comes with them and love to gush over them. I’ll probably end up adopting yours - just so you know. Depending on the verse in which we’re writing, I would like them to be canonly correct. You know, know vampires in Riverdale kinda thing? Unless we’re doing an AU of some kind where it would be appropriate. Outside of that, you can make them as pretty & talented as your little heart desires as long as they share the spotlight with my own.

ONCE AGAIN - I prefer to double! Sharing is caring yo. If you want to do the 1 x 1 thing and I'm up for it, I prefer the female role. Pairings I'm open to, m//f and f//f.


I love to chat! It honestly helps with my nerves. Tell me about your day or if you found something hilarious about something we share in common, show me! I like making friends with my fellow writers. We can chat through Discord.

『Contact & Passwords』

When emailing me, if you could tell me a little bit about yourself as well as what you’re looking for!
Email :
Discord : ellie.j#9963


❥ = love interest/who I'd like you to portray against my OC

Detroit : Become Human
❴Ya’ll - this game f***ed me up. I love it so much. Please - I need it. I’ve completed two playthroughs and have seen a few others circulating on Tumblr. I’m more than happy to give any character a try for you!❵

❥Various; Shawn Mendes, Bryan Dechart, Sebastian Stan, Ansel Elgort, etc.)
❴There are literally so many. I’m willing to write whoever it is for you! Or at least try. I’m willing to look them up if I don’t know them! Also open to various plots!❵

❥Best friend x Best friend
❥Boss x Assistant
❥God/goddess x Human
❥Fallout (like the game)
❥Bounty hunter x Bounty
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