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i like cats and coffee and i work at a coffee shop and I love EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE except myself.
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Sep 12 2016, 04:05 PM
hELLO i am mara and I am a person who randomly likes to go on hiatus from everything except for real life because if i did that I would be dead.

Or in a coma.

I have a FUN LITTLE SITE that has all my stuff on it. I'm not looking for a super serious, super long term role play. If anything I'm looking for like one or two nitty-gritty ones and a lot of fun ones.

I'm not currently active on hangouts, so, shoot me an Email if you want me to jump on.

If you role played with me before and I disappeared on you:

one, i'm a pos.
two, baby come back.
three, you can literally blame it all on me.

Mar 2 2016, 04:32 PM
Ok hi!! i'm mara i spam the cbox a lot and i really like to talk to people!
i'm getting in the mood to rp again since i disappeared on like all of my partners
if i disappeared on you just hmu and we can redo this whole rp thing!!

here's this website full of cute stuff!!

go and see if anything looks cool and cute and hmu if you want!!
if not i still love u and ur cute as hell
Feb 28 2016, 12:07 PM
here have some junk from 2013 and 2014
I write fairies and pixies and demons and humanoid dragon things ha....ahaha.....ha. sad.gif

99% of these things are not and will never be finished bye

Being tiny had its advantages. He could squeeze into the tiniest nooks and crannys, hide from seeking friends and eavesdrop. It made clothes cheap, his food bill even cheaper and it didn't bug any of his friends. Sometimes he fell asleep an ended up eavesdropping on accident, such was the case when Orin woke up in the bottom of a laundry basket in Faowinds house. He didn't mean to fall asleep, he was just waiting for the taller man to come home from work. When the deep tenor of Faowinds voice stirred him out of his sleep Orin stretched and murmured, content to just go back to sleep when there was a grunt and a the sound of glass being dropped.

"Shit- Mikas. Why are you here?"

It was Faowinds voice, a little high-pitched and strained, so unlike the calm that he usually possessed. There was footsteps, heavy and obviously clad in the boots Mikas was prone to wear when he was out and about.

Orin poked through the articles of clothing surrounding him, getting a view of the kitchen from his place on the bathroom floor and boy, Mikas did not look happy. He looked scared, actually .Scared and a bit emotionally constipated.  It amused him, because Mikas was usually just in a grumpy mood. It was a shock when the first thing out of Mikas' mouth was a sob. There was a moment of silence where Faowind just stared at the Demon king, half crouched to pick up the scattering remains of the cup, his eyes drifting close for a moment before he straightened and gestured to the kitchen table.

"Take a seat."

Mikas straightened and closed his mouth, his emotions leaving his face in a second. They were replaced with a mask, one he reserved for the court rooms. He sat at the head seat of the table instinctively, his back straight as a board and his hands steepled out in front of him. He looked like  man of power, in a dark blue suit that complimented the red hair atop his head that was in a disarray from him running his hands through it. His skin was pale and pulled tense across his face and a dabble of stubble was visible even from where Orin was hiding.

Faowind let Mikas simmer and began to pick up the mug he dropped in surprise. It took a few minutes, with Mikas watching out of the corner of his eye to make sure that the Fae got every piece. When Faowind missed a piece and started to turn around, Mikas began to stand, only stilling when Faowind gave him a look that told him that if he moved one more step he was going to be an extremely angry man.

"Sit down, Mikas." Faowind said, watching the taller demon wilt at his tone. Mikas ended up sitting with his legs bouncing underneath the table, the heels of his dress shoes tapping against the linoleum floor.

"What's wrong?" Faowind asked, pulling up a chair and sitting down next to Mikas, his knee touching the others man in a sign of comfort. Mikas leaned forward. placing his forearms on the table in front of him and bracing against it.

There was a moment of silence before Mikas finally spoke up, his voice timid.

"There's. There's a slight problem, Faowind."

Mikas just stared at his hands, interlaced together on the table. They writhed against each other, pinching bits of skin in-between his fingernails and he watched with morbid fascination at the moon indent that each nail left. Faowind sat quietly, watching the other man fiddle with his fingers and twist in his seat until Mikas finally lifted his eyes to meet his own.

"A slight problem?" He echoed back, standing and turning to open the fridge and rummage around inside of it. It was quiet in the kitchen while Faowind pulled out a tin of unmarked leaves, setting them on the counter while he filled and put a kettle on the stove. He moved with a grace that you wouldn't expect from a man whose toes were curled in and covered in scar tissue- a colorful cane that was covered in stickers and glitter was placed on the counter next to the kitchen sink that was proof that walking the way he was took more effort than he would like to admit. Mikas  kept his mouth stubbornly shut, staring at the table in front of him, tracing patterns in the worn oak. They were both silent as Faowind waited patiently for the pot to whistle, the silence settling around them like a heavy blanket of comfort.

When the pot whistled Faowind moved promptly, pouring the boiling water into the cup he had gotten out. He added a spoonful of leaves, glanced at Mikas, then added one more, stirring the liquid until it turned a murky brown and the smell blood filled the air. the man at the table perked up, his shoulders straightening at the scent, Faowind smiled slightly, watching the leaves he dissolved and he didn't set the cup in front of Mikas until they were all fully dissolved.

"Thank  you," Mikas murmured, wrapping his hands around the mug, his fingers overlapping. He hummed under his breath as he drank the dark liquid, his pupils almost swallowing the colors of his eyes as a certain taste touched his tongue. He glanced from the cup to Faowind, wonder in his eyes.

"Ah- is that. Fae?" He asked, smacking his lips. He took another gulp, bigger this time and held the liquid in his mouth, not swallowing until the liquid was almost cool.

"Perhaps," Faowind replied in his rumble in a voice, sitting back down in the chair he claimed next to Mikas. "I thought you would need something special. There's. A bit of dust in there, too. You look stressed, Mikas."

At this point, Orins were nearly bulging out of his head, he wanted to scramble away and demand Faowind tell him what was going on but he stayed still in the basket of clothes, wrapping a sleeve of a sweater around him instead, his hands trembling.

"I am stressed," Mikas replied quietly, his knuckles turning white from how hard he was clutching the cup. Over the course of a few minutes, however, the blood returned back to his skin, the effect of dust and the potency of Fae magic working out his nerves.  There was silence again, the only sound that was in the small kitchen was the sound of the two men breathing, both waiting for the other to start to talk.

Eventually courage allowed Mikas to speak up once more.

"Leighton almost died last night." Mikas said abruptly, ducking his head to inhale the musky scent of the tea. Faowinds brows rose, his mouth opening for a moment. It closed a moment later, his voice forgotten to him.

"He took a dart for me. A dart in his leg, you know I used to fuck him, right?" The demon rambled on, seemingly fine in anyones eyes. "I used to think I was straight. I got drunk one night, shit-faced drunk, you know? I think I drank at least ten bottles of bourbon before I felt anything. It was a night I was missing. Him," He couldn't bring himself to say his friends name. "Leighton joined me. Said I couldn't succumb to alcoholism alone."  He brought the mug up to his lips and took another sip, closing his eyes at the taste of sparkling dew on his tongue. "I mean, I used to think I was straight but, now, I don't know." Mikas set the mug down with a thump to the oak table and clasped his hands in front  of him. He frowned at the wood and looked up back at Faowind. "I mean, I don't like Leighton that way- I don't even think that Leighton likes me that way. It was just. A need for… I don't know, just. A need for companionship and someone to be close." His adams apple bobbed in a swallow.

Faowind sat with his legs crossed at his ankles, watching his friend struggle through the emotions he was going through, his eyes searching Mikas' face.

"Sometimes," Faowind began, leaning forward to rest his forearms on his knees. "Fae suffer from a heart break so real they find the closest thing they can find, fae, demon, human, whatever, and just succumb to the desire to be held." He sat back, restless under the gaze of the Demon King.  "Since Fae are generally a polyamorous race, it's not seen as a big deal. Tell me, Mikas, are Demons polyamorous or monogamous?"

Mikas swallowed again, looking away to a painting that hung over Faowinds fridge. His eyes traced the patterns in brush strokes repeatedly, soothing his racing thoughts.
"We generally are monogamous." Mikas finally responded. "We get territorial. What's ours is ours." His eyes squinted in suspicion and he looked over at Faowind once more. "Why do you ask?" He questioned cooly, wrapping his hands around his opposite wrists, twisting in what looked like the be an indian burn. Faowind leaned over, placing his hand over Mikas' own and worked his fingers underneath the demons.

"I ask because it wouldn't be wise for me to give you advice on a polyamorous relationship when you would rather be monogamous-"

"There isn't a relationship with him, we talked about it. It was me being desperate, Faowind."

Faowind mulled over this for a moment and then nodded, leaning back against his chair. "Is Leighton okay?" He asked after silence fell in the kitchen once more. That at least got some kind of emotion from Mikas, the demon wrenched his face up in an ugly attempt to not cry, his head thumping against the oak.

"Please don't dent my table with your head, Mikas," Faowind murmured, placing a hand on the other mans shoulder in a comforting gesture. Mikas exhaled loudly, smoke billowing out of his lungs and into the air and the Fae hoped that the fire alarms wouldn't go off this time.

"Sometimes demons do the same things- Hell, I think humans even do that, Faowind."

"I think they do, too." Faowind said, pausing for a moment.
Jun 22 2015, 07:16 PM
hi i have another ad up here and i'm super fucking lame.

I'm really craving a rp where like
BDSM RP where both characters are in the scene. with restraints and maybe floggers and definitely the little orders and the yes sir no sir type deal in the bedroom or maybe out of the bedroom too who knows
not revolving around sex and stuff like that; more like revolving around the mental/physical aspects of the whole relationship where it's like
idk little things slice-of-life.

im literally hoping that someone will have a dude who's like fucking 6 foot and ripped and be a little submissive soul
also looking for little guys who like to Dom and be in control even tho they short af.


im looking for any kind of odd pairing/setting/whatever
i'm CRaVING something that at least has Dom/sub relationships and I DONT KNOW SAVE MY CRAVING and save my soul
LOOK HERE FOR THINGS that i like to do.
Jun 2 2015, 01:25 PM
There were thing that were only written about, in books that were lost from the decades that aged them. When the humans found them, they always did, they were yellowed and frail, folk-lore, they called the stories of his kind. Myths, things that no one from the day and age actually believed in, and if you believed in it, you were shunned heavily.

It worked out so well for his kind.

The library was old and smelled of dust, no matter how many people were employed to do the cleaning of the area, it wasn’t true. His friend next to him was fidgeting in annoyance of having to be so quiet, so well-behaved. They wanted chaos, they craved the nightmares of the children around them, it just wasn’t fair that when he finally got a day off, he had to spend it in a disgustingly-human library with his higher up.

“You know, I really should be getting paid for this—“ the smaller one started, its voice tinny and just a hair louder than was appropriate for the current setting.

“Quiet, you,” Mikas rumbled, his eyes scanning the shelf he was currently standing in front of. The shelf was made of old, old oak, towering over his already-tall height and demanding the attention on most-everyone in the room. The humans weren’t aware of the pull of the wood, though, of the allure. It called to him, or something did. It was discovering what book it was that was the hard part.

The other was quiet for few moments of blissful silence until being quiet became boring and he hated being in the human realm, it was such a drag. They all looked the same, they all smelled the same. There was no distinct scent to anything here, it was all old and boring and it stank of sweet pollution, it was nothing like his home.

“I don’t think they even know what they have here, Mikas. Can I call you that, or do I need to add the, ‘your highness’, after everything I say, even here?” Their voice was mocking, and there was a light touch on Mikas’ shoulder that he could feel, but couldn’t see who was doing it.

He honestly hated the Fae that could control light, it made for a terrible time for everyone, with how curious the kind already were, it was nearly overkill. It gave them too much freedom, and he would of loved to restrain the others power. But, that would probably get the others family breathing down his back, and he didn’t really want to cause himself more drama than he was currently experiencing.

“You can call me whatever you damn well fancy,” Mikas swatted away the others hand, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. There was a puff of breath next to his ear that rustled his hair, and then suddenly there was a shimmer of light that seemed to twinkle and twirl until a body appeared. A body, attached to a head and legs, of course. The Fae that was pestering him was a small-bodied man, his fists where pressed against his hips, spreading his chest and making him look even more mad than he truly was.

It was a trick of body language, to make himself appear bigger to a predator that could, very easily, rip him in two without a second though.

“Ah, Orin,” Mikas murmured, taking in the other man. He had cut his hair since the last time Mikas has seen him, the hay-colored strands sticking up in random angles that showed how little he cared about his appearance at the very moment. “I should of known it was you, following me around and bugging me.”

There was a sound of bells chiming and tapping together when Orin turned his head in question, feigning innocence. “Well, Mickey,” he mimicked the demons tone of voice, rocking up onto his heels. “I wouldn’t have to bug you, if you weren’t, you know,” he gestured with a dainty hand, showing nails that had chipped coloring on them and ring-covered fingers.
“Invading my library, these are my humans, they are the ones that I take care of with my dust, which you so very kindly have strewn everywhere. I want you to put it back.”

It was a request that was impossible to fulfill, Mikas knew that from experience. He had to admit, it was Orins’ home he was….technically invading. It wasn’t fair, though, when the Fae had books that not even he had as an advisor to the king. He wanted, no, he had to learn more about the history of his lineage. It was something he had wondered for so long about, and it wasn’t fair that a Fae had his books.

He wanted them, so badly.

“If I could just borrow a book,” Mikas began, his voice low and his stare unwavering as Orin threw his head back and laughed. A hand came up to his face, wiping away a false tear, as if Mikas had told him the funniest joke he’d heard in months.

“If you could just borrow a book, oh, man, Mikas. I didn’t know you were a comedian as well as an intelligent book worm!”

“Well- I wasn’t really joking-“ he started to say in his defense, and Orin interrupted him once more.

“Of course you were, do you know how much I value these books? I gave away my kin to obtain some of these precious pieces of paper, you know.” Orin brought a hand up, running it through his hair in a haphazard attempt to soothe the strands. It didn’t work, he’d have to shower before he looked at least semi-presentable. “I’ve had a few ask me, you know I don’t share, don’t you?”

He hated dealing with Fae, it was terrible, it made his mouth get a bitter taste in it. It gave Mikas heart burn, he hated the Fae. He could deal with blood suckers, the things that changed and went bump in the night, but the moment you fucking threw tinker bell at him, his mind went to mush.

He swore it was the glamour.

“I don’t even think you’re here for the damn book, you just want some company, don’tcha, Mikas? What, don’t look so ashamed.” Orin teased darkly. One of his hands went up to the others cheek, nails digging in slightly, leaving moon-shaped imprints when he removed his hand and placed it back on his hip. He wasn’t that far off, really. He was here, because the little pieces of paper called to him, but… It was nice, being around humans, being around their scent. He never really got tired of the sweet-sticky scent of their sweat.

“You know, you could be right.” Mikas’ eyes twitched and then closed, and he allowed himself a few moments to recollect his thoughts before he opened them again, his gaze cold as he stared down at the Fae in front of him. “But you know I’d never admit it, how could I, when being around humans turned you from prim and proper to… whatever this,” he gestured with a swoop of his hand, “is.”

‘This’ turned out to be the low rise jeans that Orin had become so fond of, a baggy sweater that swallowed his figure and hid his wings from curious on-lookers. It was really, a great disguise to keep himself from showing what he really was. Mikas wasn’t as lucky, he had to tease his hair up and around with gel, to hide the small horns that grew out of his scalp. He wore a long sleeve that hid the scales that were merged with his skin. His jeans were baggy, and long, his feet felt so confined in the shoes he chose to wore, like he was wearing a size too small. But what did he know, he never even wore shoes back at home.

“Oh, c’mon, I look fine like this, I work here, you know, I never have anyone even question me.” Orin leaned forward, a devilish grin placed on his face. “I’ve had some of them even proposition me.”

Mikas closed his eyes again, his head was pounding.

“You know what, Orin, never mind,” he said, turning around to walk out of the damned library. He was furious, his cheeks were a bit hollowed out because he was chewing on the inside of them, and he couldn’t even believe he had thought that maybe. Just maybe, the Fae would help him.

It was fucking annoying, and he hardly noticed when he bumped into something else, he only grunted and twisted out of the way, hoping to avoid anything else that would just try to push his buttons. The human world was calming, sure, but there were so many idiots. It was a wonder they didn’t all kill themselves.
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