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Oct 27 2016, 07:14 PM
Hey! My name's Ellery. It's been a while since I last roleplayed and I'm looking to ease back into things.

About me:
-GMT time zone.
-Not a fast writer but I'll be about at least a few times a week.
-23 years old and not interested in writing with under-18s.
-Pretty flexible in terms of characters! I can double/triple etc as needed and go with any age or gender. People I play tend to be pretty diverse so I'm looking to write with someone who likes fat, trans, non-white, non-abled people and so on.
-Prefer to go non-straight if there's a central pairing but good plots can definitely change things!
-Only looking for original settings (though I'm happy to borrow heavily)
-Happy to play things platonic or romantic complete with limited heavy petting, though no pwp right now.
-My limits are toilet play, underage characters or animals in sexual situations, abuse of any kind that hasn't been discussed OOC, vomit.
-my detailed info, inc. writing samples, is up here:

Ok, cool! I have plots on my site but some things I'm feeling right now are:

-School-based horror or mysteries.
-Temporary rulers or gods. Rule five years then have to disappear? What's that like? Could be a situation where the time limit is imposed or could be due to a revolution/coup.
-Cities on the ice, built too high to be real, winding and insular and full of suspicious fat-cheeked children and pale, lashing things that slip into holes when you catch a glimpse, magical...psychologists?
-An archaeological dig to find something bizarre. Maybe a fountain of youth, maybe an old god still seething and twisted in the rock, maybe a lover punished for a betrayal by being buried there centuries ago.
-our characters have both recently experienced a powerful heartbreak and decide (together or separately) to chase down a cure for feelings.
-two people who are (for whatever reason) immortal. They may not like each other, but they always come together in the end. There's no other choice. Could cover a lot of dynamics, I've not got any set characters here. Spirit of death/person who beat them in a bet for their life? Pair who have invited so much magic inside them that they can't die? Erm, vampires?
-i have a lot of general likes and aesthetics on my site, so if they seem interesting enough i'd be happy to try heavy worldbuilding together

Finally, I can use the forums or email. You can catch me at or my account here.
Mar 21 2016, 09:43 PM
All you have to do to take part in this challenge is come up with one thing each day and post it! What counts as an idea is up to you. It can be something as simple as a character trait or piece of scenery, or a whole plot.

There's no problem with missing some days and trying again, and this is a no-judgement zone!

The hope is that this will act as a creativity booster that forces you to work outside of your usual settings.

I'm going to go first and demonstrate why no-judgement is needed and really just how slapdash these ideas can be!


One of those old-timey scolars that's fuelled just by family fortune decides their life work should be about categorising all the bigfoot/yeti/Am Fear Liath Mòr type things of the world. They spend years hiding out up mountains, in ghost towns, in the deepest parts of forests trying to find evidence and slowly forgetting what talking to other people is like. Could go the route of them finding a big ape dude, could go the route of them convincing themselves they are a big ape dude themself!
Feb 24 2016, 01:10 AM
A bundle of hay that snaps into a tent big enough for one when willed to. A woven bag made from gullygirl hair that holds any word you whisper into it and nothing more. A scale that will never lose balance and always judge true. A penny to pay the magwitches. All this and more is packed into a hardy leather sack that hangs around the belly of the timberdeer. It is only a sapling as of now, with green toes and pink buds adorning the antlers, but soon it will grow into maturity and produce the ripe nectar one can earn a living from. Two days ago Bittersweet dipped her pinky finger into one of the pouting buds and sampled the honeyed liquid that gathered, and found it good enough to make a few simple broths. To numb your mouth, for growing in your fur. Little things worth a coin or two.

For now the young witch settles herself into gathering. Blue mushrooms, foliage from a stump, petals from the white flowers that bloom after heartache, and of course the staple of potionwitches; herbs of every kind. The scent of them so fresh makes Bittersweet's pointed nose twitch.

The woods are said to be enchanted, but then one is hard-pressed to find anywhere that does not have such rumours surrounding it. The trees that populate it turn from pale green at the edges to umber in the centre, and the deeper you go, the more the roots writhe their way from the soil until there seems little tree left beneath the surface. The trees Bitter stands next to have slashes through the bark, and under the skin is flesh blue and cool as glass. With careful scrapes the witch picks off the dried sap that causes such a sheen and brings forth a flowing that she captures in cork-topped bottles. The sap will be useful for polishing mirrors and shoes.

Across the continent and beyond there are as many types of witches as hairs on a head. A potionwitch is one of the most common, the type closest to non-witch. The majority of them are either children, partners to gatherers, or women who also work as midwives. Bitter is past her 20th birthday now, both too-old and too-young for the work, and she dreams of the day she can lead her timberdeer out of the woods and take the path to a city. The name of the city burns without syllables in her throat, and will one day swell on the tongue and take shape as the name of her destiny. A million dreams light up her mind. Will she be the kind of witch that grows the plants for potionwitches? Will she be a warriorwitch, astride her deer in shining plate? A scholar? A philosopher? A hermit? She is young, and it is too soon to say.

Black hair shining like tar under red ribbon, and sand-coloured shoes with bells on the heel. Peasant's dress that nips at the waist, thick woollen tights. The clothing of a local girl. Though it has been years since Bitter has lived in those stone houses, she trades for her clothes to avoid making them herself. Strange for a potionwitch to have no mind for delicate work. Stranger not to have left yet. The first bottle is filled with sap and placed on the ground.
Jan 9 2016, 04:47 AM
Hi, my name's Ellery. I'm 22 and GMT. I roleplay over email and only want to play with people over 18.

My site is here ( ) and so this post will be fairly brief.

I'm just getting back into roleplaying and I'm mostly looking to have fun and meet people. I like to talk OOC and I don't have very high standards for other's literacy - so long as I understand what's going on. Casual rps are fine with me but what I'd really like to find is someone with whom I can plot, gossip about characters, be weird and unashamedly dramatic with. A friend!

I'll rp any sexuality or gender and I'm willing to try new genres and styles. I like romance but it's not necessary. My limits are toilet things and anything sexual with underage characters.

I have a bunch of setting stuff I'm interested in on my site but I don't have any ready made plots. I'd like to do my plotting with another person. Here's some of the stuff I'm feeling right now:
  • People experiencing something strange or horrific and finding each other online. They exchange emails, and eventually skype or meet up with each other, while things get worse and worse for them. There might be lots of information about the characters online (facebook pages if they're not anonymous, a youtube channel they link with maybe footage of whatever's been happening, etc). I thought it would be an interesting medium to show and it allows for potential deception and paranoia.
  • People who, for whatever reason, are immortal. Due to their unique condition they don't have many long-term friends, so they try to make a relationship (platonic or not) work between them. Could be fun if they clashed badly. Could go in any direction really!
  • People at university who both attend an urban mystery society. They find themselves meddling with things a bit too much and cursing themselves. Perhaps they end up unable to leave the school, like living ghosts. If you've played Corpse Party it could go a little like that.
  • A possession story. One of us plays the possessor, the other the possessed. This could play out in different ways - maybe even to the point where only one of the characters is conscious at each point, and we write out the (minutes, hours, days) that our character experiences before passing out and letting the other one try to work out where they are/what 'they' have done.
  • Something set in a strange, gothic boarding school. Maybe the students don't remember how they got there. Maybe they've always been there. Maybe the students study magic, maybe they have special powers. Maybe everything outside the school is dead. Maybe the teachers are demons. Lots of maybes! I like the idea of this being an all female setting but that's not necessary. The students could be of any age.
My email is, feel free to ask for more info.

I bump with new ideas in the comments regularly.
Dec 29 2015, 07:44 PM
Heyo, I'm Ellery. I'm in my early 20's and scottish.

I started rping when I was in my early teens, back on neopets, and I've been doing it on-and-off casually ever since. Lately I've been wanting to have a proper go of it again, and am actively looking around for something fun.

Since it's been a while since I've rped seriously, I'm a bit self-conscious about my capabilities at the moment, though I'm fine at the basics such as right clicking to check spelling. My main goals here are to meet people and push myself to do real writing and explore characters. I definitely want a fresh start.

My interests in terms of roleplay are horror, modern fantasy, psychological, supernatural (more used to ghosts and werewolves), and gothic. I like things set at boarding school, isolated civilizations, university, call of Cthulhu type things, archaeology that goes wrong, and I have few limits.

I'm not interested in fandom settings, and I rp any type of relationship.

Other than rp things, I like reading, drawing people, indie horror games, visual novels, fallout, 'creepypasta' and mystery.
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