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Jul 13 2018, 08:47 PM
Hi! I’m Sarah, I’m looking for a very particular type of role play so I’ll keep this pretty short.

It’s a m/m role play with my character being the dominant one and yours the more submissive.

I have a character that owns a harem. He can be a mystical creature like a warlock, or someone from the ancient past or the future or just the present. He’s a very dominant, strong character. I’m looking to play against a weaker more submissive character – not completely submissive, he can have some fight in him! Basically the idea is that my character purchases your character as another addition for his harem. He likes to collect beautiful ‘pets’ and have them for his pleasure.

This will be a smut based role play, just wanted to put that out there. Although I would like some plot if that’s okay too, I think there could be lots of mind games and drama involved!

Maybe over time the characters can come to have genuine feelings for one another?

My limits are: pedophilia, bestiality and toilet play.

I know this is pretty specific and a bit unusual but if anyone is interested please do e-mail me at:
May 17 2018, 06:39 PM
Hey! I’m Sarah from Australia! I’ll keep this short and sweet…..

I’m looking for a Magnus Bane to play against my Alec Lightwood. Into Shadowhunters and Malec? Me too!

I’m 21+, I’m completely fine writing smut, I have very few limits (except paedophilia, bestiality, toilet stuff). I’ve been writing for quite a few years and always give my partner good quality replies that they can work with.

If you want to be the Magnus to my Alec I’d love to hear from you!
Jan 12 2018, 04:31 AM
Hey I'm Sarah!

I’m specifically looking for a Vikings based role play. It could be set in the TV show or just the era of the Vikings. I have a male character and he is looking for a partner (either male or female). Could be a fellow warrior, shieldmaiden, villager, someone of importance, whatever you would like for your character.
I tend to play a more dominant male so I’m looking for m/f or m/m.
I enjoy writing all genres, angst, drama, blood and guts, smut, whatever you would like!
If you’d like to write a female (or male) against my male character I’d love to hear from you smile.gif

I LOVE Malec! I write Alec and always looking for a Magnus to write with smile.gif

I’m over 21, (prefer to write with people who are legal also). I’m from Australia, can reply regularly. I write 3rd person, multi paragraph. I’ve been role playing for a few years and am reasonably literate.

If you're interested please e-mail me at:

Thank you xx
Oct 1 2017, 05:59 PM
Hey I’m looking for a role play partner. I’m pretty shy but I love to role play, chat ooc if you want to and I love to create stories and worlds for our characters. I’m looking for a m/m or m/f role play (I like to play a male character if that’s okay). My limits are very few; I don’t write toilet play, paedophilia or bestiality. Other than that I’m super open to most themes, fluff, angst, kinks, mpreg or whatever you would like to write just let me know.

A few ideas that I am interested in are:
- Arranged marriage: Maybe two kingdoms or families unite for a common purpose.
- Wild West: Country boy looking for a wife type thing
- Vikings
- Harem: A powerful King has a harem and your character is his favourite
- Mafia/gangs
- Vampire, Magical creatures, Humans, vampire bites are addictive etc.
- Shadowhunters (Magnus/Alec)

I have plots for all of these, but if you have your own ideas I’d love to hear them!

I have no problems writing smut and enjoy it as part of the role play. I’m not a grammar nazi and provide my partner with multiple paragraph replies. I can reply daily.

I’m from Australia too, if that helps at all tongue.gif

If you’re interested, which I hope someone is as I’d really love to role play, please e-mail me at
Sep 15 2017, 07:35 PM
Hey! I’m Sarah, 21+ from Australia.

I’m desperately searching for a Shadowhunters role play. Specifically I’m looking for someone to play Magnus Bane to my Alec Lightwood.

I have a few plot ideas if anyone is interested!

I’m completely fine with smut and have very few limits (just the usual no toilet play).

I’m literate, love to plot with my partner and have fun while writing.

If you’re interested please, please e-mail me at
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